Brink to set new standard?

Just 9 days after the last headline about Brink, the 2010 roundup here on Crossfire (read more..) it's time for another quick update featuring Brink.

image: brinkish_banner

First off is the launch of the first EU-based Brink dedicated fansite, aimed towards the future competitive Brink-scene - which hopefully will be a good compliment to the Brink coverage here at Crossfire. Apart from the actual site there is a large amount of ways to follow and among these we find,,, and obviously there's also #BRINKish @

To celebrate the release of the site have arranged, together with Brink developer Splash Damage, an exclusive community Q&A where it's readers get the opportunity to send their question (or questions) to the Brink devs thus contributing to what eventually will become an official community Q&A or you may in fact call it an interview with Splash Damage. This is a great chance to get answers about Brink that has yet been replied on as should be seen as a compliment to the otherwise so great Brink Q&A-thread here on Crossfire were Richard "Rahdo" Ham continues to do an awesome job. Click your way to to find out how to make your submission.

image: brink_56815528 Since the last update Rahdo has also been interviewed by Game Informer were Rahdo explains what makes Brink so special. The interview also talks about weapons and for the first time its unveiled that Brink will hold 24 different weapons.

Quote by RahdoWe’re planning for Brink to ship with 24 different weapons, spread across four different categories. We’re making sure that each of these has a really unique feel and use in combat, so it’s not just going to be a bunch of gun clones with slight stat differences.

We’ll have five sidearms, six light weapons, six assault-sized weapons and five heavy weapons in Brink. The different classes directly relate to the three different body types a player can choose from. So, a “light” player can have a light weapon as his primary, and a side arm as his secondary. A “normal” player can have an assault weapon as his primary and up to a light weapon as his secondary. And a “heavy” player can have a heavy weapon as his primary and up to an assault weapon as his secondary (so he can really bring the pain!).

And as 5+6+6+5 adds up to 22 and not 24 we can only guess that 2 are yet to be talked about even though there's rumors about two specialized explosives yet to be confirmed. You can find the full interview at

In the German Brink hands-on Preview state that Brink is to set a new standard for FPS-games and that you "will never look upon a FPS with the same eyes again". There is a English translation of the article found on

Quote by translated into EnglishAs Wikipedia mentioned, Brink is "an ancient germanium word in geographical names since the early Middle Ages, a slightly elevated spot, a border or a coastline known." Thank you, Wikipedia, but that does not sound like a scene for a computer game. Besides replacing the mind "slightly elevated" to "float", "body or coastal edge" by "scarred by the civil war wannabe Utopia" and "Dark Ages" by "2025? – and voila, even the description applies perfectly to the Brink. Too complicated? Then again slowly: Brink sends you into a scarred from the civil war wannabe Utopia, the so-called Ark, which floats on the surface of the flooded soil in 2025. Wicked, right?

And even though Brink takes place around 2045 (and not 2025) it's a nice read.

Other smaller updates not yet mentioned on Crossfire is the Italian SpazioGames Brink Preview, the English dito and the video interview featuring Brink and Splash Damage game Designer Ed Stern made by Electronic Playground (Episode 2 of 2010).

And also, if you for some reason still missed out on it, check out Krosans journal "What keeps you playing ET?" as there's still a chance to have your say.
Very nice dohfos, good job.

My favourite quote from a few weeks ago.

Quote by RahdoWell, what Splash Damage is trying to this could be seen as an evolution of Enemy Territory you could call it Enemy Territory: The Arc, you know, it is a continuation of that franchise.
no. we need et live.
Do you honestly want to play vanilla ET? No thanks. I'd like to see a RTCWLive though.
Do you honestly want to play vanilla RTCW? No thanks. I'd like to see a ETLive though.
Never played RTCW online so yeah I would. :p
as long as vanilla et is an improved etpro sure!
i'd be happy if they made somekind of quakelive mod that borrows very heavily from rtcw, basically rtcw(rules and gameplay) with quakelive gfx.
you already have et

why make it light?

so ridicolous :)
what are u talking about
I think it's gonna fail because you are hyping it tbh! :D
totally agree
I curse all games I hype.
the same kind of new standard wolfenstein set? no tnx!
thought exactly the same when reading the headline...

