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image: brink_56815528Since the last Brink-post here on Crossfire (read more..) there've been some new Brink'ish updates to report. First of all, if you've somehow managed to miss it, Splash Damage's Creative Director United Kingdom Rahdo is still around here on Crossfire answering questions in the Brink ?'s-topic. An example of a recent question, made by Czech Republic etkar, Rahdo replied to what lesson Splash Damage have learned from their failure with ET:QW and attracting the competive scene, apart from the tech things.

Quote by Richard HamThat's a good question. I wasn't at Splash for ETQW, but I know when I started, they know they missed the boat on several things, but the #1 problem was accessibility and communication to the player. The game was very dense and overly complex (not complexity in a 'look how deep' kind of way, but in a 'damn, there's a lot of stuff to wade through' way). So we're trying to ensure everything about the game is streamlined and smooth.

Other then that Brink have been in the headlines on several occasions. Among those we can find the HookedGamers interview with Splash Damage CEO United Kingdom Paul Wedgwood and the 2-part interview made by EDGE online with Senior Game Designer United Kingdom Ed Stern (Part 1 & Part 2) about writing Brink, which is a little bit more "behind the scene at Splash Damage" then the usual stuff we've come to see lately. There's also been the Turkish gamingsite Merlininkazani Q&A with Splash Damage Media Direcor Richard Jolly. The biggest update have however been the Brink Developer Diary #2 (you can find #1 here) with Splash Damage Art Director France Olivier Leonardi. Here we get to see some new art from Brink such as the two sides, Security and Resistance. We also get to know abit how they worked at Splash Damage when they decided take a chance with their very colourful and overdimensioned style of Brink.

Quote by Olivier LeonardiThere has been a big trend in recent games to push for an overly desaturated look, for Brink we wanted ‘colour’ back. I really like using colour, and the work of painters like Edward Hopper (with his fantastic way of using light), David Hockney (his work on the ’swimming pool’ series in the ’60s and ’70s especially), and impressionist painters inspire me every day.

Brink’s environments are similarly colourful and the reason for this is really quite simple: we’re out at sea, and all the open water acts like a giant mirror. As a result, there’s a lot of light bouncing everywhere, which yields more vivid colours. The rusty reds of Container City provide a great contrast to the bright blue sky above.

image: resistance-character-01_56334962

As a bonus I've also, on, tried to dig into the official Splash Damage Brink forums, what's been said and replied on and made a summary of that for those who might not camp their forums as some might do. It's basically formed as a Q&A, just remember that it ain't a real Q&A, just a summary of the perhaps most interesting bits of what's been said in a very long forum thread over the last month.

QuoteQ: Talking about upgrades. Will you be able to turn off such upgrades (or, a few selected ones) on "non ranked" servers? If it proves to be unsuitable for competitive game? (like in CoD4 when some of the upgrades are just.. "too good").
Q: I'm more interested in knowing whether we can turn them all on by default (ehh, I mean, allow players to customize their character with unlockables they have not achieved yet). That might make matches a lot more interesting while still not destroying the balance. And I think it will help blur the lines between casual and online competitive play. I'm not sure if SD is interested in blurring that line though, considering competitive players like me are in general far from the easiest customers to please.
A: To both those questions, what I *want* to do is give as much flexibility for players to make their own preferred server settings, allowing/disallowing weapons/abilities/game features etc. as they see fit. When we get to the point where we're actively working on setting up the interface for these things, I actually intend to start asking on the boards about what kinds of choices players really want in detail (hopefully being able to talk openly by that point about the kinds of things that are on the table). So there's your vague non-committal answer for the evening :s

Read the whole thing on

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nice job dohf0s <3
major imho
Nice post
amazingly nice post cuming all over tosspots pic on mah wall nao
nice post

would have been better if i were interested tho :>
great post
really seems like a game to finally look forward to and a game that could fill the footsteps of RtCW and ET.
Is there already any ingame footage/trailer stuff on the www?
Anyway... brink sounds promising and i'm rly looking forward to this title
the only ingame footage that can be found (apart from the ingame screenshots on is

and also (forward 'il ~02:20). it's not much though :/

now we're just waiting on Bethesda PR to decide when to release footage from the real thing, afraid it's not in Splash Damage hands, then we would've seen it allready. my guess is that Bethesda are waiting 'til they are done with their promotion of their console game WET. but we'll see.
Nice read!

This seems all nice but does everybody really think the creators will eventually listen to the community? I am not convinced until I play the game
Yea I know. I followed the topic also. Nice to see one of the developers talking to the community but I am still curious to see the final result :)
There's an important difference between listening to the community and doing what the community wants. Only a fool would expect the latter.
nice :)

just hope brink is good, we need a proper game to play!!
Great newspost, and once again we're very lucky to have Rahdo :)
This is the very first time since the mid-90's that a game could actually turn out good because it's made by people passionate not only for money but for the sake of creating a good game.

now if u look at quakewars, failure apart thanx to activision, the game is beauty and full of deatails that only who loves games would program to make the game that way

if it only had no vehicles and was smoother it would have been a nr 1 game
Good games like ETMain (copy of RTCW MP, which was made by someone else, with "modder" level tweaks on top) and ET:QW, further experiment of modding RTCW gameplay, "borrowing" features from BF2 and other shitgames to make mroe sales, using shit engine.

Good games indeed.
Arent games suppose to progress?Or do you want to keep running around small sandbox maps with no vehicles for ever?
What the fuck having vehicles has to do with progress?
They add variety and deepness to the gameplay
So does wheelchaired infantry.

Even though ETQW doesn't have the best gameplay, you can see the amount of work and attention to detail they put into it. That's what I love about SD. Their passion and community work is unbelievable.

I love how they have interviewed all their employees in great detail too, and their regular blogs on the games they play etc. Small things but they do make a difference.
Brink is appealing more and more to me every day :D
great post!
nice post ;)
Loving the baggy jeans!
Nice Read and the design looks very good imo:)
keep it up:D
"The game was very dense and overly complex"

the complexity of ET is the one thing that makes me prefer it over simpler games like CoD. CoD's a good game though so we'll see how things pan out.
et:qw was far more complex then w:et with all the vehicles, deploys, races that used both different weapons, tools (and again, vehicles and deploys) to mention a few things. basically, w:et is infact a _very_ (or even extremly, for a "newbie") simple game compared to et:qw.

meaning, saying brink is not going to be as complex as et:qw, doesn't mean it's a nobrainer, far from it :)

(and yes, i posted the same thing in the forums, but that reply is among 100's of other replies so thought i might aswell use the same one here)
omg 15seconds of fame!

on the other hand rahdo deserves fame for his enthusiasm.
Best news post I've seen in a while. Great job dohfOs, this game gets better and better

It's good that they understand their were problems with ETQW :)
cheers beggin :)
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