Coast b1 released

image: coast_beta1
Today a completely new competition map sees the light of day. I am proud to release Coast beta1 into the communitys custody. The map was designed for the 5on5 format and proved to be great gameplaywise. I'll be glad for any critique and feedback to improve it within its way to the final status.

Without further ado I present you the Coast beta1 presentation video by phaloid:


As usual you can test the map on the YCN Hosting Testserver on the following IP:

Map download: Coast Beta1 (10mb)

For feedback or any other things you want to say feel free to join #et.mapping.

Spawnpoint numbers for your config[/b]]Allies

setspawnpt: location
0: autospawn
1: Tankspawn (left)
2: Commandpost (back)
3: Marketspawn (center)
4: Beachspawn
5: Commandpost (front)
6: Marketspawn (right)
7: Tankspawn (right)
8: Marketspawn (left)Axis

setspawnpt: location
0: autospawn
1: Hutspawn (front)
2: Housespawn (right)
3: Marketspawn (center)
4: Marketspawn (right)
5: Housespawn (back)
6: Marketspawn (center)
7: Marketspawn (left)
8: Marketspawn (left)
fisherdorf > coast

but whats in a name, same map. :P
im there
made fun

just the last part is ² much spawncamp
eiM is the best.
nice vid
looks awfull... and if you want to presentate your map in a video please let phaloid make a better one because this one is shit
why is that?
care to elaborate why it sucks?
i simply don't like the looks of it and think it will be another fail map
I got only 48h to made the video, the point is to show the main obj, not to add tons of effect and say the map looks amazing :/
you did a good job in that timeframe ;)
"in that timeframe" - you are not rly supporting him :d

(no whine from my side btw, map and presentation looks nice imo, gratz!)
i don't care about that, i just expressed my opinion
I just give the possible reasons why people could have such opinion, I never said that the comment you did was right or wrong :)
tu étudies en graphisme ou c'est une passion :)? (ou les 2)
un passe temps :)
just ignore idiots like this dude.
image: 9289_l_4be9c459608a40a19bf5299260267a0a

who's the idiot :|
better post a pic of your ugly face, retard.
I think it looked good. Some idiots obviously don't understand the purpose of certain videos of course, best to ignore them, it's not like they will ever contribute something useful.
looks great tbh
damn 5v5 format, that means we can't paly 6v6 on it :(
looks rly nice gonna test now :>

Nice to see fischerdwarf released. Might be something for comp but you'll have to see.
LoadTGA: Only Type 2 (RGB), 3 (gray) and 10 (RGB) TGA images supported.

what did i do wrong??
euhm... not that again :D
have to change some shader i believe... need ot look into it :< anything else in the console?
looks nice
looks nice, though its not a rifle-map i guess :P
waiting for the first Ati_ shots cause its open-air map :D
haha :D true dat!
I has them already!
seems nice
nice map!
I'm glad you made our fatigued soldiers a beach resort, but what we really need is competition maps.

That being said, it does look quite nice.
He's ALIVE!!!!!!!

axis defend, when allies got docs, at boat looks hard
I truly hope people will give this map a shot and not reject right from the beginning.
I truly hope you take disappointment well.
What's wrong with Youtube? It's faster.
doesn't look like a map u can make a crossfire on :<
Seems nice but too big as usual. Need to test it to confirm that.
This map is anything but big.
Looks more neat this way. ;)
nice, if the map is as great as delivery and missile its possibly a nice map
Nice work EIM! Can't teste it right now because i am at university, but looks fine so far.
Nice work from phaloid side in such short time. Keep the good work!

Can't wait to test some colors at that new beach! :DDD
looks like a great public map....beach+radar..
Server is full :(
looks rly nice
looks very great but tbh i think it could be a bit big but who knows im gonna try for sure soon, still needs some fixing after what i saw in the vid

e. g. the part where you have to blow the barrier, looks like artyspam place and campout (like in b4 after you destroy the door) and also the tank in front of the door shouldnt blast it from such a near place.

this are only opinions from wat i saw in the vid.
looks cool
Looks too easy for allies, axis are just basically a "lag" for allies. Hate such maps/stages. Focus on less obj/smaller map(but open) and more emphasis on defense. Making it easy for allies and trying to balance it by making them run further/do more obj to not make it a 3 min just makes no sense.
testing it will show what's wrong I guess :)
quality comment is winning
Sure, but these design fails annoy me a bit. Maybe this map plays out well, but look at delivery 1st stage for example, it's completely useless.

