Country Championship - Decision made

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Dear Crossfire and Enemy Territory community,

After our recent tournament announcement we are quite glad to see the discussion the announcement triggered. Apart from the original discussion it is nice to see that the community is not dead and even able to deal with such a topic in a quite objective and neutral way.

As it stands right now, the time for a new and innovative start of a tournament for nations has not come yet. Negotiations with Clanbase were not possible or just failed from the beginning.
The result of this is: Two announced Tournaments.

This was not the aim of the collaboration between the Electronic Sports League and the Crossfire team. The reason for this tournament announcement was based on several requests done by the community and not a fast and illplanned idea from scratch. After the complaints about the recent seasons the ESL and Crossfire decided to give it a try and to start that new project during the winter. A project which was meant to be a project by the community for the community and not limited by rules given by somebody which might even not be involved into that tournament.

We do not want to split up the community into two parties. We care about your issues: That is the reason why we - the ESL and Crossfire crew - are ready to postpone the announced Championship until further notice. However this is a stark warning to Clanbase ET, that there will be another player in the house in future and that is the ESL. So it is time Clanbase gets their house in order!

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Nevertheless we will not be inactive. Crossfire and the Electronic Sports League hereby partner up for the official seeding tournament for the upcoming Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 in March. Stay tuned for more information and the soon to be opened signups!

ESL Newspost
Humble decision by ESL, this will be good for ET!
This is not a humble decision of ESL. I don't think ESL or any other cup has ever had the best interest of the "community" in sight if they'd honestly think they would be the better cup. If they'd think they would do a better job and their cup would be the better cup of the two, no way in hell they would've canceled it. This is just a way to stop this cup without too much ego loss.
CB/GGL will be shut down sooner or later, problem solved.
Did GGL pay Game-Hosting already? Did CB pay the CoD2 EC winners two years ago? As it seems there's no money. Without money no league can survive.
petition against GGL outstanding payments:

QuoteTo: Global Gaming League

G7 Teams, an association of the top professional e-sports organizations from around the world working together to represent a unified voice for gamers, has compiled a list of outstanding prize payments from video game event and tournament organizers. With over $350,000 of outstanding prize claims, G7 Teams worked to contact each delinquent organization in an effort to bring clarity and resolution to the matters. Unfortunately after several unanswered outreaches to GGL, G7 Teams asks that all gamers join together to boycott all current and future activities of GGL until GGL has satisfactorily addressed the open claims from prize winners around the world. Though legally correct, the actions of GGL are more than morally questionable and not to be tolerated by the very core of their activity worldwide - the community of gamers.

Signing below signifies your support of the boycott for all current and future tournaments, events, and activities by GGL until GGL addresses the open prize money claims and works to fairly resolve any owed payments.

G7 serious business
Not really, two cups at the same time divide the community, which is really bad for ET, and the general interest of ESL and CB is ET and its community. They would be hurting themselves if they would go on with this.
So wait? You can't play two cups at the same time? This has never been done before?
Remember that captains are picked for these tournaments and the lineups could, potentially, be entirely different per nation per cup.

Of course, if it was just 2 clan tourneys, it's entirely possible.
You're saying for every single country the captain and line up would be completely different? I doubt that really. There are only so many possible captains and line ups.
Nah, I'm saying potentially be different. Read what I'm saying :(
Quotepotentially, be entirely different
The active word was "potentially", btw. :D
I don't think any team has the potential to be ENTIRELY different. Sure they can differ a bit but you can't get two teams who are equal to each other with 5 different players. Besides that even if that's possible that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing.

My only point was that ESL should not try and act like the "better" man of the two and tell everyone it's because they don't want to divide the community. One of the bigger reasons must've been that they just can't take on CB (yet?).
I think you've completely misunderstood what I'm saying. Doesn't matter :D
There is nothing to misunderstand about your comment..
I have never seen someone misunderstand such a simple comment before. I feel for you and praise your patience in dealing with him. Well done Sir.
If they were different the tournament with the strongest lineups would win through - if they weren't, no damage done.

Either they amicably coexist or one needs to take the other on :)
com is divided allready, thanks to toss that far, so they can do it again!
have you considered that several top-nations won't play cb nc (at least not with the top players who played last nc)?
The more reason ESL should've continued their little NC.
Seriously? If it's not the communities interest they have in mind than whose is it? Cause I can assure you the people who set this shit up get absolutely nothing out of it.

