EB reply to #70762 Kicks

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After this weekend's MultiHack #70762 fiesto, United States of AmericaEvenbalance have given an official response on their website, tickets & e-mail support.

Quote[PBBans:4500 10.22.2009] 1c67d477e7a019ffbeda5419004eaa8e "Schlonzman" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4499 10.22.2009] c3a727dffe903beca5ff94c2a84436ab "BassSultan" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4498 10.22.2009] 7b06305503c06ed3e78d2110cbbc714f "TT.SYLenCe" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4497 10.22.2009] 228dcb9c0225aa9b643145529ef2ebdd "*Evil*BUG*" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4495 10.22.2009] 6b5b0223188036c97e2276ac80b816de "*YVONNaWONDA*" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4493 10.22.2009] ab92d8c4f4446d54efc0f68c203137f5 "rndm|aimless?" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4494 10.22.2009] 05a4512fd02f248e3d1dc8eb7dbd7496 "m111" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4492 10.22.2009] 6bf8c1cf89d21a7c0a70d749c59601a6 "BTK.Skyline" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4491 10.22.2009] 0b8fa1ced21974034e95a93087d0d22c "c4p*" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4490 10.22.2009] acc339dea217300c21bea1b8f8754497 "dF/AnonymAus" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4489 10.22.2009] 4a2bdc63707ec817cb5144fb782d662f "arieB" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4488 10.22.2009] ba0c07e5ce582cb75354d8d6734f7052 "ciTy][Storm Le" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4487 10.22.2009] f72cb04ed59c3e3e79722c3ef180b8c8 "*SaeVio.B2" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4486 10.22.2009] 027cb0d64ad320ed860e59b593632ebb "madK!ller" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4485 10.22.2009] cb773e10322d203951cab2148ef7d8be "Pohaa### [E.T]" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4484 10.22.2009] cd81daf07e4ae21656e0992dac220f1b "Makronen-Jim" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4483 10.22.2009] a1c0658d4e14ebc32da383eb6d1570dd "AmW" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4482 10.22.2009] e51e2edf701e87931e95b4ad3cce0c57 "Chocolat" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4481 10.22.2009] 92bd0e217786f0ab83bb4715d40d5b48 "lucern" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"
[PBBans:4480 10.22.2009] b54c8d2755ff36b9994311164c50215c "BasSkoo" "" "MULTIHACK 70762"

Can you tell me whether these Enemy Territory "MULTIHACK 70762" are valid please? Almost half of them appealed the ban stating it's a bug and having 20 kicks in 30 minutes is strange, cos PB stopped kicking for it after some minutes, and it usually happens when the kick is bugged.

If this is valid could you tell me which cheat triggered it please because I have to take a decision whether to ban them from ClanBase and there are quite known people playing on the "high skilled" scene for years that got kicked.

If it is not a bug why did pb stop banning for it then, & I have also seen this kick happen at the same time in all CoD series. Kinda strange :S

Thanks for your time.


Quote by GlennYes, you can assume that these violations are bad, and any bans issued
for this vio over any game should be removed. We are issuing an
announcement now on our website addressing this.

Website Statement: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=support-et.php

QuoteMonday 10.26.2009 [3:45PM]

We have confirmed that non-cheat software caused some of the kicks for Violation #70762. We encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and ignore this violation number; it has been removed from our system.

Ticket: http://www.evenbalance.com//troubleticket/update_ticket.php?ticketnumber=EB8541000450868&password=977aebe71fd48b3d0ed06c4b088d75

Personally I decided not to act/ban people from ClanBase before getting this official statement, to be 100% sure, so those which have been banned by Game-Violations.org should appeal their ban by reading here.

Also, afaik "PBBans Unofficial Banlist" bans have been removed also, so you do not need to pm them, ClanBase & ESL will not ban for this so you don't have to worry.
they're alive :o
imagine they'd tell us what caused it.
Failing software.

aka. PB!
Go AntiPro!
"We encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt" rofl
Would have love to see them tell us that is was a cheat xD
I want to know what it was, more detailed than "software" >:-O
Isnt etbot a piece of "software" too? need more details indeed.

guess its too much to bother checking it out, for a game EB has no interest in.
aight, seen quite a bit of lazyness/carelessness from them before :-p
Damn. Does it mean that invitium is clean? Again?
stfu jew!:DDD
My true origin has finally come out! :d

(hitsu will be delighted I guess :D)
btw, 2 hrs ago I passed diploma masters exam!! On 5:DD
LuLZ, congratulations!

Now you are free... I mean - ready work! :D

P.S. I still didn't start to write my masters thesis :< :X.
Thx ^^ I started writing mine @ April so:PP And I'm working since dec 08 :>
make some good example for students writing thesis in few years and go start it now! :D
*few weeks

out of 10 !
can u ask them why pb kicks me from "pb key auth unkn" FFS

and tell 'em to fix it
+ the lags please
start et with following parameters:
+set fs_game etpro +set net_port x

x = number between 27000 and 29000 or an open port in your router
I've tried that before and didn't work

thanks anyway
becuz you dont like animes
Annoying indeed, are you on wireless?

Also try this if you haven't already http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=tutorial&mode=item&id=111

Edit: Ah guess you did
not wireless :<
Old -,-.
"and there are quite known people playing on the "high skilled" scene for years that got kicked."

u mean the polakks, lal?
dich meint er bestimmt nicht lowtard
ach wie putzig
me neither LoL
btw... killerboy u still paying for your etbot?
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