Most Gathers Competition September!

image: gathercompPlaying Gathers has always been popular within the Enemy Territory community. We had coming and leaving gather-irc channels with a huge activity in their boom years.

Since a long time the ESL offers their players a gather-platform already. Unfortunately this is not yet actively used in the ET section. We want to change this and make you familiar with the system.

To make it even more appealing we will host monthly Most Gather Competitions, similar to the Most Matches Competitions, rewarded with premium accounts. All you need to do is play at least 15 team Gathers (3on3+) in the ET section and if you are one of the most active players, then you will win!

Want to create a gather, but you dont have a server? No Problem. Join and ask one of the admins to lend you the ESL Server. For any other question, problem, feedback or fake gather report we will be pleased to help you!

To open the competition we created the following gather for you:
Gather Full - Completed
Join me! - Completed

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i think i have to create again some gathers..and sorry already for journal spamming :D
Awesomely nice!
need one moar!
See you next EC!
whats this?
sucks! cant make gameaccount saying invalid_id
This isn't even about Wolf? 50 warning points.
Do you like zombies?
Yeah, old and new ones.
niiiice, will later play a match :)
great way to boost the ET department at ESL, nice! :)
gather is more like playing on a 12 slots public server
2 vktr closed

wtf dont
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