Shrapmod 0.3 Released

Shrapmod is a modification for Wolfenstein which aims to add gameplay aspects from RtCW and ET into Wolfenstein, such as strafe jumping, instant revives and less weapon spread. Shrapmod's first build was released last week. Today, Australia Shrap, the creator of Shrapmod, released a new version adding further aspects from RtCW and ET.

Shrapmod 0.3 Changelog
Quote*Tweaked footstep sounds, they now play about half as often as before also reduced volume slightly
*Added invuln glowing feet effect(needs work) This is temporary till I find a better effect/icon
*Added ET revive feedback sound
*Tweaked sprinting/running animations (needs work but isn't as jerky when sprinting)
*Replaced mp40 sound with rtcw one
*Changed Invulnerability time to 4 seconds down from 5
*Made mp40 and luger slightly more accurate
*Reduced Medic ammo: mp40 64->32 rifle 25->10
*Reduced Eng+Soldier ammo: mp40 96->64 rifle 25->20
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Reduced sprint speed by about 10%
*Removed mp40 recoil/kick
*Removed mp40 + mp43 knockback push and kick (This was bugged and caused many bullets to not register)
*Removed Red Enemy Arrows
*Added ET hitsounds
*Increased panzer damage slightly
*Removed bullet tracers
*Made panzer charge sound non local

Shrapmod 0.2 Changelog
Quote*Remove having to "pick up" docs with use key *DONE*
*Remove Moving affecting aim *DONE*
*Remove muzzleflash on mp40,mp43,pistol *DONE*
*Fix (rework) pistol *DONE*
*Make holding down shoot for too long increase spread by way more (3x-4x more?)higher *DONE*
*Rework revive system from scratch *DONE* *Needs work*
*Scale all movespeed up 30% *DONE*
*Incresed HP 100->120 *DONE*
*Increased HS damage multiplier from 2.0 -> 2.57 *DONE*
*Add sprinting while strafing(maybe) *DONE*
*Hitsounds from ET *DONE* separate pk4 file
*Fix panzer *DONE* *Needs a little work*
*Soldiers now move slower with panzer
*Footsteps *DONE* may need to tweak range and volume
*Removed stupid self spawn timer nonsense *DONE*
*Changed attacking respawn time to 20 by default *DONE*
*Changed defending respawn time to 30 by default *DONE*
*Added reload sounds when ui_showgun = 0
*Fix panzer explosion effect not always playing
*Incresed range of smgs and pistol

You can test Shrapmod on a local server:
  • Create a folder named shrapmod_0.3 in "...Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP"
  • Copy shrapmod_0.3.pk4 into the folder shrapmod_0.3
  • Create a shortcut to Wolf2MP.exe
  • Add +set fs_game shrapmod_0.3 to the Target line of the shortcut. For example, "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP\Wolf2MP.exe" +set fs_game shrapmod_0.3
Download Shrapmod 0.3
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
1st n1ce
more et stuff....
but, we play either shrapmod or wolfpro? or wtf! :D
whatever will come out better, don't you love the choices? :P
markets lead to efficiency bro
the American Health Industry being a primary example
Assuming consumer knowledge (: CPMA was for an age an improvement on OSP, yet it took ESWC for people to make the move (years late).
it might be possible to take the best of them and even create a third? :D
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Scale all movespeed up 30% *DONE*

Hmmm think we'll go for shrapmod ;D
wolfpro is for qw & cod players...shrap is for real gamers...RTCW/ET players!!!
nice , should be insteresting
any screenshots?
will test it later
maby videos ??
Not sure how to capture in Wolf but I can tell you a few thinks.

You can sprint and shoot just like in ET
Strafe jumping is just like ET
Spread and range is like ET
Sprinting is a little faster than ET (was a lot faster with 0.2)
cooool :=)
i dont have the game yet (nothing come to Morocco so fast except illness :/)
use fraps. :)
QuoteShrapmod is a modification for Wolfenstein which aims to add gameplay aspects from RtCW and ET into Wolfenstein

seems pointless, wolfenstein is not ET, and its not really pretending to be, no matter how many mods are released.

if you want to play a game that is similar to ET, just play ET.
freedom of choice whether to play wolf with etmod or without.
seems usefull to me, wolfenstein should not be a CoD clone...
Wolfenstein is not CoD, Wolfenstein is.... well... Wolfenstein.
Wolfenstein is far from being CoD, and that's a fact.
so every game with iron sights is a cod clone? maby its a moh clone :o
Why are you replying to me?
I'm the one saying that Wolfenstein is not CoD :)
my mouse has a mind of its own ;-)
Quotewolfenstein is not ET, and its not really pretending to be

and how about RTCW?
sounds like it could be alright, need some pub servers to test it (GOGO YCN, FOR THE COMMUNITY)
If someone can upload "shrapmod_0.3.pk4" in another website please!
i cant download it from filefront, dunno why :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
hum so it means strafe jumping is like ET or..? and the trickjumps? and the movement?

if it is all like ET i am starting to give a opurtunity to this game
Strafe jumping and movement is like ET so trickjumping is possible.
even shoot while sprinting?
yes, i tested, looks like gooood, just need opponent to kill or and revive :D
look what Germany v3rtigo said :

"For all the clowns that said, that the movement is like in ET, did you actually play ET?
It's nothing like the movement in rtcw/et, and tbh this mod is not that nice either.