Quoteit's completely useless.

couldn't agree more
Quoteat delivery 1st stage

only 1st stage useless?
He's not talking about the quality of the overall map, but saying that the first stage is "useless" in the sense that it can never be defended for real, it is just a useless lag until the "real" stages come into play.
Yea its practically impossible to get a good hold there.
cant confirm that from the matches I've played the last 3month. Eventhough I'd say you can apply those arguments on pretty much every map including a vehicle
as I see it from the video, axis will be able to lock allies in tight corridors (not indoor ones). you have to blow a barrier next to steep hills on both sides? defensive crossfire will be easy (haven't seen the map in ET yet, so I could be wrong ...)
sup with the black hole :D:D:D:D:
quakewars called, wants its map back
reply of the year :DD
Some of the areas might be a bit to big...But I'll try it later on and see if it's true or not. Nice job anyways.
argh stop the too big comments :D seems everyone thinks of 1on1 maps nowadays. Its smaller than radar,goldrush and alike maps (radiant measurements!)
I didn't say it was to big, but at the video, the areas inside the house seems huge! I didn't try it so I won't say that's a fact but that was my impression.
You have to have been mapping for long enough to know that no matter how small you make your map most people will say 'too big' for at least a month after it's released. Unless your map consists of a single square room, nobody will bother to learn it before commenting that it seems huge...
QuoteUnless your map consists of a single square room

to small

but idd its annoying people calling it to big while playing grush or radar ":D"
looks nice, gonna try it soon
i like it, gj.
ET doesn't need new maps for competition.
who says it's for competition?
QuoteToday a completely new competition map sees the light of day.

what a stupid comment. people have been calling for a replacement for maps like supply for months/years now. theres even been a huge discussion about it at tosspots (i think it was him) column.
people have been calling for a lot. I think history shows giving power to the people is one of it's biggest mistakes, ever.
What the hell does this have to do with ET?
That your argument "people have been asking" is stupid.
looks like a map u can run through in 1 min^^
looks really good. best first impression i ever had of a custom map.
I played it allready last month with you and some other guys.. It was really nice to play but it's very easy to rush and do the obj for the allies.
That docrun looks nice, its kinda long so it could be very exciting at this poing. the first stage tho is too easy for allies i think though i havent tested it in any war yet, just public.
its useless as there are no real spots for axis to hide, allies just need to jump to the tank and repair it? :P Cant really remember it that well, might be wrong.

And on the second stage near the docs, i think its pretty hard for axis to get out of the spawn once the allies own that area..

will see how it works in clanwars

good job!
Second stage is weird, too cramped? doc run isn't bad but easy for axis to defend
idd, kinda long way with doc to secure it
Nice map:) Well done!
Thats the fish dorf ?

Map itself looks nice , ever considered adding a door here : ?
nice fps man
nice fps man
ok, nice!
lets stay with radar&grush and 6o6
Not judging on whether it's a great map or not, nice job! :)

But I like the looks of it, it's just a matter of getting used with playing a map for me really.
looks promising to me, eager to test it :)
Very nice work buddy
Looks great, though I guess you'd have to put it through some actual matches before a solid opinion can be reached. As a few others have said, the docrun is a bit long but I can see sqzz bouncing through it :DDD Overall feel seems good, nice job eiM!
"looks great" tested it and seems pretty shitty for both, axis or allies can camp everywhere and overall its rly camp based not a fun map to play :(
seem some ppl had uneven teams on public :p I appreciate your comment, funny to see though, that a few have a too hard stand on allies and a few on axis ;=)
well dunno but you can camp and hide on so many places as axis
especially in bushes and so on
behind allies cp you can dash behind the house and no one can see u
izi for panzer blablabla
there are many more camp places
but as always it depends on the players if they will accept the map :PP
Great work, people never appreciate these things. I sure do, donations welcome?
from just looking at the video, I don't like the way the obj is through so many rooms, should be a bit easier to get at, like adler, bremen etc. Could be wrong will see when I play it.
looks awesome
looking good on 1st view, outside map = win. I like it much more as missile on to be honest.

need some showmatches to see how it turns out in competition, but since I know you I am sure that is already planned/arranged.