I did actualy read that all. I hope that Doom4 ( id tech5 engine ) gets close to that.
I'm not following the devellopment of Brink, but just a question about the engine;
What engine is going to be used? Will it be a new one or an existing one or even a modded existing engine?
This seems much more important to me than the amount of weapons or the diversity of them.

cba reading Q&A thread either.
from what I read earlier it's idtech4 - though quake4 1.3 had a good feel and that's where they are going to. I doubt it will be very important what engine it is, it's more about how it feels. It's still much worth a try!
Ofcourse how it feels is the most important thing, but the engine can be a really important factor to how it might feel. Ofcourse you can always fuck up a good engine..
Brink should be worth a try indeed!
Highly modified quake wars/wolfenstien engine.
I hope they highly modified it, since in QW and Wolfenstein it felt utterly shit :/
Yeah me to, but tbh after some tweaking and pro mod QW was pretty dang nice tbh, so i guess this can be also :)
they've said somewhere it's so heavily modified that you don't even recognize it. but seeing it's based on idtech4 they have to name it that. they've said they learned from their mistakes and one can only hope. the engine itself is the only thing atm that worries me about brink tbh. just begging to god they've sorted the issues that clearly where there with etqw
don't want to destroy any hopes here but... these sentences are so fucking overused and until I played the game myself for the first time I will never ever believe anything again:
- fast paced
- highly modified engine (they said that on qw+wolf too... see what happened)
- most anticipated game this year
blabla... dunno about you but that's just my opinion about this...
The shit version of the ETQW engine, 1.3 apparently ETQW vets say 1.4 is awesome. But don't worry, the community manager said the final product will look nothing like that.
nothing to worry if someone (in a position like sokal) says "it wont be anything like that" :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
cant wait for this game, while SD lives there still some hope for FPS games, ty dohfOs
Take it you not been reading the SD forums then?
nope not lately, mega uber cod4 prac!! ill head over there now :)
I wonder where the "Brink competitive community" is going to come from?

I fear it's going to be from ET, in which case will be the defacto site for the "future competitive Brink scene", not

However I hope it isn't, because the first thing the ET community is going to want to do is bastardise the game by trying to take out the things in Brink that ET doesn't have (just like they did with Wolfenstein).

I'm looking forward to this game, but trying hard not to get too hyped about it. I did that with Wolfenstein and ET:QW, and look where they ended up ;)
Even if they didn't take anything away from Wolfenstein, it still remained utter crap.
i look at and not to compete whether which one will be "the number one brink site!!!111". in a way crossfire will always cover more then just one game, more then just brink. and it will always stick to what's left of w:et which i'm guessing won't die out even if brink would become a huge success. the two sites are a good complement to one another where brinkish is _just_ brink and crossfire is not, not taking away anything from either site :)

and about where brink competitive community will come from. well.. only time will tell i guess. but from what i've learned during the time i've been into brink. it feels like there's a huge interest in brink from both w:et-, tf2-players adding also the cod4-peps who's tired at their game as mw2 was a huge failure (at least competitive-wise as we all know by now) and cod7 will be developed by treyarch (which noone really believes in). and then there is a huge part of the bf2-people who didn't come to like bad company 2 to name a few of those slightly bigger scenes (in europe at least). so there's more then just people from w:et interested in brink i can reassure you :) not saying i dislike w:et though 'cuz i obviously don't.
I genuinely hope you're right.

I'm only suggesting that IF Brink is mostly populated by ex-ET players THEN you can kiss goodbye to the idea that will be the prefered site for the comp scene, because it just won't. might "support" other games but it's heart is ET (and was RTCW before that).

I hope however that Brink's player base WON'T be mostly ex-ET players, so that the game has a chance to develop it's own identity and as far as competition is concerned can be played as the makers intended, not using a copy / paste ET match config to take out the things SD have added simply because they're not "ET-ish" enough.
Parent will fail for another reason, the site layout. The competitive/hardcore gamer is a specific net demographic who intakes vast quantities of information very quickly and can handle and expects a lot of information from their newsite. Load and you have a media site jazzed up a little bit, nothing more.

Its a very nice initiative from SD, but it needed more thought
I don't think the layout is the issue, the secret to crossfire's success is the ability of anyone to contribute content and to quickly comment on anything anyone adds. This site just hoovers up what anyone wants to write very quickly and easily ;)

My point was this site IS the ET communities site of choice, if the ET community move en-masse to Brink they'll (continue to) use this site to talk about it.
true its about the contributions but the crossfire layout lets you get to them quickly

takes me a couple of seconds to find the next journal to laugh about

i just hope brink works and captures the imagienation of the community
ehh since when is SD behind brinkish?

