ESL Summer 1on1 Grand Final

The Summer is coming to its end and we present the first Grand Final of our Enemy Territory Summer League 09. The first Grand Final will be the final match of the 1on1 competition.

75 players signed up for the Enemy Territory 1on1 Summer League. The best 32 players joined Play Offs. The Grand Final will take place today at 19:00 CEST.

Will the alltime favourite Poland voiler again take the crown as the best 1on1 player? France Kartez is for sure a worthy opponent as he is ranked third in our prestigeus 1on1 ladder. Both faced and overcame strong opponents in the playoffs. See as follows:
The road to the grandfinal
Poland voiler

win vs Sweden son1c
win vs Spain magico
win vs Netherlands JALLAAA
win vs Finland vokki
France Kartez

win vs Poland cRkje
win vs Netherlands saken
win vs Estonia JyrkZ
win vs Germany Gumball
image: game13725

We caught both players for a short statement regarding the final:
France Kartez[/b]]
I played vs some good player and I am lucky to be in the final. I am also happy with playing my first 1on1 league and thanks to ESL do ing some cups for Enemy Territory. I have to play vs the best 1on1 player at the moment. I already lost an 1on1 vs voiler, so i know how he is good. I am excited and I will try to come up with a surprise, but it will be hard.

Poland voiler[/b]]
Good cup I'm going to pwn.

Do not forget to signup for our upcoming Fall Leagues. All information and links can be found in this News!

ESL News
Playoff Brackets
kartez has no chance.
why no loserbracket this time ?
no time for loser

GL Polak.
I still remember some bust topic about kartez?
what about spoof from some nc customer, palehook customer, linux free hack user? :)
gl kartez :)
gl kartez =D
kartez is a piece of shit in 1o1 :DDDDDDD
Ta vraiment encore envie de perdre t'es sérieu?
big boss bruceh is back niggerZ !
weren't both of them busted ?
not every busttopic on CF is an actual bust nowadays
Lost track of who got actually busted and who not.

Cheater list is getting way too long xD
but not banned
coz no bust.
Last year voiler vs crusher
This year voiler vs Kartez

voiler will win

what has changed? Nothing :D

may the best cheater win!
wtf! :o
stop to play 2v2 with m1st3r pls :D
you gotta be kidding :D

I've used to play 1on1 alot some time ago and if even I can score 3:2 on multi (now that I dont play 1on1 anymore) with ease vs voiler or score wins vs crush3r Gumball and others ... you cant tell me they are cheating :D
crush3r became pretty good at round 2 :(
I can tell you that all of them cheating.
hf telling. Either I'm megaskilled then or I'm cheating too :XD
it's called brain, something some cheaters lack :^D
You even lost against me, a "low+"skilled 1on1 player.
I dont say I'm highskilled :D but as an example if they would cheat it'd be very unfamiliar that I can score numerous good results vs them
GL France Kartez !
You will win thanks to your personal coach named France $!MooN !
hope u do same kind of posts for 2v2 and 3v3 premier finals! =D
We will win the next edition !
be ready to get bash by the pLow - aTTitude power ! :D
u said this before thi edition :D,
simon get skill :XD
like both if them are clean.. who cares?
Kartez le busted par... des busted :DDDD

GL le frog :p
gl kartez

GL <3
voiler own all <3
higher aim values win... so who cares
V 0 ! L 3 R
people play 1on1 in ET? Useful :D
like playing ET or other game is usefull ...
seems like frenchies, polaks and estonians always succeed in 1on1-cups
only randoms playing 1on1, what a surprise
stfu armydodger.

worst nolifer ever.
Does it really hurt that much im just better than your friends?
atleast we have life.

we dont leave @army to play ET
How can you say I don't have life when you don't know me?
its so clear.
being best 1vs1 player in team game is huge achievement.
At least he got an achievement =)

win vs magico

:< gl both
omg how you lost!
cheater :(
Kartez just bash voiler !
Hacker kartez.
[pl] a juz robilem newsa na owned jak to wygrales 4-0 :(
rofl 1o1 is a joke
gratz Kartez, at least those German 1on1 faggots DontKnow, Gumb4ll and Crush3r didn't win :)

but you do know a lot in-game.. maybe too much to be clean ;)
exp + brain,
want some demos?
(no offence ofc, just friendly)
lan finals imo
patethic whine bout 1on1, as usual.
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