Keep it up eiM0r! :-)

ps: I want to be able to swim to the light-house, walk up there and go snipe! h3h3
feel free to manage showmatches if you want... doubt w0nd3r will take that job again so I'll need someone else. I dont think I need the highest skilled teams as they wont care to pracc the map only once.

p.s. noclip to the lighthouse with etpro fireteam on :p
eiM's Lighthouse ;)
If we had maps like radar, that would be brill. I think mappers should base maps on grush/radar/supply, those are the best maps.
u can make like 1 min time if u make 3-4 man tower near at that boat where documents needs to be secured, then u can just forgot 1st and 2nd stage.

oh wait boosting is forbidden on cb.
stop wasting your time making new maps imo :)
take old maps in the mappool and the problem is solved or check out some known pub maps
Added spawnpoint numbers for your script/config. Have fun!
Thanks for your hard work!
If i may ask, why 8 spawnpoint. I got a max for 5 spawn buttons, and I only use that if I dont got a script for the map, I dont have that much keys left:D
mappers cant define the spawnpoints. Every map has about 6-8 some even 10 different "spawnpoints" to select. Those are assigned at map compile by a system one cant see through... Just tested them and posted them for the lazy people ;)
seems beatiful, but i've to test it
more one minute maps
looks pretty decent, first stage def! But might be abit too open.
tested and seems kinda really to big map, to much rape for both side tbh :(
Looks nice. Will maybe try tomorrow.
Best thing about it is the plane, make it appear more :)
make it land so someone can hop in and bomb da' place!
remove the water sounds.
fisherdorf was a better name :D
Looks good but I don't think its good for competition. There is only 1 way (escorting tank). We need some maps where you can attack from 2-3 sides, more open & fun.
tank drives 1 way yes, but you can blow side or go the "boat" way imo
you got a point there for the tank drive atleast. the rest of the map is layouted for these 2-3 ways which are always in place.

There was a better way from allies first spawn to the boat beach before, though that was removed for fps issues^^

will keep it in mind
im too low
gj atm. but i think the place where the tank blow up the gate needs a second way to get in the "basement". if axis are good coordinated they bash all allies at the gate.

but all in one good map. nice open spaces like radar.
nice new!
rahter resurect the town, snatch, bergen, marakesh streets, wolfsurdel, industry, et_mor, base47 ect.
looking promesing
looks fun
Could you make waypoints for it? I think there are many NQ/etpub servers who would love to run this map (with bots) ^^
Looks like a map made in one hour, with ripped off parts from radar and battery. Please do make the maps have even a little eyecandy before releasing them. This looks just fucking horrible with all lights and texturework etc. PURE SHIT!
in an hour one wouldnt even build three houses :D
If that "one" is you, then probably yes. Any normal person would make the whole map in one day max.
It looks nicer than the most popular custom map in competitions so far (Supply), imo, and it's still in beta.
looks nice
Cool map presentation! Not so sure about the map though, game play seems very linear (based on the video).
video only shows the main obj route. No of the side ways is shown.
I take back everything I said then. :)
looks nice but the finally part where allies have to escort the obj sux...
will try
Someone needs to make a map with a name beginning with 'e', then we can make an alphabetical maplist;
adlernest, bremen/braundorf/battery, coast, delivery, ?, frostbite, goldrush!
It always used to take people ages to realise that was me for some reason :D
and it makes a nice map name tbh! :D

see what a brilliant mind I have to come back to this newspost more than a year later? :D
El Kef, but too bad people didn't like it.
el kef, et_ice