Stupidest fucking statement ever made on Crossfire & thats a phenomenal feat.
You're saying you don't get anything out of it? That is the stupidest thing I've ever read. People do all kinds of things and for all kinds of reasons, but they do them for reasons. Some are admin because they like the power/attention they get from it. Others host a cup because they feel good by making something and contributing something. There might be some other reasons for different persons but these are the two in general that apply the most. So yes they do it for something.

ESL should not act as if they're the "better" league site and the once who are "mature" enough to back out. If this would be true everyone would've played the ESL one and let the CB one for what it is.
Clearly you have no clue of the shit vs reward ratio is being an admin. It's the shittiest job in online gaming. No group is more widely hated.

QuoteSome are admin because they like the power/attention they get from it.

Does not apply. No admin out for personal gain ever lasts very long.

QuoteOthers host a cup because they feel good by making something and contributing something.

That would be the communities best interests in mind you jackass.
Contributing something doesn't have to be in the best interest of the community.

I wonder if you honestly think it looks cool to put "jackass" behind the comment? Do you think people will take you more serious? Or are you trying to blend in by acting 14?
yes calling somebody a jackass is 14ish
Your whole tone is 14ish.
Your tone & comments are unwarranted
fuckin ridiculous CB ..

gimmeh the coordinates so i can send some hordes of unknown heavy weaponry to it!!!

but then again, this gives me time to think my spot as cap over :D
its not that its cancelled. will come at a later point.

You stated to boycott CB last year already so would be an awesome 180° turn :p
no i meant in general. i haven't applied @ esl cup yet. i thought the signups are open?
i won't apply @ cb nc. there's another young guy who seems serious enough to do it
there :)
just host is on crossfire (there only has to be made poules and a bracket) = problem solved
props to esl, was looking forward to their tournament more - look forward to the seeding tournament and the nc in the future. Was gonna run for capt in esl but i guess that can wait till whenever u announce the next nc. Credit to u for actually listening to the community and being the bigger man postponing it.
You must be the biggest retard in ET seriously.
wana explain ?
Well there are several reasons why I'm saying this.

But after yesterdays baserace match you acted like a complete retard wanting to remove your CB NC captain application cause you got owned by some nonames.

And the worst thing is you're thinking too much of yourself like you're some of ET finest but really you never archived something big, and coming what was it 3rd/4th with SNB as a backup isn't really something worth bragging about :)
90% of his posts are flaming people he doesnt know at all, shouldnt mind him!
So you and R0SS are those 90%?

I whined at you because you always said that clouver wasn't a cheater and when he finally got busted I kinda wanted to let you know how you could after all these years claim that he's not a cheater.
maybe because he wasnt a cheater in all these years?

just because he bought a bot last week doesnt mean he had it month ago does it? :)
Oh cmon who was the swedish super old CS 1.6 star? ..
totally different thing

only reason he had to fakenick cuz we knew you would whine about his pbbans (which one he got from my config)
Best decision possible, thus it wont mess up with cc7 teams preparations but actually support them :)
killerboy will bann everyone who supports esl
it was a wise move from ESL, letting CB look like pubertal stubborn kiddos..

but still .. pissin me off
Don't be a dumb-ass, ESL should have picked a different time in the first place. I'm glad they used their brains, listened to the community and postponed their tournament.
as if ESL AND Crossfire knew when CB will announce their cocky cup?
Where you locked up in Plato's Cave for the past 4 months? All you keep on doing is rambling without any rational reason. I know you are upset because of last season but it won't help.
i ain't sayin any particular names. i just dislike the damn CB organisation.
so stop being so whiney, it isn't against you personally..
Coherent pronouncement.
thats better decision,just make it in spring
Whatever. Your site still sucks though.
Ok, nice to know!
too bad : (
too bad, esl > cb
though its prolly a good decision. unexpected that cb didn't go this way!
CB & good decisions... doesn't compute
So you pussied out?
Nice to know. It is hard though since nationscup has always been cb though
good job

start the NC right behind CIC7 or so imo, don't sheldule it in the summer
if I am not mistaken CB's quite long schedule reaches into late april. No idea what they want to do with a 4 month NC though
I guess it's to make sure no finals get no show wins, probably depends on the number of signups aswell and may change depending on the game (CoD4).
acting important and thus stupid ..

they need that long to not do the same fuckups like their gay comrads did before!
they probably want the same as you do with your EMS

bore players to death
prac hard, go pro!
Awesome decision, credits to the ESL admins.
Keep it up ESL
ET scene is just full of cowards and conformists, they whine about CB but when there's a chance to change something they want to stay with the old shit rules/cups, lazy cowardly fags.
host it on crossfire = problem solved
CF doesn't have proper functions for it since it is not a Cup site.
proper functions? crossfire just needs to make poules and aftwarts a bracket like in the intel cup.. it's easily done, you don't need functions for it. just excel
well done
Nice but ESL better make it a 6o6 tourney
I see CF/ESL being the "bigger man" here in "backing down" in this whole situation. It was quite clear that ClanBase were/are refusing pointblank to cancel their tourney (Maybe they didn't wanna show signs of weakness?), so good move by you guys to give the community what is best for them.