I'll wait for wolfpro."

now, what can i think?
download the mod and test it imo, and wait for wolfpro to play it great :D
yes i'll wait till everything is complete and done :)
tu l'a testé sur la beta ?
[fr]j'ai cru entendre que sa marche pas sur la beta, pourquoi je sais pas, sa bug.
sa marche sur le jeu original, en tout cas avec le patch 1.1.[/fr]
with this mod, its looks like ET, they saved wolfenstein imo :D
they are starting to save wolfenstein yes..
mas tas a dar letra a esse busted da merda?
o gjo q é busted e diz q foi photoshop
nunca ouvi falar dele :D
any IP's???
For all the clowns that said, that the movement is like in ET, did you actually play ET?
It's nothing like the movement in rtcw/et, and tbh this mod is not that nice either.

I'll wait for wolfpro.
why do you say that it is nothing like the movement of rtcw/et?

i'll wait to buy the game. i will only buy it when i got some profs that the game is similiar to ET atleat the movement, strafe, bunnys etc
well, the jumping is similer, but you can't really strafe jump...
Shrapmod for comp imo.
no he speeked mexican @ vent LUL STUPID DEDZ
Sweet Shrap! Thanks man! *thumbs up*
Whoa nice just played with it on local, pretty cool compared to normal wolf!
nice !!

I don't know why this gets so much negativity, it's looking pretty decent. I mean, not every mod has to be accepted as the only competitive mod available right away.
I like this mod alot. Just import the hud from wolfpro and it'll be better. Haven't heard the ET hitsounds yet since there's nobody to play with :( but I hope they're not bugged.

Don't see any need for whine about trying to change wolfenstein into ET, but some stuff does need to be added come on... no strafing while jumping?? 3 second revives?? Would suck so hard.

Wolf will always be wolf with the maps, ironsight, veil, weapons, etc, changing revive times, spawn times, movement, and adding some sounds and other small stuff is not changing the game imo =]
Nice work shrapnel :>
stupid name, but nice work !
damn it's nice to see alot of guys putting work into it :) hope it'll end as a nice competition game
am i the only one that think the pistol is shooting too slow, slower than in ET?
This isn't ET 2 though, I keep my faith in the WolfPro guys instead.
so you prefer cod style over rtcw/et style? Then gtfo and move to cod series.
Ah, okey, since I said I don't want an ET 2, that means I want a game like CoD. Sense makes much. gtfo.
I can see more cod style inside a game from rtcw/et serie.... so yes i make much sense.
*Removed bullet tracers
I need my traces :(

Other than that great work, but maybe you can cooperate with hannes and wolfpro for a better future for competition of the game
Sounds good and everyone should appreciate your effort, though I didn't test it. 1 point of improvement already: the mod sounds a bit like jaymod in ET :P
Well I wish you good luck with the mod, and I might play Wolf sometime ;)
why dont u work together, (wolfpro and shrapmod)?
hannes doesnt want to change the gameplay completely, while this is a totally ET-like mod
i see but they could agree in some stuff and make a nice mod.
The competition between the two mods will be a good thing I think :)
or they spread the (small) community in 2 parts.
While that may be possible I think it would be unlikely because one would become the more dominant after a while :)
yeah idd thats the thing...
this is just sh1t
i m asking myself why some pc gamer with coding experiences can do so much better than a whole gamedevelopment team...
devolopers are making models and many stuff...
and shit, appearently.
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Reduced sprint speed by about 10%

like the game isnt already slow enough..
delete that comment :) he increased it all by 30 first and you were "flying" through levels, now made it slower, which is still flying tho
so hes back at the normal speed? he should maybe mention that the next time.
shrap made this messing around during beta, I very much doubt he intended it as a competitor or even an alternative to WolfPro.

He has basically used this as a way to demonstrate what you can do without the need for an SDK.
Shrapmod for comp and no Wolfpro
Shrapmod ftw... It's a extremly good mod.. Has the "ET Feeling" :>

-remove ironsight
-remove veil

then its ok
Shr@pnel was arguably was one of the best ET oceania player's in the day when ET was going stong, so knows how a game should be. Surprised he knew how to make a mod. but the change log points out alot of concerns i had and more.
Just remove ironsight and game on!

