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The Crossfire Intel ESL Challenge seeding cup for the Enemy Territory competition on CIC7 is close to its end.

We have only one more week remaining until the playoffs will be held as 1day cup on Sunday, 21st February. Keep that date in mind already. More info will be published soon!

Eventhough the ESL crew is eager to get every match scheduled and opens protests for all those, who havent managed to find a matchdate yet, alot of matches still have no matchdate!

We mentioned deadlines in the specific protests and will be forced to give out defwins/-losses or -draws if teams are unable to schedule and play their matches until sunday. This is a last reminder to play ALL your remaining matches.

You must answer to the protest tickets and post all necessary information in there to be considered as a valid proof in conflicts!

To read up on your protests:
Settings > My Protests

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how do the playoffs work?
k, will it be in the evening ?
yes. As close to usual playtimes as possible.
" play their matches until sunday."

today or next week's sunday
as the seeding cup playoffs are on 21st it obviously is that one, leaving every team just one more week.
well nknn can't play today :|
I pm'ed M1st3r to notify him that we would play on a later date
regular girl, celebritie dreams
I have NationCup match at 2130, when does this cup finish ?
according to ESL website it starts at 20 CET and there are 8 teams in each bracket so I'm guessing it'll go something like this:

round 1 @ 20 CET (quarterfinal)
round 2 @ 21 CET (semifinal)
round 3 @ 22 CET (final)
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