EXRTCWCUP - The Groups

The first week of the Early Xmas Cup has passed, the seeding matches have been played and the real deal is about to begin. Not many surprises happened. The most impressive team was without any doubt United Kingdom118 proving that they are still more than capable of destroying any oponent even with the recent lineupchanges. With lightning fast offences on both beach and assault SwedenKiH were simply overrun and could not find an answer.

In another match Europerewind have played their first official rtcwmatch in 5 years against Finlandfixed. Before the game many expected rewind would not have any chance however they started off with an impressive beach round setting a 3minutes time and held fixed on the beach during their defence. Although fixed then managed to turn the tide and win the remaining 3 rounds, rewind have shown potential and maybe with some more practise can aim for the top again.

The next stage of the cup we will have 4 groups of 5 teams playing for the first three spots in their group. The first will directly move on to the quarter finals while the second and third placed will play against each other for the right to be their oponent.
The playoffs will be played in single elimination mode.

Group A

Group B

United Kingdom118
United Kingdomelement aR             

Group C

Group D


Matchweek 1: (15.11-17.11) - ice, assault + decider beach

SwedenKiH vs Polandsexxy
Finlandfixed vs Europexeimos     
United Kingdom118 vs Europeliquids       
Germanyhighbot vs Europeskk!
Europeraw vs EstoniaEstonia    
Europefalx vs Europerewind
EuropenP vs Germanypmcg
Francejrf vs Europeindomitus

Qualifier 1: Polandhalabarda vs United KingdomaR
Qualifier 2: Europemad vs Germany#truppenküche

Matchweek 2: (18.11-22.11) - frostbite, ice + decider assault

SwedenKiH vs Europexeimos         
Finlandfixed vs Hungarycave
United Kingdom118 vs Europeskk!          
Germanyhighbot vs United KingdomaR
Europeraw vs Europerewind     
Europefalx vs Europemad
EuropenP vs Europeindomitus
Francejrf vs Europenormality

Matchweek 3: (23.11-25.11) - base, frostbite + decider ice

Finlandfixed vs Polandsexxy
Europexeimos vs Hungarycave      
Germanyhighbot vs Europeliquids  
Europeskk! vs United KingdomaR
Europerewind vs Europemad
Europefalx vs Estoniaestonia    
Francejrf vs Germanypmcg
Europeind vs Europenormality

Matchweek 4: (26.11-30.11) - village, base + decider frostbite

SwedenKiH vs Hungarycave
Europexeimos vs Polandsexxy    
United Kingdom118 vs United KingdomaR
Europeskk! vs Europeliquids       
Europeraw vs Europemad
Europerewind vs Estoniaestonia
EuropenP vs Europenormality
Germanypmcg vs Europeind

Matchweek 5: (01.12-07.12) beach, village + decider base

SwedenKiH vs Finlandfixed
Polandsexxy vs Hungarycave      
United Kingdom118 vs Germanyhighbot    
Europeliquids vs United KingdomaR
Europeraw vs Europefalx          
Estoniaestonia vs Europemad
EuropenP vs Francejrf
Germanypmcg vs Europenorm

Matches are supposed to be played in the given period - if a match for some reason cant happen during that time it is possible to play it earlier/later (thus the longer 5th matchweek).

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Demos from the seeding games can be found here (newer games will be added aswell): http://demos.palacewolfenstein.de/
gl hf @ all
looks like a walkover for us but still gl to the rest of our group
lol nP taking Group D without a fight xD
skk 4 winners of group B
group c group of deathhh
need lineups + gl KiH :))
group C is very uneven in compare to the others imo
in what way?
ehh? in my eyes group C is the most even group o.o
think the same. really nice even group. will be lots of fun
"group c group of deathhh "
absolutely disagree, it rather is one of the weaker ones
you absolutely do not know anything then.
thats why he used quotation mark :)
in that case all groups are equally weak
would agree with that ;)

think the first 2 seeds are rather weaker while the 3rd and 4th might be a bit bitter. Would say it's even all in all.
ez4estonians! -,-
nice group twister! u are admin and dont even cheat our group :<
Jean Roucas Fan !!
image: rouca
Worst defences ever. Really out of shape but hopefully wont take long to get back :).

i smell inbreds

GL normality!
No Juncie no win
oh pleeeease like a different panzer in your team would have any effect on anything :D
damn right!
Very interesting groups imo!
C & D might be a bit more even than others but I dont think thats a bad thing, think its only good, more even matches = much more intense&fun games and theres more point playing the match. Dont think we'll see many 4-0's :=)

Theres always talk & whine bout the groups ofc, some people arent pleased and some are.

Once again HF GL to everyone, lets have a nice cup with minized problems and minimized lag.nl (GERMAN ROUTERS DO SOMETHING RIGHT FOR ONCE PLZ)! xd
gl & hf all

enjoy the cup
weird how we won our game for seeding and we get two other teams who won their games too and one that drew (none that lost). should have thrown our game to get an easier group A ;)

looking at the seeding games again, seems the structure is complete random. :/
The seeding matches were only to determine which teams would be in which seeding group. It was difficult to know how good/bad Rewind was so a seeding match was a good way of deciding in which seeding group they belonged.

Except if you were in a higher or lower seeding group because of your seeding match that you won/lost , it doesn't make any difference.
still stands if we lost we would be in an easier group :PP

even with the whine, I think the map decision was good, nice how one overlaps so you can always get a scrim even if you play your current weeks game early.
Basically merl you and np avoided another top seed in your group. :D

(Top pool of seeds being 118, NP, KIH, RAW, REW and FIXED).

Instead you get 1 more second seed , so you may have another winner in your group but no top seeded team.
I guess its more down to opinion on the strength of each team ;)
Mhm, no. If you lost or won you would have been in seeding group 1 anyway. From that point its a random draw, from every seeding group 1 team in a group. :)
As you can see there are 5 poules, most seeding games decided which of the respective teams would go higher and which would go lower. So for instance falx won against us so they are 2 and we are 3, fixed won rewind so they are 2 and rewind are 3, highbot won xeimos so they are 2 and xeimos are 3. And ye who of which poule gets into one group was more or less random.
If you would have lost showing a decent perfomance you still would have been in the first poule which wouldnt have necissarily changed anything.
np, we will own u big time ! how about tuesday 9cet?
your group is the easiest group already.

i dont get what ur talkin about :/
nice work twister! gl to everyone \:D/
What's the IP for WTV? Burner Wolf TV
Thank you :)
happy birthday twister :)
Matchweek 5: (01.12-07.11) beach, village + decider base

hmm bit long week no?
Mediocre medic LF team!


np for dialer stays up all night to get frags in America,, get a life pls
Defwin32 can you come to #rtcw-cup so that we can schedule our match, pls??
so who won the qualifier ?
Mad got freebie. Truppenkuche didn't want to play.
I shall drink for the Estonia eesti and Europe Normality (except immature whiner Netherlands adeto)!
normality dropped out
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