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Div4 Round1:
Final & 3rd place:
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21.02.2010 - 19:00 CET (TEMR,o6,sec9,WCTNCTCPI)
21.02.2010 - 20:00 CET
21.02.2010 - 21:00 CET
21.02.2010 - 22:00 CET

The groupstage of the Crossfire Intel ESL Challenge has finished in time for the seeding cup, which is tomorrow, Sunday 21st February. All matches have been played and we found the teams for our four playoff brackets. Teams were seeded according to their groupstage performence (roundwins), the list is in no particular order.

Div 1 Teams

United States of America blight
Belgium P&P
Netherlands dNan
United Kingdom YYT
Estonia nOu
Poland tMoe
Poland Perception
Europe rockit

image: spacerDiv 2 Teams

Portugal Phantoms
France Famas
Netherlands FiF
Europe nkNn
France dESIRE
Belgium nI
Germany AoW
Germany Highbot

image: spacerDiv 3 Teams

Czech Republic inteRaction
Germany aGu
Germany e-wave
United Kingdom iQPAD
United Kingdom Infused
Netherlands Boondocks
Germany reVeal
Greece S'Agapo

image: spacerDiv 4 Teams

Europe TEMR
Belgium oceans6
Germany logiX
United Kingdom Normality
Europe enLANced
United Kingdom Validus
Europe [*EU*]
Europe section9
Germany Lost Soldiers


To get the ettv server details your match will be played on (if on GTV) query one of the admins available in #crossfire/ If your match is not on GTV it is highly appreciated if you request it yourself.

Cupspecific rules
As some teams might face the problem of one or more players that are not available to play on sunday we will allow substitutes. The admin team (Germany Sn4kE, Germany eiM or Belgium Krosan) has to be informed of any substitue prior to the cup!

Players that are banned on Crossfire for cheating reasons or are knowingly unwanted/disallowed to play on the Crossfire LAN event are NOT allowed to play nor merc for any of the teams in the playoffs!

CIEC groupstage rankings
CIEC static page
ESL Newspost
aight box
lolz @ o6 & logix
hf@ all teams, rockit will win 1div! <3 wing
there should be butchji+snoop+bull+acid+vila etc ;D
For those who might feel the need to complain about their opponent/seed.

The roundscores your team achieved in the groupstage are the base for your seeding. These usually only split the division into two poules and those were then randomised. This is the most fair attempt but ofcourse included a bit of luck as everything does in a playoff bracket.

:DD naa you guys did your best
not in topseed obviously :p the best 4 teams aren't playing against eachother, Blight @ the top, Rockit at the bottom. yes it sounds very random to me =D
they all had the same scores in the groupstage. Believe me or not =)
div1 doesnt like randomised for me
Of course but i think that logiX should be in the 1st div or 2nd instead of being in the 4th div <<.
why they lost all their games, so they are fine there
Bad period imo :DdDdD
thats something new to me
I thought you lost all your games
Well we won against enlanced and lost against FiF when 30 secs were left..
Losing against ewave was just a huge fail although losing against perception was kinda expected , since they will win the LAN ( ;-) )

I wont tell u my opinion about the whole seedings , although i blame the admins by putting perception in a low seed while knowing that this team is full of onlineonly - heroes :D Thats why i think that we had one of the most unbaöanced groups with 5 temas in total
The match against FiF was a rly nice one and i think we wouldve deserved the win .. but cant change it, things went bad for us ...
oh ok, my bad :)
great job in randomizing division one, MATE!
its kinda normal to do this (altough they shouldn't have said it was random idd), still you should be happy not to get rockit or blight imo, as the chances were 50% or so :D
I am not getting any oppo since i am not attending cic7 jere!
However he should not say its random when its not. But the brackets are fair indeed.
you are still part of dnan imo, for life!
Why is polags listed at tMoe?

