EMS Playoffs started

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The Groupstage finished recently. We are now ready to start the playoffs and already have the first matches scheduled for today. We will see some of the best teams battle for glory and the 500 € prizepurse in week one of our double elimination playoffs!

In the first match Europe ESL Winners will face Europe e2 - european elite who finished on top of a 3-mapper relegation match. Will Europe ESL Winners live up their name and go through to round two of the winner bracket?
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Europe ESL Winners

Poland dialer
Poland wiaderko
Germany sNoOp
United Kingdom meez
Netherlands perfo
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Europe european elite

Germany s1LENT
Denmark Squash
Denmark fiskEn
Denmark frizer
Switzerland crAsh
Estonia Sinnuimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
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In match two of tonights ETTV schedule Finland Dickheads face the second relegation winner Europe Taggers. Can Finland Dickheads continue their winning streak in the ESL or will Europe TAGGERS find a way to stop them?
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Finland Dickheads

Finland Matias
Germany drago
France emorej
Netherlands abort
Finland TBAimage: s_news

Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands Hope
Netherlands Zak-
Latvia Clown
Latvia fuzz
Finland lettu
Belgium mAus
Germany zerenderimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game15315

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QuoteIt's time to play the newly improved 5on5 Major Series and we'll be facing the mighty team of TAG. Both teams can be considered mix teams with TAG surely being the more efficient one, recently winning EVERYTHING. Lightning is one of the best rifle players this game has to offer and just mentioning his name makes me shiver. Unfortunately as of now we are still looking to find our 5th guy but apart from that, we are ready to deliver. I predict we will win this with 4-2. TIME TO SHINE.

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thats good too!
european elite has done pretty good :)
nerd has spoken pretty good
esl winners & tag imo
dickheeds needs Lepari !
you dont know that yet.
gl crash and silentino :) Hope you kick some asses ^^
Finally a good statement!
I hope the matches will be just as epic!
heads will roll
izi for ESLW
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