EMS: OVERLOAd vs vibe

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Tonight is the night! We have 2 very interesting matches, both in the EMS Group Stage. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about this. Also, don't forget to check out the latest EMS Newsflash, more news will be brought to you soon.

First match is between the most controversial belgian team, BelgiumOVERLOAd, and Europevibe, ranked 3rd in Group D with 6 points. After yesterdays' scandal regarding Belgiumvila, the belgian team decided to remove Belgiumvila from their line-up and use Belgiummesq instead. A move that they had to do but the questions is: how will this affect their gameplay? We shall see tonight!

*UPDATE* I was just informed by Belgiumchry that Belgiumzeto is now OUT of BelgiumOVERLOAd. Their substitution is the belgian superstar, BelgiumdAv1d.

image: s_head

image: s_news

Belgium OVERLOAd

Belgium mesq
Belgium dAv1d
Belgium mAus
Belgium chry
Belgium lio
image: s_news

Europe vibe

Russia jago
Germany bong
Germany carlito
Russia joke
Finland shitty
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: Adlernest and Bremen_b3
League: image: etESL EMS VI Group Stageimage: game19393
image: s_foot

After Netherlandshayaa decided to leave Europerockit.ET to play with United KingdomImpact at lan, a new player was needed. The solution: United Kingdomcrumbs. Will he be able to provide the same firepower as Netherlandshayaa did? Here's what Europerockit.ET captain, LatviaClown, had to say about this:

Quote by ClownHe is a trustworthy player that I know for a while and he has agreed to help us finish EC and EMS. I think he'll do just fine tonight.

On the other side, GermanylogiX e. V. is still struggling to get their first 3 points in EMS. Can they get those points, tonight, against Europerockit.ET? We shall see!
image: s_head

image: s_news

Europe rockit.ET

Latvia Clown
United Kingdom crumbs
Netherlands joop
Netherlands ZaK
Slovakia filus
image: s_news

Germany logiX e. V.

Romania miLi
Germany s1LENT
Spain WeZoR
Croatia calisto
Belgium PlAyer
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 21:30 CET
Maps: Supply and sw_goldrush_te
League: image: etESL EMS VI Group Stageimage: game19382
image: s_foot

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so what is impact's current line-up?
xylos winghaven hayaa ross sqzz?


xylos meez hayaa ross sqzz
Winghaven out
mEEz in
Overload will play better when mesq is there. Now they just gotta kick zeto and pick acid, ziff or snot instead and they can play pretty well.
gl crumbs & david (:
nice to see david back =)
wb david
pyyh vibe is med skilled :D
thanks again for awesome coverage! gl lio!
junky will do it
Junky got busted and banned a few days ago : p
Joup, as well as znArk and mArcii (former aCtive). Junkys new nick was PabloE ;S
u gotta love this dude.
no1 has been busted as often.
znark got busted/banned? would laugh hard in that case :D
znark+marci+junky all banned from same war
why was zeto kicked?
same reason as Villa;D?
that he was cheating/or he knew vila cheated

its bullshit tbh, zeto is their best player
and why would u think that zeto is there best player? :)))))
known for being clean for many years in ET scene and suddenly kicked out of hacking :/ + these all old avis of him "cheating" only show how amazing he is.
Quoteknown for being clean for many years in ET scene

WAT? :ddddddddddd
can u claim otherwise?:/ proof?
I think atleast 75% of the belgian players+highskilled players have had their doubts before this. And there is also the story about the oldskoolteam waco. where he cheated several of times (maybe always). And my last argument: Feel free to play against him and play afterwards against a 'normal' high skiller.
i thought my post at gifted made clear im not serious. I've played vs zeto, or "oh-shit-i-got-tripled-again", and I know hes quite extraordinary player:D tbh they made the right decision to kick him but I think he should have been coming to lan with overload and show if he really is just good
oldschool waco? You definately have no fcking clue!

Xtra, lobo, dizzy, arminius, groovy, iceman, ksr, tyxius, sting3r, dukesbury, tekoa, Ledragon, sk, fre, peace

Besides tekoa & me, I don't think he knows any of them :)
i owned dav1d at a 5on5 today, yippie me.
Kind of hoped their 5th would be Ganon :(
wb david
they lost but we all know they can do much better :)

good luck!

oh noes, how can they play that bad now, after two of their cheaters are gone? :<
vibe will deliver
e: oh it was yesterday xD
Good luck ovr! Especially chry :->
no cheats = fail?
no vila no win
dav1d is a lot better than ettv-zeto... and vila has always been shit so i assume they will be stronger now

feels weird that there is noone to disslike in ovr anymore...

gl chry!
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