quaco calls it a day

... but before we would like to invite everyone to spectate our final match in the CB OC Premier Playoffs 2010:

image: vibe-vs-quaco

image: game19425

As many clans do, we fold before summer.

quaco has existed since Octobre 2009 and has since then made itself a name throughout the community.
We certainly do not belong to the top teams. Nevertheless I would like to point out what great progress we've made as a team since Sweden I and Israel blitz started the clan.

That's thanks to the following people:

The current quaco lineup:

Sweden Ti+es
France evl
Slovenia aniq
Germany Kevji
Moldova eujen

But even:

Israel blitz Sweden Millan Poland Elvis France luis Hungary seNti Netherlands pds Netherlands adeto

Finally, I'm proud to present a somewhat short summary of quaco until today (no frags):

Downloadable version (recommended) - only 39 Mb

Mirror 1


Enjoy the holidays!

nice tites ;)

Good to see this in news, otherwise I would have never known about this team..

QuotestRay: Well done Ti+es! <3

Greetz to all quaco Members, but sry there wont be a Comeback of quaco :p
cool movie gl guys
before cc5 we've also been put to 2nd div. with aow :-( and we rolled most of the teams in the vid

bad killerboy is bad!
Quotemade itself a name throughout the community

vibe i guess...
look at the first screen (after that my intrest dropped) it says vibe vs quaco
and since i've never heard anything of quaco...
but anyways good luck vibe, beat those quaco unknown shits!
xd, says uknown random.
what was it they shout at people like you, was it fagboi or fanboi ?
neither of it, more like that would fit exactly for u.
and your english skill is like probably med+ like everything/everyone on crossfire
its high, just to correct u :)
stop correcting me, correct ur english instead.
my english is just fine, if u have probs understand it, not my problem.
if i have what UNDERSTANDING what ?!
try again mister my english is just fine.
great clip, sad to read this. good luck in your final match :)

but, by the way, why do you close the project? just because of summer break?
I'll be away for over a month and some guys will be away when Im back. then others want to play during the summer and I can't hold them back from joining other teams.
ye ok, makes sense. so good luck to you and the others. maybe there'll be a little comeback one day :)
lol nice one tites :) richtig nice <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Why am I not in the but even list! :D It was even discussed i'd be main lineup! :<
sry mate, I added you ... I felt that I had forgotten someone when I wrote it
almost cried after i watched the movie
yeah and plz win the match and split up after :D
would be fun wouldnt it?

oh ure playin for vibe? :o

would be still fun! :DDD
So there is a screenshot versus ex0tic, with me having highest experience points(I got called cheater that whole match). But I'm not in the players list. I feel so left out :<.

Anyway, one of the better teams I know at the moment, <3 u all.

(im avi for a new lineup :D)
Your ego would fit just fine with theirs
its called sarcasm
Bonsoir, je m'appelle Pierre et je suis francais.
Bonsoir, je m'appelle Pierre et je suis français aussi.
video looks awsome gl guys
to bad it will fould :<
no one give a shit
j'avoue :P
you forgot GermanyznArk :(((
Pretty nice clip =)
you should've picked screenshots of the various times you were flaming and left the server after 1 round instead of the lottowin on delivery :p

whats the point of putting screenshots in it that show that you won vs low- teams?
still a nice clip :)
shut up, youre awful.
just like you hehe
2/2 and we left after a round ? must be a troll
einstein, talking about different scrims obviously
If I had to compare your ego with something it would be with a mountain.
If I had to.... it would be my penis.
epic clip, shame its over :<

wheres my demo?!
Nice :O

I don't give a shit.
they wanted me too, but as I wasnt at my pc for like a week or two xD. Then they took aniq back.
i never was off lol :D
best clip ever posted on crossfire

if only vila had ever came up with that idea, the flame would have been brocapolystic <o/
nice team but hardly newspost worthy
All the right to do that video, dont get why this team was so underrated.
Heh, was sure you guys wouldnt show that 1.06 time at adler:D
Anyways, was nice to play against you guys, all the luck in the future for all members.
but I did show it ;P
Blue mountain state intro song fuck yea <3
nicely done :p

gl aniq :)
Great Work Ti+es, Im looking forward to our time with the current team , best of luck for today against vibe, the wannabes with too big mouths.
wanted to be flamed
why im always the last in xp ?
Nice not mention those few games I played for you!

GL tonight! Really nice team :)
name me more than 10 teams that have been stable and playing together for over 6 month without any longer breaks
Nice movie :)
isch auch traurig du s0hn ?

