ESL Map Contest: The Cup

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As the new maps have been published earlier this week and several 1on1 players gave them a try on our YCN-Hosting Testserver ( pass: maptest) we are now ready for the competition test!

We will host a 1on1 Maptest Cup before the jury evaluates the final ranking and crown the winner of this first map contest of the ESL!


Sunday, 15th February 2009 16:00 CET
16 Slot 1on1, Double Elimination , Best of one
Barrocas Battlefield, 1v1 Garage, 1v1 Matrix, Pandemonium, Osiris, The Station, Market
Here (until 15:30) & Checkin here (15:40-15:50)
1on1 Ladder Rules
Premium Account and the winners become part of our Map Contest Jury

We invited the current top ten of the ESL ET EU 1on1 Ladder to this cup. The remaining spots will be given away on first come first serve... so be fast!

The winning map will be added to our 1on1 and maybe 2on2 Ladder mappool. We will also add it to future cups and events.
The final match will be best of three and the contestants may choose the maps on their own.

Most Matches Competition:

The Most Matches Competition has recently moved on to our 3on3 Ladder. This means the team which plays the most matches in the current month of february will win! Find out more about this at the corresponding ESL Newspost.
lol :X
Barrocas Battlefield was pretty plain and seemed alot like a leanmap for me.

Garage was nice but it was a bit small so I couldn't really see it without noob spawnprotecters.

Matrix was even worse.

Pandaemonium was nice but it was a bit too open, I still saw the problem of spawn protection. But no lean here.

Osiris was really cool lookin.

The Station was really cool, best of these.

Market was nice too but with 1 spawntime you never could last long. It seemed that the TJ spots and stuff were useless since you'd die soon anyways.

My top3:
regarding market I think it could have some potential IF the next release includes a light compile and the config adds the spawntime to 3-5 seconds.
waiting for the same in 3on3 format with new maps
nice, gl & hf to all participants altough the map called "the_station" will win this imo, it's a great map ;)
Where can I see the signups?
only teh kewl esl admins can!
it's true, normal users only can see singups when checkin is active :O
those are the invited players :) forgot to mention this at the news >_<
Nice one, but can you give me some link to the 1o1 rules? cant find those, just general rules.. selfkill allowed, nades allowed ?! and stuff..thx

Edit: tested all maps now:
well, most are pretty nice but panemonium is just bullshit, there's nothing where you can hide actually? And spawnshield is another problem.
Also i dont really like market, too big for a 1o1 map if you ask me.

the station and osiris are the best so far, and im looking forward to the cup
if you'd click the link I posted in the news you would have got exactly what you asked for ;)
need maps for 6v6 :<
Are the members of the jury automatically signed up ?
the members of the jury aka top 10 of the 1on1 ladders will get a reserved spot if they signup. The rest will be free for all.
damn it, not avi :(
make 3on3 map competition
osiris is a great map
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