EMS VI signups reminder

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The signups for the upcoming ESL Major Series Season VI for Enemy Territory featuring 750 € as prizemoney will close Saturday night 23:59 CET. There will be no chance to make a late signup as the qualifiers will start right away Monday 22nd March! So make sure to sign up in time.

The Spring League Signups will stay open for another week while the EMS Qualifiers take place. Four teams will be directly invited into the EMS Groupstage and the 32 best remaining teams play for the remaining spots. Spots 1-4 of the 8-team double elimination bracket make it into the EMS groupstage, whereas the other teams form the Spring League premier division.

The mappool for the new format will, as already announced by CB, be chosen together with the participating teams of ESL & CB in a closed vote. Results of this will be published sunday! The complete ruleset will also be available by then.

ESL: Signup News
ESL: League Details
2 camels and a tiny car
hahah soo random.
whos awesum??? UR AWESUMMMM
I'll sign us up if you sort out my players so we can avoid the "player already in league" problem.
jeah i am banned for 5 days because just left my team :))
qry me in #esl.et on thursday please :)
qry me in #esl.et on thursday please :)
e-wave will rock the house!

query me in #esl.et on thursday please :)
for all teams with problems: ask an admin in #esl.et or open a support ticket. that's the right way. crossfire is the wrong place to ask for help, or? :)
That problem with not being allowed to leave a team cause there not enough players in anymore eventhough the team is participating in no active league, should be solved somehow.

It's ridiculous tbh. People already whine about the fact that team members need to leave former teams but when they are not even able to do so, I can understand that many are frustrated and dont even bother to signup.
nothing we can do
Yea, no offense. You could prolly complain about it.
yea no offense but only the ET section is complaining about that (by section i mean community) .

1. fifa
2. cs
3. css
4. cz
whatever section never complained about it, so just that...no offense

PS: what eiM said.
ESL should be able to let player play for 2 clans also (3on3 clan and 5on5 clan for example)
over at ESL you usually create a seperate 3on3 team etc... fixes pretty much every problem et guys face, but most are too lazy to create more than one team (takes a whole minute)
thats why people chose clanbase you know :P
cause admins even looks hopeless with situations like that, im not saying cb admins are better
and with rights, it was a joke again this year to sign our team up.

thank god u have some good active admins that are willing to help out, otherwise allot of teams wouldn't be able to sign up.
It's kinda pathetic you always need to ask admins to sign up for a online tournament. Clanbase is streets ahead of you (in this case). Rating system also doesn't exist while registering.
so? people started complaining some years ago about "99% german support" by admins because they were only german admins. and now i belong to the staff, you complain about my country?
the best cup ever
lfg team!
soooooo rockit vs dignitas?. would be nice to see a diff team in the final = )
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