AntiPro - Beta 4 Build 3

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AntiPro - Beta 4 Build 3
  • added support for ETTV ( is broadcasted on
  • fixed several internal bugs
  • ...

Special thanks to :

NOTE : If anyone wants to donate and support AntiPro,there is a pay-pal link on key registration page

AntiPro - Beta 4 Build 2
  • fixed several internal bugs
  • improved stability
  • fixed command map icons ( by antman )
  • added new scanning stuff
  • few server side tweaks
  • ...

AntiPro - Beta 4 Build 1
  • fixed internal bugs
  • improved anti-cheat facilities
  • improved stability
  • (hopefull) fixed support for 64 bit Windows users
  • reduced memory usage
  • ...

Special thanks to Pisi-Deff, Elmix, Etnies and others whose names I forgot for helping me with 64 bit clients.

AntiPro client is almost completed. If everything goes well, there will few more builds and it will be released.

AntiPro - Beta 3 Build 9
  • more netcode fixes
  • fixed few more internal bugs
  • fixed linux ui
  • added new anti-cheat related things
  • reduced memory usage
  • ...

AntiPro - Beta 3 Build 7
  • networking code fixes
  • fixed few internal bugs
  • added support for etpro menus and stuff
  • ...

AntiPro - Beta 3 Build 5
  • fixed ap_ambientscale range (negative values are not allowed)
  • added support for key age checking
  • major internal changes to address communication failures
  • logging
  • removed antipro license (user will accept it on registration page when it's finished)
  • tons of other internal changes

Compatibility issues
There are known compatibility issues with minimizers, ASE and HSLW. Please disable any of these applications if your client keeps crashing!


  • Navigate to the antipro folder in your installation directory
  • Delete all antipro*.pk3 files
  • Download ui_mp_x86.dll
  • Visit and download antiprokey.dat
  • Put both ui_mp_x86.dll and antiprokey.dat in the antipro folder
  • Start ET with "+set fs_game antipro" or select antipro as a mod from the main menu
  • If you want to avoid "+set fs_game antipro" put ui_mp_x86.dll and antiprokey.dat in the etmain folder


  • added new checks
  • added account system
  • added command ap_players

  • Navigate to .etwolf/antipro folder in your home folder
  • Delete all antipro*.pk3 files
  • Download
  • Visit and download antiprokey.dat
  • Put in the etmain folder
  • Put antiprokey.dat in the antipro folder
  • Start ET with "+set fs_game antipro" or select antipro as a mod from the main menu
Please play a few rounds to see if the account system is working properly.

Other info

N.B. Support is only available in image: ReonKadenaUnderboobDance-948 on QuakeNet!


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is it really better as with pb?
is it really better as with pb?
feels like playing with pb off for me
nice release it now :P

nice job anyway!
Nice to see this going somewhere :)
Public, when ?
when its ready
much love
great work, cant wait for final version :x
One step closer :]
nice work. thank you in the name of community!
why get so angry over what I said about valkryie, it really was a joke
gtv, its Hydro was only playing with you :P
Nice, well done again
everybody should support 1€ .. i mean for this work they deserved to get a bit support fro the community.. 1€ x 2000 ppl = 2000 € !!!!
meh, 500 are dutch = cheap so that would be 1500 euros
and 1000 are poles, so you might end up negative.
yea they dont give money in 3rd world countrys :(
Nice shit!
i wonder when the AntiPro - Beta 234 Build 32 comes out
nice to see a "Change Log" so people can see its still going strong!
Keep up the good work.
Thinking of making an ET "comeback" when Antipro leaves beta stage ^^
so what exactly do you release a build with ETTV support for if the mod itself is not used?
Ehm? Mod is used. I need to test if ettv works properly with antipro.
who cares about it if CB ain't using it yet.. the most important cups are EC OC NC.. as long as CB doesn't want us to use anti-pro, then I don't see any use of it to stay posting this shit for more than 1year on the frontpage
You seem to care a lot that you need to whine/comment antipro every new release. But besides that I think it's a lot easier now to get it used by CB, now since Killerboy (antipro lover) is CB ET Game Supervisor & CB are already allowing to disable PB (at least in EC) + added AntiPro Account name to their Game Account List.. I am highly sure, once it's done, it will be used.

There are still some important things to do before we want it to be used by leagues, that should be clear.
I don't care about beta versions of anti-pro like alot of guys in here, we just want the finishing product.. we are nothing with a beta anti-pro wich won't be used, to keep the information for yourself
You don't care about beta - but you care about final.
You want it now - but you expect it to work perfectly from day 1 it's final.

foxdie is working on antipro since a half year (how fucking times i've wrote that on here already?!), and he has done a lot since then, he and everyone else involved since then can do nothing about the years before (etace, cetpub...) in where nothing much happened besides some half-assed projects.
Quotewe just want the finishing product
"I don't want to wait till 24th december for my presents - give now :("
different, but it's still the same.

You have to wait some time for good things to happen.That's how life works. Show some patience, respect if you really are interested in the final version, else leave it alone.
uhu, I don't want a cake without chocolate now. I want a cake with chocolate on christmas!
if you dont care about it , dont read it and just skip it -.- no need to write such a comments ...
You just enabled keys, now it says:

Awaiting auth
Missing "antiprokey.dat"
- Visit and download(register) your personal antiprokey.dat
- Put antiprokey.dat in the antipro folder
I got the key but noantipro folder. Not in ET directory.
then create one, put ui_mp...dll + antipro.pk3 + antiprokey.dat in it and reconnect
I got kicked only once for an error and i stayed there pretty long, didnt write down the error since i presume the ettv was there for a reason?
errors/kicks get logged anyway

ettvs are not recording demos and are just for testing purposes right now. ettv works fine btw ;)
nice keep on working :D hopefully its done soon
gj shizo fox
gl hopefully will be done in some time
il donate if it would speed up the process
very nice, just connected, looks like all works fine
I hope tomorrow some guys will play on the server, than i can test it with enemies... :)
good job, of course i will donate you guys something again soon to keep up the good work

Nice work foxie!
hope it gets finished someday...and etnies will be the first one to get caught!
sounds nice :)
Will it be compatible with other games too (in the future)?
Dunno what you think is so "lol" about that , pb supports other games too ..
I know, but this is a mod for ET.
In general, AntiPro can be integrated with any game.
Just hope you can finish it ;)
nice work again
great! gogogo! 2010 will be year of great W:ET comeback! I can almost feel it! ;)
Well done. PB has been giving me a load of shit recently and AntiPro is just great :) With PB my ping is always 110+ but it's below 50 with AntiPro. No fps lags too!! Keep it up, well done guys.
Whats the point of this? Why don't you use it on a public server like ''bio'' for example or comp cups such as EC, NC and ESL? Your only testing it on user pcs. Even if the outcome isn't 100% trustable, you can still let it be used as additional check till it's fully ready.

In my fov your spamming this useless program which isn't even used in any cup. How many more week will this continu till you finallly let it be tested on servers?

The more you spam it, the more i get the feeling this should rather be a journal so it can be spammed away as fast a possible...
agree it should be tested at bio or stmh ;p
there's already 3 pub servers running it, I believe spreading more while in this stage could be a potential hazard for it in more ways that one.
We have setup 3 servers. All are empty.
that's why you should test it on bio which is high populated almost 24/7
Parent FUUUUU!
i want final version, waiting so long for this shit.
Don't wait and make it.
server still online?
Awaiting Auth, cant connect.
dll, pk3 and key inside antipro folder.
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