Can only hope a Pro mod will not only bring in the numbers but sustain them, be it wolfpro / shrapmod or a hybrid between the two.
very nice work, liked that
0.2 build sounded nice but now this is too much et stuff :( Tweaking the game in an ET way isn't making it ET.
but that's what we all want, we just want a new game with new maps, better graphics, and tiny differences.. Atleast that's what I want and I'm sure that alot of people think the same about that
I can assure you, you don't want that. it will never surpass ET, and we have already one. The point in having a new game is that it is NEW, not just a copy paste of something else. (well, yes, it's a copy paste of cod atm :D)
Having ET's (rtcw's ?) spirit and skill conception in a new game is better. at least I think so.
I just want a new nice game with nice active clans :)
me too. But it seems it wont be for now :(
other big gaming series are also just copy&pasting their style with very tiny differences, they do not re-invent the wheel, they stick to their nicely done things. the dev's of wolfenstein did not do this.
And that's why most of the sequels are not welcomed well by the communities. (source, q4, etqw.... even CoD series - cod players sticked to the 1st and hated the 2nd, same 2->4, but they had enough new players thanks to the marketing to create new communities full of newbs :))

But when you don't even copy paste the working principles (concerning speed, skillfull moves, balance, game spirit), this is even worse.
Best news so far <3
great work, though you'd maybe better work together on one mod...
It's not Shrap's fault, he said he wants to cooperate but the dev's of wolfpro don't want to cause they plan something different with their mod (gameplay wise) etc.
dunno what to think of this :S
wolfpro is still the way to go prolly
shrubmod, etpro, etpub, banimod

np with multiple mods, good stuff shrappppp! and what biggz said.
i support hannes since he does 1 thing i like, he ain't making it ET, but rather a different game
it is not et, or rtcw, and should be treated as a new game
shrap mode will fail and wolfpro will be the one taking the glory
I also think it should be treated as a new game.
Vut i cant get away from the feeling thats sharpmod is more fun.
ET-like mod is more than welcome!
who will make a mod for rtcw?
Reminds me of shrub mod for ET!
Shrub failed.
Will Shrap too?
shrub was easily the most played mod for about two years until it became etpub !
I was talking for the competitive scene ;)
why would you want this for comp play though

seriously if you want to play et, play et!

i dont like the wolf mp either but i dont exactly want a carbon copy of et for 4 years : D
carbon copy with better hitboxes, graphics, net settings
bring back mortars!
This can be a totally new game suitable for competitive play but with the fundamentals of ET. New stuff such as lockable doors, shotguns for medics & engies, shock & smoke grenades etc. can all be very different from ET but the game should have at least a certain grade of competitive potential, which it sadly does not have. It doesn't have to be a clone at all, we just know that the ET gameplay works great and this wolfenstein MP shit doesn't.
ET beta put me off the game so much i went to play CS... nothings perfect on release!
as a RT/ET diehard fan,I prefer this than wolfpro,tbh
now we only need someone to convert supply and we can play :P
+ sp delivery
nah delivery Not good :/
ice maybe :)
sounds better than wolfpro
Hmm, is it possible to have both? Or do you have to stick with one, wish they could work togheter to build one mod
ye its like jaymod and etpub etc
you can have all but, you need to change the cmd:
+set fs_game shrapmod_0.3
to +set fs_game wolfpro
if you want to play another mod, etc.
too sad hannes&co don't want to work with Shrap.

Not like just because they work with him wolfpro will be an ET copy. But he seems to know how to do this stuff so it's kinda sad to just say "no, my mod my rules!" :x
sweet !!!

should name it:
RTET Return to Enemy territory
To claim that if you want to play shrapmod you should go play ET is such a flawed response. Even with shrap mod the game is not even close to et. All shrapnel has done has brought across a few elements from the previous game amongst a bunch of other fixes and smart balance changes.

The additions of slightly faster movement speed, being able to shoot while sprinting and making the panzer relevant once again is a long way from making the game ET, but both are improvements in my eyes. As Ozplayer mentioned when shrapnel played ET he was one of the very top players in Australia. He knows his stuff, so I doubt he'd just throw in random additions to mess up balance for the sake of it.
If this mod is looking to bring the ET experience to Wolfenstein, I feel the main priority should be introducing good old pliers to the game. Because honestly - the wrench is silly.

Have you ever seen anyone build a tank barrier with just a wrench? I thought so.
here's a better question.

Have you ever seen anyone build a tank barrier with a pair of pliers?
gl with this, surely wont play wolfpro where RTCW&ET players are minority and their opinions stink
High hope @ this,bring me chills

fuck ironsight and gay models
wolf is saved?
sounds like a nice mod.. but i already have ET instaled.. ill prob stick with wolfpro... shame the modders cant work together tbh...
my words. :(
<-- inspired
What server I can test this mod?
Stolen from Wolfs forum:

VenGeance has a server connect
*Replaced mp40 sound with rtcw one
Reduced Medic ammo: mp40 64->32 rifle 25->10
*Removed mp40 recoil/kick
*Removed mp40 + mp43 knockback push and kick (This was bugged and caused many bullets to not register)
*Removed Red Enemy Arrows
*Added ET hitsounds
*Increased panzer damage slightly
*Increased HS damage multiplier from 2.0 -> 2.57

This > Wolfpro , im sorry but this is just so much better then ET:QW 2
i concur 100%

imho shrapmod is the only mod for real RTCW/ET players.

all you CoD'ers enjoy Wolfpro.

Shrapmod FTW!!!! Cuz you know all the ppl that go w/ wolfpro will be buying the newest CoD game as soon as its released and Wolfpro will die just like QW did...RIP Wolfpro :)
Doesn't works here.
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