If an official BRINK community site will be launched I guess it will be like the ET:QW community site was (which was great, but not really aimed toward the competitive gamer).
oh whoops - ok then!
aye. is not an official brink site (thought i was rather clear about it) but the community q&a is an arrangement together with splash damage.

and about the layout, obviously it's not optimized for a competitive community, but then again. there might be some thought behind it you know. there's like half a year 'til brink hit the shelves and until then there is no competitive community to really talk/write about. as in, there is no need for a page loaded with 1k elements as the page currently just brings you the latest news about the game such as previews, q&a's, videos, general information and so on. hence the "media site jazzed up" - and nothing more.

suggestions are welcome though, and as said earlier. i've been a fan of crossfire since the good ol' old and i will always continue to write stuff here and brinkish doesn't intend to be a competitor to crossfire. more a compliment where one don't have to have a bunch of articles to feel that you're "able" to write a newsitem if u understand how i mean :)
kendle we need !

say what you want about flaming, the jolt forums were always funny!
miss the old ;/
well i don't think there exists an "ET Community" with a homogeneous opinion about anything other than et being a good game.

i don't want another et, i already have a great one, better graphics would just disappear the player models in to the background noise. one of the reasons i don't just "move on" is because rtcw/et makes me feel that while there are rules, it seems it's always possible to bend them just a little bit more. having experience of that, even if i have fun while playing some other game, eventually it just feels restrictive. (analog vs digital would be a passable simile i think)

i'll definitely try the mp beta of brink (cos not releasing one willl just make the rtm copy one), and even though it seems like some aspects of the game have been consolified. since i don't know how their movement and aiming systems work in practice, i believe it's possible, accidentally or otherwise, that the gameplay turns out to be this magical mixture awesome. hell, nerve managed that pretty much from scratch in six months with rtcw mp. and other than venom and flamethrower eventually becoming just something you'd use for laughs, made zero mistakes.
Nice update :)
shit game is shit no matter how many different weapons they add.
Poor banner rly :/
the banner looks aweful!
That interview with richarm ham was way too abusive and aggressive, i agreed with alot of points and it's not to cause offense to the interviewer, but it was pretty uncomfortable to read! I'd of hated to be Richard!

Brink will just be another game like borderlands i.e. it will be fun for a while, or potentially fun for a long time on public servers until your friends stop playing.

Your "mw2 failure guys" as you put them have already commited to playing and improving cod4, if you think tf2 players will move to brink then you're laughing your socks off, and W:ET? They've stuck to this game for years... why would they move to something else.

Nice initiative and i hope it works out, but regardless of what i have just said above; you'd be better keeping news to tek9, cadred, crossfire or esreality anyway, since they have user bases already in place.

Me? I just hope it turns out to be the first pub game i really enjoy playing beside the current competitve game i'm active in, since MOH:AA. Battlefield: BC2 is missing something, and MW2 is just terribly annoying with peer2peer (although i do have fun with my friends).

As for site feedback, you really need to reconsider your navigation bar and what content you want where. You should have one home page, with filters for different news categories, those filters shouldn't be in the main navigation bar.
played abit bc2 beta recently, was fun for me. Could be a fun game once more maps and some form of infantry mod are released with the full game
QuoteBrink will just be another game like borderlands i.e. it will be fun for a while, or potentially fun for a long time on public servers until your friends stop playing.

sounds like World of Warcraft to me :D
Borderlands only had co-op right?
At first I wasn't interested in this game then when I heard it was going to be infantry only and 8v8 maximum I thought OK maybe not so bad, then after following Splash Damage forums for past few months my interest is slowly dying.

Remote objective hacking...
Can only plant one dyno in one single place on objectives...
Nade keys only, can't pre-select nades or cook with mouse 1(maybe just me but cant find good spot to bind these nade keys in games that have them)...
Tk-reviving is considered an exploit and will be dealt with so it cant be done anymore...
Dress-me-up-Barbie features...
Nice marketing plot but trying to be "innovative" or "new-standard-setting" or saying "you will never look upon a FPS with the same eyes again" is something we ET players are tired of hearing. I am not impressed.
runs across the room with his hands waving frantically
do you guys get payed for posting this?

fail game will fail, stupid casuals thinking it will awesome
[+1] even though i hope you are wrong :<
stupid casuals thinking it will fail
We'll see when it's ready. Looking better than any other new shooter title this year, at least.
Like that banner.
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