ESL ET Admins Wanted

image: adminswantedThe Enemy Territory Section of the Electronic Sports League is looking for some new Admins with fresh ideas to push the ET Section. Our ladder activity is increasing day by day and the new EMS season along with the upcoming Spring League needs alot of admin work!

We especially wish to fill the following positions:
  • (EMS) Coverage Supervisor
  • Coverage Admin
  • Spring League/Ladder Admin (General jobs)

We have listed the usual tasks, benefits and requirements to become an admin in the ESL Newspost.
If you plan to apply please keep in mind to do that in English. We also expect a detailed application, so take your time.

For questions and further information you can read the Admins Wanted page or talk to our staff in

We look forward to your application. Get involved!

ESL Newspost
Admins Wanted Info
Apply now!
I want to use the wildcard against thefinest, where to? ( AT ESL I COULD SEE WHAT TO DO )
read the rules, i gave you a link to them, maybe i should read it out for you :)

just pm the supervisor with the match link
(13:24:55) (mental) bluman

now answer
how can i answer for bluman?

or u meant now answer? give me the matchlink ill do it
its indeed pretty weird to search at the matchpage to wildcard your match. you are right sir.
gtfo with support tickets
you just made my IE go crazy :(
Contribution to the community
Chance to realize your ideas or plans for the game
Free Premium account
Own email account
IRC Bouncer (after passing the Trial Period)

if you add £££ to that list i might be interested!
if you pay £££ to play ET ESL this might be possible!
waiting 10 years for ur money would be so cool :D
how many hours per week would be required of potential admins?
depending on the job one wants to do. A simple coverage admin wouldnt need many to just create a news item a week or for events needed. Whereas someone who wants to lead a whole format in our spring/summer leagues does need quite some time.
I no longer have the ability to write coherently anymore :P What about something like ladder admin?
feel free to apply and introduce yourself ;)
You can also talk to me on IRC about further information.
QuoteI no longer have the ability to write coherently anymore :P

Can I write my application using only bullet points? :D
no longer + anymore = you can
- & - = +

:D Else I didnt understand that high quality english.
- Yes
- Yes
- No
thats confusing
haha :D self-proving sentence. you created a perpetum mobile. you're a genius! :)
Completely unintentionally too, I might add :D
Pay me and I'm yours.
ill pay u in natura :D
15 kg of potatoes, 5 kg of tomatos also sounds nice :P
i give them both :D

and with something extra ;)
Homer is not semen slurper! :)
who said anything bout slurping :D
unless you kick kafux and other retarded ones picking new wont help ya :)

EDIT: Knowledge about the ESL website !!!!!! MWAHAHA :D I'd love to apply but I do not fill that requirement :D

EDIT2: Neutrality and objectivity! as if all your admins are neutral :D:D:D:D:D
thanks, im glad about being a retard.
not talking bout you mate :) rather referring to Snake-like kiddos :)
your critics cherished, but Snake is by far the last one to have a kiddy-attitude.
talking from my experience - neither of whom i mentioned know the rules of any cup they supervise and arguing with them ended with them telling me to get lost or ill get punished for making them angry. Not to mention even they do not follow their own rules (that they made up to cover the original ones). They simply dont care what you have to say and thats a fact. The only admins that helped me/my friends were Pebi/Krolik/mister and you ofc.
I do doubt that. But thats my free will^^
it sure is :) im not saying they cant do any good admin work but id prefer an admin who doesnt fuck up the basic task rather than someone who makes a full coverage and other things that arent really his job.
why am i not a retard? xD
cos he hasn't heard your laugh on vent

like an extra chromosome person laughter?
he has the most retarded laugh ever it will just crack you up everytime you hear it, not even suVi's laugh can compete with his srsly :D
damn now i just have to hear that :D
if you want that....lets paly hon with me dialer & wiadro in the same team and then you will hear me XDDDDDDDDDDDD
dunno, maybe your parents brought you up in a good way or maybe you have a natural talent to avoid retarded behaviour. Ask your shrink :p
i mean why ppl consider me as retard, and why you dont...?
xD he considers snake as one, should be reason enough :p
dont know, dont care :p i asked for you help few times and at least i got answered every time. Thats more than i got from any other ESL admin :)