And before anybody tells me I know nothing about ET, don't bother wasting your time. I'm on this site on a daily basis, I know enough from reading the comments the players have posted on each thread on this topic.

How do you figure this seanza? IDK how long you have been playing et, but clanbase has been doing nations cup for years now, why would they change anything or "back down" because ESL decides they want to run their own new nations cup?
Because ClanBase don't have to run a NC for every game. It's up to the game's supervisors.
and i requested it 1/2 months ago, and ESL announced it 1 week before ours so how could i know :|
Yeah, but you could cancel the request. Remember I know how CB works ; ) I'm not saying it's your fault, though.

Personally, I think it would have been better for ESL & CB to use CF as a common ground for a tournament like this.
As I see an ESL icon I feel its once again time to whine about actually giving the prize money to the players..

"Regarding your prize money from the online stage of season 3: The payment is scheduled for the last quarter of this year."
- This was a message sent to me personally 3 months ago by an ESL admin (shawn) after a year of wait for our money.

Now at the end of the last quarter of the year I have failed to get contacted by an ESL admin despite my huge efforts to do so.

And in order to get an ESL admin to respond to my concerns about the money I had to contact 5 different ESL admins.

If an organisation as big as yours promises something and fails to keep their end of the promise it gives you the image of unprofessionality.
I am sure we have talked before in comments about this but I couldn't find it in my reply history, exactly what team and exactly what tournament are you waiting for money for?
ah, I thought someone said it was from the American tournaments

IEM Europe is literally the top of the list now and will be paid out as soon as it can be, I know that the director of leagueops cannot wait for it to be done, anything more than 6 months becomes frustrating for us

to give you some perspective, I just did a quick count of what I can see, I beleive we paid out more than €300,000 in prize money last year, and I guess we'll pay out double that next year

I know it doesn't mean much but at least you can be reasonably certain we will pay - a while ago I did a rough count and we had paid out more than €2m so far, and unlike any other league that is around outside of asia, we are a well established company that is dedicated to making esports happen every day
wise decision from esl, although i was more looking forward to esl/cf nc then cb nc because some nations captains said last year that they'll boycot cb nc (germany and nl afaik) thus not giving me the hgihskilled matches i want :<:<
its stupid to whine about CB they host a major tournament including other games which is ( and always was ) supposed to run simultaneously with the other games and i doubt the ET admins could change anything about it while ESL just wanted to host some random tournament which can be moved to any date...
Not a random tournament, just a better NC.
They always pay and they already said the money will arrive.
We have paid out all tournaments up to March of this year, and some more recently

Early next year we will have caught up a lot more
like you havent planned it from the start ;)
LOWEST NC EVER, i mean cb by it
exactly what wow cup? I know someone has told me before but after digging through my comments I couldn't find it
If at all then less than CB.
please, stop the tub-thumping
I think the double NC is a good thing. It's a reason for both parties to try and please the community as much a possible. They will (hopefully) try to get as organized as they possibly can, they will try to get as much prizes as they can. I think this rivalry will perhaps even gain us some new sponsors and interested teams.

Gl, Country Championship.
(Though you could have picked a better name)
Really great from you ESL ! I think i will trust you more in the future :)
good decision ESL <3
I personally really don't care which league to play as long as there are leagues to play.
Though you could work on the ESL website!
tbh, once u know how to use ESL site, its faster then CB :D
Have to say this is a good decision. If anything doing a good comp later will actually help prove whether the format and host is better or not.

Spliiting the playing teams - which it would have done - was never a good move.

A decent decision for once, well I never.
ESL is the future !
Keep up the good work. :)
serious business
I think it's a bad decission, it may be good for the community. But I wanted to see CB NC fail, boycots etc etc. Wish the countries who said they are going to boycot CB keep their words.

CB sups are just too cocky, this time NC should have been run by ESL. And then we can finaly see if ESL is realy that different from CB when it comes to the rules, and sticking to them.

But both don't pay prizemoney, so people should stop whining about that since there is no prize money anyway for online ET!
there is prizemoney for online ET in every Major Series season.
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