Pathbreaking EMS Qualifiers

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A few teams have already saved their spot in this seasons ESL Major Series Groupstage to play for the 500€ prizepot, but there are still qualifiers to go and only a few spots left!
The first of the four thrilling matches I wanna preview for you is Europe pstarZ Rise & Shine vs Finland Zero Empathy turpoApinat, who face each other in the loserbracket of EMS Qualifier #2.
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Europe pstarZ rise & shine

Denmark xcN_
Belgium cherry
Belgium sh1zzle
Russia jago
Germany RoXoR
France Bruceh
Sweden eddieimage: s_news
Finland Zero Empathy turboApinat

Finland repje
Finland vokki
Finland Juuti
Finland jawa
Finland kolibri
Finland Slartoimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14187

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpageimage: s_foot
QuoteI've played both teams and R&S is really looking good even tho they're a new team, tA is however way ahead R&S teamwise and having repje who is in my eyes the most damage giving guy in this OC really makes it hard for them to win. I expect a 4-2 for turboapinat. I do however hope for a suprise from excon & co.

The next game looks a bit like Germany David versus Belgium Goliath. Both teams dropped down into the loserbracket recently now face each other in order to get their spot in the groupstage. Does Germany David have any chance?
image: s_headimage: s_news

Germany eiM
Germany zhul
Germany draqii
Netherlands h3r0!n
United Kingdom scuba
Finland shittyimage: s_news
Belgium Best players Belgium ever had

Belgium vila
Belgium lio
Belgium acid
Belgium snot
Belgium mAus
Netherlands hayaaimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14190

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpage

cancelledimage: s_foot
QuoteI dont know how reveal is performing after their recent lineup changes and although bpbeh isn't playing on their top I think they'll take it 4-0

United Kingdom asd, who chose to drop to the loserbracket by defwin, since they are certain to take this victory, face the dubious side of Belgium Belgian Fraternity. What can one expect from this thriller? Again the winner of both will advance into the groupstage!
image: s_headimage: s_news
United Kingdom asd

Poland errol
United Kingdom Baggiez
Sweden sAvage
France Straf_
Belgium be
Belgium isENimage: s_news
Belgium Belgian Fraternity

Belgium Gifted
Belgium uNDEAd
Belgium kroek
Belgium AL1
Belgium chizz6l
Netherlands xPERiA
Belgium syLimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14189

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpage

Rescheduled to Tuesdayimage: s_foot
QuoteI think it's gonna be pretty one sided match, we have asd who could win with teams like bv or cortana and we have bF, maybe they're playing together for a long time but they're just not enough skilled. 4-0 for asd

A battle of two teams who both already qualified for the EMS Groupstage will take place a bit later at 22:00 CET. But nevertheless it will be a great match where Netherlands YoYoTech FiF face Europe ESL Winners in the winnerbracket final of Qualifier #2. Check the table below!
image: s_headimage: s_news
Netherlands YoYoTech FiF

Netherlands ins
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vaNq
Belgium siL
Belgium Worm
Belgium Jere image: s_news
Europe ESL Winners

Poland dialer
Poland wiaderko
Germany sNoOp
Netherlands perfo
Sweden NuggaN
United Kingdom Meezimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14120

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpageimage: s_foot

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ESL EMS ET Mainpage
ESL EMS Mainpage
might want to look up seminal
I guess thats what I failed at :p
I hope you laik it now
thanks adi <3
haha the shining star jago :»
OldenSan -> vokki
why are we in the loserbracket ?
you received a default loss to Estonia Bossid. I've even pmmed you (or maybe someone else in your chan) on irc lately to tell your teamlead to answer the protests of the recent weeks
I did tell him, think he didnt do anything about it then..
looks alike. tonights match was forced aswell. Hope you can :)
.. why its forced?
QuoteI've even pmmed you (or maybe someone else in your chan) on irc lately to tell your teamlead to answer the protests of the recent weeks

Sweden eddie will play instead of France Sinus !
no FinlandSwani no win! Gl finnish guys!
GO rzel! Blow them away, hurricane Kirill!
Let me get this straight, you won against them in a prac/mix and you're saying they're low because of that.

You actully made me laugh there :D
gl my favourite belgians and repje one man army :o
gl pstarZ
better than any of your shitclans
Europe pstarZ
Netherlands hayaa
Europe asd.
I give my random good luck to jawa, use it well my son.
He will use it to buy WoW gold
where is my luck ya wee prick!?1
You need more than luck my friend!
shitty & scuba ftw :p
sry man, it r the best players belgium ever had, so prepare urself

im still wondering why im not in 'Best players Belgium ever had' ....
bF vs asd will be a tough match
QuotetA is however way ahead R&S teamwise

image: 1zlqfdu
yep, winning cortana was definitely an achievement dNl !
I've always considered cortana as one of the strongest teams :)
not this season :-D we didn't even last a month !
they had me :') how cute :') :$
that wasn't one of the shining seasons either :-DD
go pstarz!
Europe ESLWinners vs United Kingdom Team Yoyotech will also be played tonight (at 22.00 CET)
noone cares...
my mother does
hahaha electronic sports league winners.... more like ENTIRELY SHIT LAME LOSERS :DDDDDD
GL FinlandtA
GL Swedeneddie
GL BelgiumsyL
at least your hat got spared
Reveal, zeroE & pstarz have so many randoms :D
Nice too see new faces but hopefully we'll see them at lan too!
lol pstarz so many randoms most of them play ET mutch longer then you...
3/6 from reVeal played already at lan so i dont see the problem
was just trolling :p
buy sarcasm detector :p
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