+ my jugdement is my judgement not someone elses ;)
so you are not satisfied by my service? let's do some quality management:

tell me when you got that impression and especially where you get it from.

somehow i doubt that you really mean me by saying kiddy-style, a lack of neutrality and objectivity...

comment, pm or email to
lack of neutrality and objectivity - didnt write that one down :)

ive got the impression like you dont really give a damn about some team's problems and you want to solve them the easiest way (for you) possible. Ive also got an impression that you dont give your 100% all the time and ive also got the impression you want to irritate me but thats propably just a bad habit of mine to interprete all sarcastic coments used against me as a bit offensive :)

i hope ive satisfied your expectations

GL ESL team;)
really great and cool people there
but you need some time:(
i always got time for u <3

Notorious gtfo
"Shouldnt you rather ask why am I so upset about you beeing an ESL admin?"
Yes,I looked already on your esl account for support tickets of the last 12 months. But I couldn't find anyone including me, so I thought it might not be so important (see next point)

"You fucked over few team that asked for an admin help just cause you havent felt like it."
Tell me more. I am still waiting for some facts :)

"you've never heard of me and yet you are on an ET community site replying to a comment of an ET player who (not to brag about it) is quite known on this scene and in a news directed to ET players."
1) I am not so active as ESL ET admin like one or two years ago
2) I have enough things to do when I am online online: yes, it is possible to get a monthly salary from eSports - but sadly not from enemy territory..that's why I take my focus often on other things
3) names don't count. I have and will never care about "names". A unknown user gets the same support as "mr. enemy territory". After looking on your profile and seeing your teams I can say that I've heard of you already. Don't take it personally, because I have 15-20 qry on irc per day. If you would like to remember all of them..good night :D

those cases were quite some time ago (more than 12 months ago) and mostly by talking with you on irc (if you replied) since ESL is not the most user friendly site. I dont remember what team i was playing in at the time nor what cup was it but i do remember what was that all about (more/less). As i mostly dont remember nicks you pissed me off pretty much i guess. The explanation is in my reply to chosen. To be fair - you weren't the only admin who did that and maybe you didnt have time to focus on some random game but thats not my problem really.

1. so dont be an ET admin at all if you dont have time required.
2. i fully agree that ET will never be near as popular as the 'giants' but that doesnt give you the right to prioritize other work. See 1.
3. i didnt get known just now. The fact that you had to check my profile proves my point. Dont give me that 'i service all people equaly' talk cause that has nothing to do with what i wrote. I also dont take it personally, I just used my example to prove your flaws.

Either you are an admin who does the work done or you step aside. Thats what it should be like. Sadly enough nobody really watches what admins do so they stay on their positions for god knows how long without doing anything. You need admins? Let's sum up those mentioned in this conversation: eiM, chosen, Snake, m1st3r and you. And those are just the ones that are more/less influential. Last season ive seen many uknown (for me) nicks aswell. If you all really did your work you wouldnt need more people.

Good night (allthough its 8pm O_o)
chosen aint an admin. kafux neither besides some irc support if at all.

admins come and go. The more admins the more you can pull of so I do not really see a reason to complain about unknown people adminning, if that was the purpose of your last sentence.
i dont really care if i know an admin or not (it helps tho if i know him ofc :)). What i dont like is that admins should focus on one game/league or w/e and they shouldnt have power to do anything in another one. Either you focus on ET or you dont have any right on that field. Thats pretty much what ment in the last part.
i still don't get the point why i should change rules without a reason or "piss you off pretty much". why? i don't have a personal advantage of this.. as long as you cannot tell me exactly what has happened and what I (!) made, I will NOT believe you. this may sound hard, but at the moment it just looks like a false allegation towards me.