seedings seem pretty accurate :)
mkay :) multigaming or just renamed?
multigaming I guess
MGC they got also CoD4 team on CIC
nice, strange that there hasn't been a newspost :)
They also didnt post that they r attending on CIC7 . Homer isnt their menager so theres no1 to create newpost about Poland teams :)
Maybe u could wirte down that it is tomorrow, would be helpfull
Quote..has finished in time for the seeding cup, which is tomorrow.
. but will make it more obvious just for you
LOL its tomorrow? can't play....
hf @ all

i complain that we have to play vs o6 ;D
np for katscha and timiboi :D
hf silentino and crash! :)
why gets BelgiumWCTNCTCPI a freewin although they were not better than us @ groupstage?? typical admin team -,-
mistake indeed which was fixed
lol logix (EC Clan) in lowseed? WTF xD
only winning 1 match in a poule with
12 4 4-0-0 8:0 0
Friends in Force
9 4 3-0-1 6:3 0
3 4 1-0-3 3:6 3
3 4 1-0-3 3:6 0

guess something went wrong :-PPPPPPPP

Marcel, I am dissapoint.
ye well that group wasn't balanced, fif and perception are both top/high seed
energy-wave where almost as good as them with rockstarr, now they are med.
ye I saw some whine from one of their members, but if you cant even win vs enlanced and energy, you dont deserve a good seed imo :p (I know they won 1 of those 2, but a decent team should win both :p)
we will beat you :(
we lost vs fif by 30 secs ....and just had a bad day vs. wave
Phantoms should be in div1
this is partly why I dislike CCE.
did highbot leave Germany ePROX?
they got kicked
lucky blight :D
why wont you give GermanyAoW a chane?
They could actually make it to finals or 3rd place in div.4 !
why dont they have a chance then
only because AoW is around for years and "team germany" captain tried to make whole AoW team GER doesnt mean they can compete with the clans listed in div2.
have always been low, will always be low (not saying they aint nice guys).
you seem to miss the fact that these "divisions" are based upon the previous groupstage and anything but adminseeded.
i guess i am not the first one to tell you that this wasnt really balanced.
but nvm i dont actually care, just sad that AoW, besides being active for years, might now miss out on their maybe last chance to actually achieve something.
it is better for them to play in div2 and probably lose in round two rather than winning div3. But nvm
how is that better?
since this is all about the seedings for lan not to win a competition.
let him be.. he clearly knows nothing about this :D
oh ye?
imo its better to compete in a group where you stand a chance rather than getting pwnd alot and say "its better for what we want to accomplish on the LAN".
cauz if you want to your 3 years late.
so id rather have a fun but hard match than to claim that ive been in some dumb group 3 years after the game died.
you are totally not up to date !
are you 21 ?
what a retarded question that is.
we'll roll the low bracket, np4us
seems "decent." No toxic for us which is kinda gay but i guess its the fairest way of doing online seeding.
offis > prac results > 1daycups
ye i agree, should have bolded the best way to do an online seeding
yeah i was talking about online seeding too
well to cut the story short, adacore should have just picked seeds
agreed, but mostly cos its just bad timing
what if you win your bracket? what will happen to your team?
Every division will be divided into a good and bad part. So for example a winner of division 1 gets to play in a group with a loser of division 2 etc etc. And a loser of division 1 gets to play a winner from division 2 etc etc. Only the first match counts. The further 2 matches are just for fun/honour/preparation games.
AoW vs Highbot :-))))))))))))
seems like some ppl doesnt understand this system, dumbos
its similar as in UEFA CL
is there any private cupchannel or will u add one?
Nice announcing this an afternoon in advance and ignoring the fact that people might have plans on a sunday evening? Or did I miss something here?
was announced already 2 months ago or something
was allready announced at the announcing of the ciec sigups ;)
Cancel the hair growing class and get to your match! (P.S. was announced several times)
see. I did miss something! :)
Any requests for which game to cast? Will start from Div 1 R1.

Blight vs P&P, OE vs YYT, nOu vs polagz, perception vs rockit.

Was thinking nOu or rockit games.
german duel AoW vs HIGHBOT :)
n0u's match will be the most close one I think or you could go for the 'online only' team perception
nOu vs polagZ should be the most interesting game by far

can't see rockit having any problems with perception so it'll probably be pretty one-sided
jeah come tosspot and shout my name ++
How can I refuse that?
rockit vs perception
we will bash YYT EZ!
I'd go for nou vs polagz
Europe rockit pleaaaaase
nOu vs PolagZ pls :)
I'm so excited!!! Let it start
Div1: Europerockit
Div2: Germanyteam AoW
Div3: NetherlandsBoondocks
Div4: Belgiumoceans6
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