evenbalance.pb3 needed ;)
i think in 1on1s this map is totally easy to win the fight for axis.
too long to take objective in an open place
Nice work eim keep it up and i think this could be a very good map, not sure about some of the comparisons when personally for me it plays more like goldrush, tank fix and escort and doc run.
hhhmmm found a bug, the bottem of the tree was bugged beside axis side spawn @ last part
I feel there are 2 many stoppoints for the tank

theres some bugs, like invisible boxes, like near objective MG

and you have to work some on the terrain, right now you can get up over the map, also you can jump from the boat where you deliver obj up over the wall, also get up through the pronebug, and the weapons should be takeable like the ammo is.

+ retarded fintards taking over the server x-D
weapons should be takeable actually. Last tests I made about that was 2month ago though xD
this i was able to pick em up yesterday
thb this looks really promising, great work :)
test it on cic7 !
Seriously Eim great map Kevlar put this map on bio server for testing what a great map
8 spawnpoints :>>>
Actually only 4 on attack, 3 on defense. The 8 spawn point choices are for tactical spawning within the same spawnpoints :D
let's find trickjumps :D
been there done that
tho some eiM was shoting everyone that was trying to trickjump in that server.
faked eiM to be added^^
found 1 panzer shots + 3 riffle shots @ last part:D even though they were shooting idd
Make the gate blowable by dyna, the tank take to long to readh it omg
don't play et just following it as a spectator. but nice job eiM. more competitive maps from people who are willing to make such are great. keep it up
image: firstbug
image: secondbug

nice map anyway, except high stairs

+ you should make doors for axis near to the first and second gate :)
you can easily make it when your not even have the tank :/ go back at the beach at allies first spawn and trickjump at these wooden obstacle whut the plain is gonna booomboom, its 100% possible. i think its better to block the beach back way or else it would be too easy for allies to secure obj, cus snipers can spawn back and easily pwn the axis obj campers aswell
isnt possible already tried it but i agreed. block the backway, put the tank away and cap the flag as first obj, make the way to the cp open and the make the first wall that the tank breaks able to get planted and make it able to get on the wall @ the boat where you have to secure the obj
The trickjump is absolute possible, you need to be skilled, its abit harder then the radar sidejump anwyway i think as first stage a cap flag is a nice idea but its to easy for allies perhaps cus there are so many ways to go to the axisside
no if you place the flag at the front of axis spawn or in the house of axis spawn or so
looks like shit.
The tank is REALLY USELESS...make the gate blowable by a dyna and get off tank, the map will gain on intensity..

Spawn et_beach go to dubrovnik get a step onto GR city, escort the tank like in fueldump run on radar fields to finish on a battery part ...
agreed the tank isnt that nice but if you make it possible to blow the door the first part of the map is useless.
After playing it I like it even more :) Played 3v3 on it and it was fun! Some stuff that was a bit annoying, but hey every map has it flaws!
Some small bugs

image: shot0008 image: shot0000 image: shot0003 image: shot0013 image: shot0010 image: shot0023 image: shot0004 image: shot0024 image: shot0022 image: shot0006 image: shot0026 image: shot0025
image: shot0026 image: shot0027 image: shot0028 image: shot0030
HA! you didnt found the tree bug beside the axis side spawn of the last part of the map:DDDD and, you can walk under water somewhere beside the tree:DD
thx will fix those. Except number 4. That cant be fixed as it is part of competition configs where all fog is removed so to speak. Thats why I didnt place fog into it at all anyway. I'll still try to make it look more realistic
At last a decent new map.
Just remember all new maps will automatically be shit for no brains, most of them wont even try it. If supply was released this days they will still say is shit. same happened for delivery and bremen. Theres a final bremen version and we still playing betas, same for b4, that tells you all about maps in competitions.

Only thing, 5on5 format????and not 6on6? pls.
Im sure Killerboy will be happy reading that black letters "map was design for 5on5 blabla" in his struggle to fuck 6on6 matches, that probably will help you getting map into CB, apart from that nonsense comment, map is great.
+1 for hide&seek server
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