EMS VI: Fintastic 5 vs colt45

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Sunday is the perfect day for the last match from the Winner Bracket in the ESL Major Series Playoffs. The ESL Major Series will come to an end pretty soon, this means we'll find out the lucky team that will win the big prize of 400 euros. Who will it be? You could also predict the team that will win, using the comment section below!

2 matches are still to be played in the Lower Bracket. 4 Teams are threatened to leave EMS if they lose, so they will give their best to remain in the fight for the big prize. If you want to know who are those teams, just click here.

Tonight, 22.00 CET, location: unknown! Teams that will perform:
In the left side, they are Finland, they won NationsCup XIII, their purpose is to roll every remaining team, they want to win everything because they can, with no further introduction, they are the one and only, FinlandFintastic 5.
In the right side, heavily reinforced by their swedish superstar, SwedenNuggaN, they seemed to be just a mix of players at the beggining of this competition, they reached the playoffs stage after defeating another Finland team in their releagation match, they plan on going far in this competition, they will play till the end no matter what, they are United Kingdomcolt45.

There's just not enough action tonight. But wait, what is this? Two of the best rifles will fight for their teams. Do you guess who they are? NO?! They are: FinlandSample and NetherlandsAti_. Whoever will win this fight, will pass into the next round where they'll meet the legendary team, United Kingdomdignitas.

They both released statements regarding their final standing tonight. It's been said that you can win just because you have faith in you and in your team. Let's see what the two rifles had to say:

Quote by SampleUnited Kingdomcolt45 is really tough opponent as we saw in our last EC game. We can't underestimate them and I'm sure they want their revenge. I can't let it happen and I will do everything to stop them since I've never lost to NetherlandsAti_ and never will.

Quote by Ati_FinlandFintastic 5 will most likely take this 4 - 0 since we lost our motivation after dropping out of EC. Me and Kamz are both playing with our lanteams now and are more focused on that at the moment, this is also why NuggaN is going to replace Kamz in this match.

Not only the rifles but many other players from both teams released very interesting statements. You can check them out here. Also, don't forget to tune in to United KingdomMashed shoutcast, tonight.

These been said, good luck and have fun to both teams. May the best team win!
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Finland Fintastic 5

Finland Ensam
Finland Lepari
Finland olBaa
Finland Sample
Finland Matias
image: s_news

United Kingdom colt45

United Kingdom razz
Sweden NuggaN
Finland twidi
Netherlands Ati_
France emorej
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game19908
image: s_foot

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