Quotequaco has existed since Octobre 2009

What a nice piece of sh.. history.
omg i feel sad now :<<<<

btw i love 1.02! cuz there is me the quaco laggyfanboi xD

hopefully you will make a reunion guys!

really nice guys!

i always enjoyed watching you, due to the fact I'm lagging and way toooo low to play in the team xDxD

and btw u can bash vibe another time!!

gl guys!
playing together for over 6 month without any longer breaks

i only see zZz,masculine mans,bF,wave and Highbot requiring that
HighBot always die after 3months
and in the 3 months the lineup changes every game :P
highbot:XD trolled
gl vs vibe 8D
gl kevji, you rule !
I met you few times, you are not bad...but Member For: 1 year, 11 months and 5 days is little bit obvious. Not like he is destroying the opponents, nah.. he just shoots good with K43/Grand. Hopefully He won't get busted.

hf against vibe.et, but I warn you: Finland shitty won't let you pass! :)

<stray>: u can see him playing at bootcamp from 9-12 august + aalborg lan
wir kommen dich dann besuchen wenn wir in solingen sind :*
you guys have 0 chance vs #vibe =)
Shitty will go for the premium accounts ! oh wait :(
Artline ( artline = g5 ? and besides I havent seen them playing over the past month)
g5 (you were in japan afaik and g5 hasn't been pracing that much together over the past month)
dignitas (idle = dignitas)
idle.ee (dignitas = idle)
goon squad (dead since long time ago?)
wave (abit like highbot, they come and go)
zZz (changed lineup)
masculine mans ( I agree )
belgian fraternity ( I agree )
highbot (what killerboy said)

I said: no longer breakes and ofc with the same lineup
Hi Tites, rest who?
I hope to god that's a fake acc.
ahahahahaha :D
lol you won grush vs us :(
gl vs vibe :d
never heard of, totally news worthy...
u sucked anyway
yes I ment currently
Is this is the final from the OC premier league ?
No, it's 1st round, so saying they want to play it (potentially knocking out vibe) and then fold is a bit irresponsible of them. The honourable thing would be to have folded a week ago so that the #3 team in their group could take their playoff spot.
lol why ?? we will finish OC. If we beat vibe, we would finish it :o
OC Premier winners gets an invite/qualifier to EC, so winning it and then folding is lame, because it's like stealing it from somebody else.
doneX didn't know dave was gay back then. :/
oh sorry, you were thinking that we would win oc prems.
i got it ;)
but im sure there will be some teams which will split after playoffs, like us.
Make a lower bracket for OC Premier!
Oh, that's fine then. I thought you were saying you'd fold after this match, since you said "our final match in the CB OC Premier Playoffs 2010".
Tites is too negative, ofc it will be really hard to win vs vibe, but there is 1% of chance for us to win.
Is it hard to get into playoffs in OC prem? Last time I played it we got into playoffs just through forfeits. =|
our group was one of the only group where there weren't forfeit ;)
look at him posing on the internets
i heard u guys won OC premier twice
u should spellcheck before making a movie :PPP
don't be a grammar nazi :D
best news ive ever read tbh :D nice movie and gl tonight
Nice post :) However I never heard from this team before.. its probably like Lavod would say: I entered the higher regions of ET a couple of years ago, therefore I probably don't know you...
Yeah, there's a lot more exposure to different clans if you play in a mid/+ team instead of a highskill team. For the real highskill teams there are only maybe 15 opponents that are worthwhile praccing against. In mid/+ there are dozens.
for the real highskill there are like 5 teams (at maximum), but it depends on definition of "real highskill"
Well, I originally wrote 10, then thought 'but there are 12 teams in EC playoffs, and surely they're all ok'. I think I'd include idle, F5, ovr, colt45, impact, Ri, zZz, fs5, FiF, bF, SL, Squad.ee, DrM, TAG, ewave and 1stcav, for example. But you're right, the first half of that list is preferable to the second half.
there isnt a good pracc for idle/F5 anymore, if they play at their best...only if their oppo is very good that day, and even then,I'd name only a few
there was never much competition for the very best teams in ET. we always had one dominating team and the rest had no chance though they were still highskilled
we always had idle and the rest had no chance *
kinda late reply and true :)
crazy teams you play against
you just sucked, that's why ovr lost !
sarcasm detector raging
omg maus post on this news, im mad now.
oh wow, Im impressed! I didn't expect that the other overload retards were able to make you retarded. :)
image: game19393

You have € 100 on vibe
You won € 1494

hates gonna hate :PpPPppP
oh ye sry, you feel offended...
no, I'm making a totally different point, and I haven't been part of overload since 2008 for partly the reason you just posted ( mainly talking about vila )
It's crossfire, everyone acts like a total retard here ;]
for some it comes naturally
so you go with the flow?
cool story bro

should make epica's post now also i guess
nice movie
gl :]
Good to see this in news, otherwise I would have never known about this team..
nice post guys :D

what an unique way to post it, also match coverage in that was more interesting than EMS+CB posts together!

i hope you give em a crazy fight!
aint trying to sound arrogant, but who are you?
you should've used 'crossfireish' instead of arrogant :D
good job so far! Looking forward to seeing everyone next season
BMS Soundtrack,
love that song + series
we will missed you
Wicked news , saw it on BBC too...
Like an apple, like a banana.
Lol didint know that quaco was that good :o Btw nice!:D
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