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Now that pretty much every match in the Crossfire Intel ESL Challenge groupstage has been played we are ready to announce more information on this sundays playoff cup!

System explanation[/b]]We had eight groups of four teams (two exceptions with 5). The rankings now determine the playoff bracket you play in.

All 1st placed teams will face each other in a 8-slot playoff bracket. So will all 2nd placed and all 3rd placed teams. All 4th placed teams and the two fifth placed teams will create one playoff bracket.

These 1day cups will have little impact on the seeding with which your team will end up with in regards of the factor of availability. So a 2nd placed team in Group B can only end up as 16th seeded in worst and 9th seeded in best case.

Cupspecific rules
As some teams might face the problem of one or more players that are not available to play on sunday we will allow substitutes. The admin team has to be informed of any substitue prior to the cup! Preferrably Germany Sn4kE, Germany eiM or Belgium Krosan

To allow every team to be available for the whole cup we decided onto the following schedule.

Round1: sw_goldrush_te radar 20:00 CET
Semi-final: supply frostbite 21:00 CET
Final: teams chose 22:00 CET

(lowest seed will have 10 teams and thus have 2 matches at 19 CET!)

We will do our best to get as many matches as possible covered by ETTV. If you know your opponent ahead of time and happen to be able it is highly appreciated if you request the match yourself.

The playoff cups will be created once all groupmatches are finished!

CIEC groupstage rankings
CIEC static page
awesome xD
I dont think this ODC is really important if I get it. Because, for example, we end 2nd in our group, we wont join TOP seed if we win every match and if we lose every wars wont swap to low seed right? Can you explain me what the goal of this tournament.

PS: Maplist will change or not????????????
it'll still create a more detailed seed. Also given the fact there happens to be a dropout or two. On top of that some teams will ask for late starts or similar and thus you cant 100% use the seedings created here. The more exact the seeding is that we create by this competition the fairer the langroups will end up in whatever case will come.
Not really - factor in the late start and schedule complications and basically this cup splits the seeds into 8 tiers rather than four. The only game that'll mean much when I put together the groups will be the first match in this one day cup :D
yeah, I've also stated that in the first newspost on this CIEC cup, which though noone seems to remember :D

Btw: Whats the final prize money? CoD4's got 9.000€, so ET's should have been highered as well, shouldn't it?
will only the winning teams go on? or will all teams play 3 matches so you can really seed everyone one by one?
all teams will play the cups. but if you lose a match you are obviously out of the playoff but will be set to the according seed.
hmm ok, if you would let all teams play 3 matches, then you could really get seeds 1 by 1 (evu cup style)
brb getting a new pb guid to end up first ... oh wait
brackets won't be up before sunday?
what are the rules in lineups this time? are we going to play lan lineups?
"Cupspecific rules
As some teams might face the problem of one or more players that are not available to play on sunday we will allow substitutes. The admin team has to be informed of any substitue prior to the cup! Preferrably Sn4kE, eiM or Krosan"
so that's a possibly not, again :O(
hmm... don't think this is good, because i'm sure some teams who ended second, are better then some who ended first and now you don't have any chance anymore to get in top 8, some groups are not that good teams...

Hopefully this system won't be used at lan
+ fucking 1

Thats really shit, by looking at our group , which had 5 teams in total , there was for example perception, which didnt lose any match and even any map , but was seeded as low.

I mean the chances to end up first or second while there are 3 GOOD teams in your group is really hard. And one official match shouldnt decide about the WHOLE LAN seedings.

Only one bad day can fuck u up..
strange that perception ended first in your group played them with some mate be and nl and won quiet easily, i was even rifle :DD (i suck as rifle :( )
You guys are in a shitty situation indeed :-P
indeed the gap between the seed groups is too huge, one game can lose you 8 seed places? doesnt make sense - should be based on much more - performance, stability, reliability and such.

some new players on the scene bashing an online seeding tournament means they get a great chance of an easier group at lan which means they dont have to perform as well (if possibly, they cannot perform as well ;)) where as a team that has got done over and is in the 4th seed group when they are as good as most in 2nd group doesnt make sense =(
in my opinion should be something like ec first of group plays sec of other group etc... and then with loser brackets and winner brackets you still have a chance too come back if you had a shitty game once...
imo a lan event should not be determined by a short term online tourney at all - history of teams and players should count for far more and also a teams potential to play well or not so well (due to lan first timers, they can pwn online all they want)
What history would of teams would that be for so many that have completely changed their lineup for this event?
This is the first time a seeding tourney has been used unless I missed the last ones? my opinion is it just hasnt worked well with some teams getting multiple opponents in their group close to their skill and others getting an easy walk in the park group ;)

as I remember there were cups pre lan before but the results were not the basis of the seeding, just the performance, the reliability of a team that has used a lan lineup every game and how stable they are in terms of actually showing up - it's sort of like Eprox situation, this new lineup that will be formed may be deserving of a better, or worse seeding place as it is different from the lineups that played. Same can be said for a lot of teams I guess that have and will use mercs in the playoffs.
We've used seeding tourneys in different formats over the recent events.
The opponents in each group of the seeding cup was based on 1. a preseeding (which was nearly perfect), and 2. a random draw from those preseeded pools. This random drawing system is also used by FIFA and other huge million-dollar competitions.
the preseeding looked very good indeed, but like I said with the groups, perhaps due to random draw some teams got 2-3 teams close to their skill and some got a group where their position was nearly guaranteed. Take my teams group for instance - if we would have finished top I dont think we would deserve to be in the top8 seeds ;) and it could easily of happened.

Also seeing and playing against logix (who potentially could seed last?! :D) they dont deserve pot4 seeding, imo, just like I dont think perception deserve pot1. All opinion in the end though I guess :)
Well you're referring to the random draw problem. That's what can happen to random draws, but you still end up with 8 groups where you have a top 8 team, a top 16 team, a top 24 team and a top 34 team. That makes groups balanced. If the preseedings would be fucked up, then you get serious problems (like perception who got preseeded too low based on their online performance). You could have a group with seed 8, seed 9, seed 24 and seed 34. That group would be very easy for seed 9. You could also have a group with seed 1, seed 16, seed 17 and seed 34. Again, here it would be very easy for seed 17. But you never ever would get a group with seed 9, seed 32, seed 33 and seed 34, which would give seed 9 an insta-win. The only thing that can happen is that the lowest of a seedpool (seedpools being 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-34) get switched with the highest of a seedpool below it. In essence that shouldn't be such a big problem.
The first game in this one-day cup (odc) will also have a significant effect on seedings.

Basically, the groups will have either:
1st in group + odc1 1st round winner, 2nd in group + odc2 1st round loser, 3rd in group + odc3 1st round winner, 4th in group + odc4 1st round loser.
1st in group + odc1 1st round loser, 2nd in group + odc2 1st round winner, 3rd in group + odc3 1st round loser, 4th in group + odc4 1st round winner.

Scheduling complications notwithstanding. From that, the 'better' 3rd place teams should be up against the 'worse' 2nd place teams in the LAN groupstage, which should cancel out some of the effect you're talking about.

Also, when I put the LAN groups together I'm going to try my best to ensure no teams which were in the same group for the seeding tournament are in the same group at LAN.
ah so a team in who finished first in a group 'could' still go into 2nd pot for the lan? if so not so bad.

but still arguement of performance online > performance lan when a teams roster changes after seeding games are played, will this have an effect on anything? or is it just seen as one of those things?
I will shoutcast!
Which match you gonna cast? ^^
n1 ruin the day -.-
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