Medal of Honor's First Gameplay Footage

It's been a while since the last Medal of Honour was released. In fact, many thought Airborne would be the last in the series - the majority of the development team moved to the Call of Duty franchise, forming Infinity Ward in the transition and worked on the first Modern Warfare. It became an instant hit overnight and exceed expectations; in terms of pretty much everything. After Modern Warfare 2 became the biggest entertainment launch in history, any developer who considered working on a " realistic modern warfare fps" were either pretty stupid or had something spectacular hidden up their sleeves - that's where DreamWorks Interactive and DICE come in.

EA have decided to reboot the Medal of Honour series, set in modern-day Afghanistan. There's no doubt that they are going head-to-head with the Modern Warfare. With the Call of Duty series having millions of fans behind its back, EA really have to produce something special and outstanding for Medal of honour to even be a slight hit - something Raven Software and Endrant can learn a thing or two from. When the game is finally released in 2010, it will be 3 years since the last Medal of Honour game was first introduced to the shelves. Many of the series' fans have moved onto Modern Warfare - can EA pull them back and steal a few million?

Watch in HD (GameTrailers)
I must say this does look like something special.
Looks nice tbh. However it like a cod rip:(
Original MoH devs made CoD I think. Could be wrong though.
YES!!!! new moh gonna buy insta-after-it-comes-out-cum although moh the original from 1996 or w/e was so rad i knew every corner out of my head every dude where and what he did after this and that i was so proskill gamesense on it :D always pwning my mates and they start whining at me *HOW DID YOU DO THAT WHEN DID YOU HOW DID YOU DO THAT* good times.... good times...
what are you trying to say?
play more promode? :3
in what moh?
time to start pracc.
for a sp game it looks nice, but where is the mp part?
will be as successful as Airborne
it will be better -> made by Dice ;)
Sadly it looks like DICE will rape it with Battlefield's hated vehicles. I was hoping they wouldn't have them (just scripted would be okay), but looking at the trailer it seems they will.

I'm kinda having trouble seeing the difference between BF:BC2 and MoH (both modern, both have vehicles, both use an engine with destructible environments [I don't mind that though] - Frostbite probably), so this game has already dropped from my radar, a mere week after it made it first blip...
I really doubt that there will be vehicles in mp...

That it is made by Dice doesn't automaticly mean that there will be vehicles (they also made games like Mirror's Edge)

That said, MP games made by Dice always have had something new and exciting imho
The trailer has vehicles which seem to be user controlled, which are not just snow mobiles going down a narrow path -> environments are destructible, which means they're probably using Frostbite -> Frostbite has support for user controlled vehicles and I doubt DICE will not use that to their (dis)advantage.

For me games with vehicles aren't necessarily bad, but decent at best, like ET:QW was. ET:QW would have been great for me without movable vehicles.
MoH have always been inf only and I only see ATV which are definitely user controlled (it looks like you're only the gunner on the choppers). Anyways, we'll see
Where's good old WW2 :(
Seems like a CoD yea. But I like it anyway. MoH rocks!
looks very good! but it will shit
i played the first MOH on my old ps1 :d
Yet another CoD clone. CoD clones generally suck.
if theres a good multiplayer then bb call of duty
!need new WW2 game, modern sucks:(
lol cod4
Obviously they think this new MoH will be just as successful market hit as COD4 is ... I hope their plan will fail. This is not even original or exciting anymore. It feels and looks like yet another COD4 wannabe clone.

Besides - "terrorists vs the good amerifags" setting is even more boring than replaying World War 2 scenes which "we saw already before" over and over again. I'd be more impressed if the game would go a bit in the past - to World War 1.
WW1 game?

Chapter 1: Sit in a trench for a couple years.
Chapter 2: Die.
Medal of Duty!
Last medal of honor i played was MOH:AA years ago, will trye this for sure even though it looks like cod4 :D!
Call of Honour!
Looks like any other shooter, can't judge it from watching that really.

Not excited.
bla bla bla new et
bla bla bla wolfenstein bla bla et2 bla bla antipro bla
bla bla bla new et
bla bla bla wolfenstein bla bla et2 bla bla antipro bla
They've got the advantage of getting feedback being able to fix all of the issues that people had with MW2, so they might be able to better it!

Is a good thing though, a bit of competition might make Infinity Ward stop being such douchebags.
Graphics are far worse than MW2, but if gameplay is up to par, I'll sure look forward to it!
lol 90% cod
I really loved the old MoH:AA, but not really expecting anything out of this game specially when it's placed in modern time instead of WWII
Enjoyed the old medal of honor way more than call of duty. Looks abit too much like CoD, but lets see how this one turns out!
looks amazing
tbh so much like mw2 ac130 plz:P
but i would buy it looks great!
Looks like MW2 with lodbias 10.
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