Sundays Qualifiers

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It is sunday again ladies and gentlemen and how could one better end this week than with skilled ETTV action. Today we offer you two matches of one of currents top cometitions, the ESL Major Series Season V.

The first teams facing each other are United Kingdom sublime and Europe pstarZ Rise and Shine. Both already qualified for the groupstage of this seasons 500€ competition but still fight for the best possible seeding!
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United Kingdom sublime

Canada anim
United Kingdom crumbs
United Kingdom Hype
Germany reaz
Netherlands 0V!E
Netherlands hayaaimage: s_news
Europe pstarZ

Denmark xcN_
Belgium cherry
Belgium sh1zzle
Russia jago
Germany RoXoR
France Bruceh
Sweden eddieimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14258

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Also tonight, the Germans and co Germany fancy their chances up against the European Powerhouse Poland Team Celcus. Needless to say, the odds are highly in Poland Team Celsus' favour. Both teams met earlier in the qualifying stages, where ETTV viewers were subject to a brutal slaughtering dished out by Poland Team Celsus. After a few lineup changes and a bit more practising here and there, Germany are back. Tonight however, Poland Team Celcus have also sprung up with a new lineup. Their backup, United Kingdom TEKN0, will be introduced to the playing field and the legendary LAN proven Poland naga makes a return with him. Will this new lineup have a negative effect on their performance?
credits to United Kingdom beggin

image: s_headimage: s_news

Germany eiM
Germany zhul
Germany draqii
Netherlands h3r0!n
United Kingdom scuba
Finland shittyimage: s_news
Poland Team Celsus

Poland xanah
Poland naga
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom TEKNO
Germany haZer
France kARn4jimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game14284

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpageimage: s_foot
Other Fall League matches on TV tonight:

image: game14178 image: game14331 image: game14304 image: game14295 image: game14092 image: game14273 image: game14297 image: game14326 image: game14321

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gl to all
Am I the only one that starts laughing when hearing "Backup" & "TEKNO" in the same sentence? :D
No I was laughing too.
tekno would make you eat your right bicep you pussyhole
Lets put a smile on that face!
anim will deliver with the mine planting :D
where is dickheads vs xt6 at 21cet
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