ESL ET 5on5 Ladder opened

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We hereby announce the official opening of the ESL EU ET 5on5 Ladder. The new format will be tested for two or three months and if we reach a good base activity we will keep it.

The ladder is supposed to support the actual 5on5 movement within the competetive Enemy Territory community. It is also aimed to support teams competing at the upcoming Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 in early march. We though welcome any team that wants to play in our ladder and hope for a great feedback and alot of great matches!

Match Module
GUIDS needed
Ladder Info
Complete Ruleset
image: spacerbraundorf_b4, adlernest, sp_delivery_te, frostbite, supply, sw_goldrush_te, radar
Best of three (third map if both agree)
Minimum 5 players with entered PBGUIDs
General Infos
All rules

In order to support the activity in this new ladder we will activate a few functions the general ET player might not know yet. Therefore a short explanation is given now:
  • Most Matches Competition[/h3]]As every month there will be the MMC. The most active team will win Premium Accounts for their players. To support the newly created ladder the MMC of January will be held in the new 5on5 Ladder.

    More information can be found in the according ESL Newspost.
  • Auto Challenger[/h3]]We will use the Auto-Challenger in this new ladder to support every team to find a good opponent. The Auto-Challenger searches for opponents once a week for the day that was entered in the settings. The match is automatically generated and is obligatory. It may, however, be postponed, if both parties agree.

    The matches are always generated seven days in advance, in the night after the current days matches have been played. The fixtures for a Thursday would e.g. be generated a week in advance in the night between Thursday and Friday.

    More information can be found in the according FAQ - Auto-Challenger.
    E.g. for "I dont want to play next week?"
  • Instant & Soft Challenger[/h3]]If your team wants to play an instant match on short notice the Instant Challenger is the right tool for you. By this you search for an appropriate opponent, which is also on the lookout for an instant match. In the first weeks this might not be used alot as most teams must still join, but do not forget to check it out later!

    If you did not play a match within the ladder for more than 7 days or have no open matches the Soft Challenger will have a match generated for you automatically. These matches are only suggestions and can be cancelled without penalty points.
  • Matchmaker
If you have any problems feel free to write in a Support Ticket or contact the admins in on Quakenet.

We wish all teams good luck and fun!

- ESL Newspost
- 5on5 ET Ladder Signup
- Recent rule updates
- Most Matches Competition January

- Getting Started Guide - Leagues
cool :P
gl with this league ;)
Can nations sign up?
Why not? Nations = teams!
Nations = mixeds!

I don't see why it should be disallowed but I also don't see any NC teams with that level of activity. You're already going to have 1 offi a week and probably most people will have +1 offi per week with their own teams.
Indeed that's true!
good luck :)
guter junge
ahhhhhh finaly =D
as if this will be ever alive
Hope some teams follow
satisfying up to now

Estonia nOu
Spain Phantoms
Germany reVeal
can u play in 2 teams.. I mean if dickheads and bb reg?
that is sucky
why should you be able to play with two teams within one league/competition. That is pointless^^
well it's nicer to have like 300 teams instead of 50, also good if you get ladder offi whenever u want when there are always mixeds like TAG, dickheads, STH etc..
you can also play 300 mix matches then if several teams have mixes of other teams' lineups. Its like this in any proper league^^
what about mercs, eg, not on the lineup but if both teams agree?

et is not some big professional game, its a small isolated community, nobody cares about bureaucracy
using merc = penalty points

no idea what penalty points are for though
i believe if you get enough, you get removed/potentially banned

going to LAN?
want to recruit me?
i don't even know what's happening with my team, need to get on irc at some point

just curious
not going to but never say never

dont feel like getting a new team but i guess it would be easy to replace lan dodgers a bit before it :)
Jesus u are one tard.

Look, for example I'm so active in 2on2&3on3, that I play around 70 officials in CB per month. But in ESL, even tho the really poor mappools I play only like 1 official per month. And why is that? Cause I can have only one fucking mate to play officials with. In CB I got 10 different 3on3/2on2 team with totally new lineup, so I could play active, cause all the mates aint such nerds. So there would be always some team to play with.

Get it?
thx. Its still pointless to have 2on2 teams consisting of 10 players. Or to have 10 2on2 teams with different partners within one league.
Whoa you sure are unknowledged or just really stupid from the head. Ofc it's _must_ to be able to play with for example 2on2 with more than one guy. And It's a fact that 99% of players would agree with that (at least the active ones who keeps this ladderstuff alive). This is one big reason noone cares about your ridicilous league. But as we all know the maps are the hugest failure. x)

+.. Who are you to give that nonsenseopinions, since u dont have any knowledge of ET.

I totally want to support any kind of ladders or cups there is left in ET, but it's still really funny how ppl can fuck the stuff up so bad. I also understand that ESL "engine" cannot be fixed only for ET. But do something about stuff you can change, like maps for example.
Hi you replied to my comment above and then deleted it :P

Nations allowed?
reveal? who? :d
Some random nabs!
hihi weee, so tru :d
eim i love you!
that was on purpose to show how unrelated the use of abbreviations for googlefight is! :p
Good idea if you keep the 6on6 opened too. Everyone should play in the format they want.
I hope you learned something from clanbase as for what NOT to do.

Anyway is good that 5on5 teams have their ladder there too, although we will join the 6on6 hopefully with other teams if CB keeps the Nazi movement against 6on6.

