Double Monday!

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Monday, you say? Two interesting matches will be played today in the ESL Major Series Playoffs! These are the last two matches from the first round of the ESL Major Series Playoffs. As usually, statements were released by team captains and players, so go ahead and check them out!

In the other 2 matches, United Kingdomdignitas rolled Europenulli secundus with 4-0, without having any sort of problems against them and the finnish superstar team, Finlandffive, won by noshow since DenmarkSleeperz couldn't line up 5 players against them. What a shame for such a good team!

Two teams will have to fight for a place in the second round in the ESL Major Series Playoffs. These are Europei dont know and Europevibe. The winner of this match will have to face the one and only, United Kingdomdignitas. Tough match considering the fact that United Kingdomdignitas is still on a winning spree!

Some time ago, we knew them under the name of EuropeRockit. Now they are called Europei dont know with an improved line-up. Will EstoniafrEeze` and United Kingdomcrumbs deliver for idk? NetherlandsJoshua, currently playing for Netherlandsserenity, was kind enough to give us a statement about the many questions that we had.

Quote by joshua-I think they will perform better with these players then they have done even before. United KingdomCrumbs got alot of experience and EstoniafrEeze` is just EstoniafrEeze`:D. I think there will be even more teamplay in their team than before. LatviaClown will lead them far in the tournament, I think.

Why did EuropeRockit release them? I think it was the best way for EuropeRockit if they wanted a lan team. I have heard from the old rockit that they didn't thought they were capable of coming far in the AEF tournament with the team they had. The new EuropeRockit has a nice line-up and if they prac to get their skill back, they might be in the top3. They have been playing together in other clans before, only SpainWinghaven is new, I think.

When asked about their match tonight against Europevibe, LatviaClown, the team captain, had the following to say:

Quote by ClownWe've played vs Europevibe a few times, there are maps they can give us trouble on, but we are feeling pretty confident. They will probably pick delivery, so we have to be sharp with our revives, since there is no space for 1on1's. I think the score will be 4:2 idk. Watch EstoniafrEeze` piss them off with his lag!

The other team that will play in this match has impressed us in their dramatic relegation match against Netherlandsserenity-gaming, winning and qualifying in the ESL Major Series Playoffs. They are Europevibe! They seem to have a very good teamplay and enough aim power to go further more in this competition. Their first test in the ESL Major Series Playoffs will be against Europei dont know. Let's see what Finlandshitty from Europevibe had to say about this match.

Quote by shittyI'm pretty sure we can win against most of the teams that are currently competing in the ESL Major Series Playoffs and seeing Europeidk as one of the weakest teams that are left, we will take an easy 4-0 win. Unfortunately, the matchweek has been extended by the ESL admins so it's not sure yet whether we can play today or not since noone knew about this official today and we just gather up for those.

image: s_head

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Europe i dont know

Latvia Clown
Estonia frEeze`
Netherlands ZaK
Slovakia filus
United Kingdom crumbs
image: s_news

Europe vibe

Russia jago
Russia joke
Germany boNg
Germany carlito
Finland shitty
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game19825
image: s_foot

Tonight, we shall see a hell of a fight between United Kingdomcolt45 and EuropezeroE. FiF. They fight for the last place that goes in the Second Round of the Winner Bracket, where the winner will meet the finnish superstars, Finlandffive.

A team that seemed to be just a mix of known players at the beggining of this competition, has now reached the final stage of this competition, and they also plan on going a lot further in this competition. Will they be able to do that? We shall see tonight, in their first playoff match against EuropezeroE. FiF. See what United KingdomKaMz had to say about their plans and performance here!

One of the oldest team in the ET scene, first known by the name of BelgiumFriends in Force, they recently joined EuropeZero Empathy and they are now called EuropezeroE. FiF. A very stable team formed only by players from Belgium and Netherlands, prooved to be one of the best at CC6, and still have a very good online peformance. However, they are now without their main rifle, the belgian superstar, BelgiumJere. Will they be able to perform the same, even without BelgiumJere? Let's see what the community have to say about this:

Quote by bF`GiftedUnited KingdomKamz made a nice team out of United Kingdomcolt45 & i'm pretty sure he will take the 4-0 win. BelgiumJere is a really good rifle & i think it will be impossible for FiF to replace him. But FiF still has the experience to put up a decent fight.

Quote by sphoTo be honest, I don't know how they are performing now since I wasn't around for some time, however, if you lose a player like BelgiumJere, it's always hard to keep up as he is one of the finest rifles around.

Quote by DreaM|MOTiFEuropeZeroE is a good team and they are getting better and better but i think without BelgiumJere they got no chance against United Kingdomcolt45. BelgiumJere is one of the best riflers. So its normal that they miss him. United Kingdomcolt45 will win this game 4-0. Even I hope that EuropeZeroE will take it :).

Also, a statement was released by the new rifle of EuropezeroE. FiF. If you want to know who he is, just click here.

As a final conclusion, we shall see a lot of action tonight. So stick around! Good luck and have fun to all the teams! May the better one win.
image: s_head

image: s_news

United Kingdom colt45

United Kingdom KaMz
United Kingdom razz
Finland twidi
Netherlands Ati_
France emorej
image: s_news

Europe zeroE. FiF

Belgium siL
Belgium fostrum
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vaNq
Belgium secret rifle
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game19822
image: s_foot

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nice news, great statements :)
curbs and clown crushing newschool
nice statement shitty :DDDDDDDDDDd
nice statement shitty :DDDDDDDDDDd
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Nice newspost!

Looking forward to it, but both are pretty predictable
seems like the CB-ESL fight improved the news-section! :-D

Europe idk 4 - 2 vibe Europe
United Kingdom colt45 4 - 0 zeroE Benelux
its no fighting, its competition :-)

At the end if the day, both ESL supervisors and CB supervisors try to do the same.
don't be goofy mate, following just some parts of that "fight" I do have to say it has been competition on the one hand but unprofessional and childish behaviour on the other hand. but it has been always like that, so I don't mind it as the player itself profits from that mentioned "fight". :-P
not going to ask who was the competition and who was the unprofessional :-)

and for the rest, i agree
but I want to know
then reply to virtu, not me :-)

Guess we both have haters and lovers.
I take back some words after praccing yesterday :p
Quotewe will take an easy 4-0 win

Europe idk 1 - 0 vibe Europe

United Kingdom colt45 4 - 0 zeroE Benelux
nice rifle u got there zeroE Flashy
rofl, that's not my statement... carlito fucking asshole :D
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