ESL EMS & Spring Signups

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We are proud to present the signups of our upcoming leagues. Naming them the ESL Major Series VI featuring 750 € as prizemoney and the 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 and 5on5 Spring Leagues. As last season the 5on5 Spring League will be linked to the EMS Qualification system.
The top seeded 32 teams who sign up for the 5on5 Spring League will get the chance to proof worthy in the qualifier cups. Furthermore 4 teams will be directly invited to the EMS groupstage based upon teams' activity and skill.

EMS Season VI
  • Sign up here
  • Best 32 teams join qualifiers
  • Groupstage, Relegation & Playoffs
  • 16 losing qualifier teams form
    spring premier division
  • 750 € Prizemoney
  • Signup closes 20th March

  • Rate your team here!
Spring 5on5
Spring 3on3Spring 2on2Spring 1on1
  • Sign up here
  • Free for all
  • groupstages
  • single elimination playoff
  • Premiumaccount prizes
  • Spring League award for the winner
  • Signup closes 28th March

  • Rate your team here!
We have listed all needed information in two ESL newsposts. Updates on the mappools and such will be published within the next weeks. Head over to the newsposts:

ESL Spring League Signup
ESL Spring League Information
yeah great work from our "admins" from esl , even CS Female got twice the prizemoney
Just pathetic
can't believe people still complain about a prizemoney that has just been increased by 50% :D One gotta start somewhere.
whine more -_-
CS Female is NO game of the ESL Major Series. It got its own league called "ESL Female League Europe" with a prize money of 25.000 Euro and several offline events across Europe for the next two seasons. You cannot compare both I think..
ye but cs female < all

but keep up the work with et, nice to see the pricemoney increasing with every season :)
but it is easier to promote female games - "tittenbonus" :D

just look at snogard last cs male season. they played with a female team at german cs eps, lost every match (0-0-15 stats) and lost their eps account for the next eps season. but ask anyone of their management: it was still a success, because they knew how to promote it the right way.. :)

btw: this is cs female xDD
yeah you can take anygame you want and push it with tits... sad but true.

lol saw the vid. hilarious shit but it can happen to a male player too ;)
yeah great work from our "admins" from esl , even CB EC has no prizemoney
Just pathetic
you just suck.
I like the cb newspost more
need 1 player, send me a pm here :)
ESL admins saying awesome...just pathetic

awesome!!! :D
nice work eim&friends ;)
Sorry, too much German alike.
I'm not German zomg...
good luck :)

Quote by Error

Can you tell me which player of randomZ ET is in the 3on3 league already? Thanks!
your esl team id?
hmm cannot find anyone on the quick way..but i can say that your team is at our 3on3 leaguejoin list for about 23 minutes. me or another admin will pass your leaguejoin :)
okay thanks! :) ( PREMIER :P )
Nice work esl admins :)
warum wird die mmc eig diesen monat nicht vergeben ? :3
ja aber nur die news ^^
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