BTW new map Coast is a must be there and why braundorf b4 instead of braundorf final? much cleaner and less dark.
never played braundorf final :p
map is brighter and some texture remodeling as usual
Braundorf final

I wondered why we keep playing betas of maps that have final versions, now I know xD

same for bremen, although i see you did not include it there:
Bremen final
there is adlernest_final too, all look nicer but i think some clans/ppl/publics/servers will be lazy to update and bremen_final wasn't made by Dersaiden afaik so don't think we can use it unless he agrees
Well you are right, we will be lazy, but with that mentality we will never update this game and final versions of maps is a good reason to update.

What it takes? 2 mins to download or upload to the server?

I have seen this maps in pub servers, is the competition using betas still that keeps the betas being used.
I don't know if ESL and CB can/should support unallowed mapremakes
those "final" remakes are without authorisation which is a reason i would not want to support it atleast
I understand what you both say, but many of those beta versions are just too old, if someone has finished a map left as beta for ages I dont think the map creator will have any problem if someone continued his work and improved it, at least it's worth contacting them to know.

b4 was released in 2005 Oo
unfortunately those self-declared mapfinishers often have no idea what they should be doing. Except of simply fixxing things and maybe adding 1 or 2 necessary things there offten are all textures changed and whatnot without any proper reason
Bremen (Final):
+ added fixes (mapscript & lights)
+ reworked command map
+ retextured, looks now like a bombed german city
+ included a fiting skybox
+ usage of (fixed) shaders for a better look (terrain, windows, marble floor, vase, etc)
+ usage of new/changed/fixed textures (windows, wall, gate, floor, truck)
+ Bremen is now shown on the right place in the campaign map
- removed advertisings from the map
- removed all unneeded textures and shaders from the pk3
= based on beta 2, all custom-made stuff will still work

Braundorf Final:

* Map is brighter
* Added more voice announcements
* Fixed Command Map
* Additional pk3 for ETpro (Fix of Command Map icons & adding more Ammo- & Health Cabinets)
* Retextured
* Based on Beta 4, all custom made stuff will still work

At least I think these guys know what they were doing, just test maps and youll see it ^^

I though that calling b4 final and bremen final.. meant they had some permission from the original mapmakers.
nope. As said if I would make an unauthorised final version of a map I would only do needed changes and 50% of those listed are not for sure.
He did all the needed changes, and made the maps better looking. Is just a matter of refreshing the game, cause 80% maps we play are the same again and again.

The original map creator left this map beta in 2005, I wont blame this guys for making a final version and improving old maps.
Quote by cl4ym4n
Quote<DerSaidin> I heavn't made any ET maps since bremen_b2
<DerSaidin> haven't worked on it
<DerSaidin> haven't given anyone the source to bremen
<DerSaidin> I don't see any need for a bremen final

Reworked by : Sid & Etch (ReadMe.txt)

So obviously those 2 decompiled the map, retextured it and released it as final, which is quite lame...
Here some comparison screens, in case you care:!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-43-23.jpg!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-44-08.jpg!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-44-32.jpg!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-45-09.jpg!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-45-41.jpg!dump/capture_2009-11-08_01-47-10.jpg

already been discussed over at gamestv, those maps look utterly bad with the new

although i have to say, braundorf_final looks nice, but still it's an unpermitted rip-off of the original map...
<DerSaidin> I don't see any need for a bremen final

truck in command map?
there is one for allies (afaik) but why should there be one for axis if they dont own it?
amazing point. remove allies cp and everything else too from axis.

truck is shown in axis command map in every other map, why bremen should be different?
cp is static while truck is not and important in fact. I just mean he did it on purpose so nothing to "fix"
i think how the map looks like isn't very important, noone is looking on the ground and say omg it looks so nice/bad. in my opinion bremen_final is just looking better then bremen_b2 and braundorf_final even looks pretty well, not so dark :).
when u play it with mapoverbrightbits 1.35 like i do then u don't see anything. when the opponents are far away then they glowing realy much. maybe do some test games with bremen_final and braun_final and let the players decide which one should be played.
Bremen final sux, but braundorf final is something we should really take a look on!
Missing the map bremen & is there an option to disable pb if both teams agree?

will sign up most likely tho.
there will never be the option to disable PB in an ESL game unless there is an alternative program/tool in place. No chance to identify players too.
Start Server with PB config until all players join, check guids then change to no-pb config, or Use ETPro Guids?
At the time that PB is off by rule it is the time I quit ;)
I dont really mind pb, just some guys of my team lag :P.

but surely the map bremen is better than frost or b4?
Bremen is a must be there, we always see how frostbite b4 and bremen are discussed, theres no problem having them all included. Even et_ice which for me is one of the worst maps ever but many like it.

Actually you dont have to remove any of this maps, having a maplist of 10 is np.

Coast is a great map too for 5on5 and 6on6.
Dont know about coast & haemar but Bremen has always been a good map & been in all the map pools. Dont get it why they didnt add it.
i wonder why
hope it succeeds, gl
that flag is mr. sooooooooooooo not suiting you!
I'll change it when I get back home :P
ESL is making some serious progress.
Good luck ;)
Best of three (third map if both agree)

heh lol :D n1 frozz m8
remove braundorf and add missile or smtg

than it would be a sick ladder
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