" If you all really did your work you wouldnt need more people."
sorry, but i do not think you have the right idea of a work as admin. i and all other esl admins (same can be said for cb aswell) spend many hours a week (=hundreds of hours a year) to give YOU (and the rest of the community) the possibility to play in a more or less organized league. it is not a fulltime job, although most of us often think they work 24/7. we spend our free time for you and do not get anything for this. i always made it cause i loved the job.
we are always thankful for helping hands. this has nothing to do if we make our job or not. at the end both sides profit by new admins. the leagues can offer more competitions and better support and the users get faster help when it's needed.
1. i never wrote YOU should change the rules. I wrote to eiM that some of the rules should be more precise but that's not what you mean right? I also dont know what's admins reason for pissing people off by changing some of the rules as they please. Do tell me if you have any knowlegde in this area. Imo its rather admins are too lazy to help so they do it this way.

2. im not saying that taking more admins is wrong. Read the post above and you'll know what i mean.

3. false allegation - i didnt make that up. To follow your logic, what would i gain if i did? I always say that ESL is the best league for ET and people should start playing there like they did in ClanBase. Its pretty much the only way to get ET supported again in my opinion. Considering that, i would pretty much work against that right now. I can assure you it did happen. The team i played in is alraedy removed in ESL propably since most people just switched to other clans (weird 1 team rule btw - cant really get the point of that one). I also cant navigate through the site to find previous seasons and cups. Sorry but im not keeping a diary of ET carrier with links to every match.

4. do not start this 'good samaritan' shit with me. If it wouldnt be anyhow fun to you, you wouldnt do it. You also do it for yourself. Dont bullshit the bullshitter (or whatever the right phrase is :D).

You didnt get anything i wrote. Good there's eiM and co :)

Good luck! (weren't you supposed to be asleep by now?)
R.I.P 6on6
GL... you'll probably see an app from me.
great group of guys to work with
From my perspective (yes, interpretationism ftw!) all the esl admins are great, apart from one idiot (butterish butter) that is called Mister with some numbers instead of letters in his nick.

All my interferences with kafux, chosen, snake,wonder were intellectually and emotionally successful, they showed a class, a decent level of adminning.
change chosen with eim and i agree with u
havent crossed my paths with eim, i think.
and im talking about chosen as esl admin, not about what he's doing on crossfire^^
stop to search,
you found it now
Id suggest Waki, mind and kamz
thats a good decision
Why do you announce all the good things about it?
What about the negativ facts behind it. Let me name some of them:

- less freetime (even if you get premium shit and stuff)
- pressure, if you don't have enough time to handle mentioned things
- being a trial admin for 3 months, seriously wtf?
- spam on your bouncer everyday
- to get insulted by "normal users" for a job you're doing voluntarily
- you've to create mass of support tickets for the lazy teams, which didn't schedule their match yet
- admin structure of ESL page, which always has been faulted by the community
- ...

Would you be so kind to add it to your requirements?
no need to be bitchy because you have been kicked back then
well, stop hiding the truth then and add it ;]
most of that is not the truth if you do a proper job. And everyone should be aware life has not only a bright side. Whereas the good things clearly prevail the "negative facts".
That's your opinion :-)
indeed =)
do you know the definition (or german translation) for requirement? :D

have you ever signed up an employment contract? nearlly all companies in germany have a "trial period" (-> german: probezeit) of six months. this time is good to see if both parties fit together and the new admin can see if he likes the job or not.

less freetime? to be honest: you decide to become admin und think you get even more freetime, or what? it is a "job" like anyone else and of course you have to spend some time for it. but nobody forces you to become admin. sometimes it is hard, but it is also a wonderful job :)

calling user questions for help on your bouncer "spam": sorry, but then you were wrong at esl staff. esl gives you an own bnc, so you can easily differentiate between esl and private things.

last but not least, please contact me here, on irc or per mail and tell me what excatly you do not like at the admin functions on esl page. (you are not allowed to talk about details in public :D) i just can say: after beeing admin for more than four years the page has improved a lot and it is now quite easy to work with it. as always, you need some days/weeks to get used to it. but this is for every new system you are working with.
Quotelast but not least, please contact me here, on irc or per mail and tell me what excatly you do not like at the admin functions on esl page.

Sorry, but I'm not interested in giving you any feedback to improve your league/webpage.
"Knowledge about the ESL website"

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