Sunday night EMS Playoffs

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We already saw Finland Dickheads and Europe ESL Winners succeed over Europe TAG and Europe european elite in the first two playoff matches. On Sunday it is time for the other four teams to determine upper and lower bracket teams!

Estonia nOu way! face Croatia Team Guarana in a match that promises to be exciting. How will the new lineup of Croatia Team Guarana perform versus last seasons 3rd?
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Europe nOu way

Poland Frag`Stealer
Poland zMk
Slovakia FiLuS
Hungary Nonix
Netherlands LavOdimage: s_news
Croatia Guarana

Croatia frozz
Croatia suVi
United Kingdom griim
Belgium lazio
France kARn4Jimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game15334

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QuoteI rly dont know what we should expect from this match. Lineup of guarana changed a lot and now they seem to be a mix of skilled players and with almighty lagging frenchie they will be surely tough challenge. But we are aiming for the victory and rolls gonna get nerded!

QuoteWe haven't played for quite a while now + we got some new faces in the lineup so I have no idea how this will turn out !

Spain Phantoms eSports who recently joined their new organisation see themselves in a lot tougher situation. Facing last seasons second Finland mASCULINE_MANS, who are on a winning streak for ages; do they stand any chance?
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Spain Phantoms

Spain Wezor
Belgium Player
Spain Gengis
Estonia EURUZ
Polandpalemkiimage: s_news
Finland Masculine Mans

Finland Ensam
Finland Vanhaomena
Finland Squall
Finland Sample
Finland Fel
Finland kapaaimage: s_border_shortimage: s_news
image: game15335
Poland zrkje

ESL Matchlink - ESL EU ET Mainpageimage: s_foot
QuoteI have ping problems -> ensam will take rifle. Not sure what will happen :D

QuoteMasculine Mans will take it, but hopefully it will be nice game.

Also do not miss the first match in our new 5on5 Ladder between Europe miAmi and Greece S'Agapo:

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suVi come back on vent for 5 hours baserace practice.
gl Norway griim
Griim you changed nationality, you immigrant
eim, u keep failing with the flags :<
best of luck guarana, you guys will take it without probs.
ensam rifle :'|
fel will rifle. even worse..
:D isn't sample playing at all?
no. his isp fucked up and now he has 200-600 ping for some time.
kapaa will take it
Squall delivers as usual :S
didn't h2k win last season? esl admins not knowing that. LoL
QuoteFacing last seasons champion mASCULINE_MANS, who are on a winning streak for ages; do they stand any chance?

And then people complain that ESL and NC are competing when ESL calls Eurocup their season :D
I think you didnt get the fact that I just swapped 1st and 2nd
4-2 guarana :XD
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