EMS VI: zeroE vs Sleeperz

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The first match from the Lower Bracket will be played tonight, in the ESL Major Series Playoffs. These teams will have to give their best to remain in this competition and to achieve a big performance by getting in top 3. The other match from the Lower Bracket was forfeited by Europenulli secundus, being very inactive and because they were not able to line up 5 players. Tough luck!

The first team that is eager to win this match is EuropezeroE. FiF. They made a great achievement at CC6 by entering the top 5. Since then, they are performing very decent, but they promise to surprise us tonight. If they can do it or not, we shall see. Here's what one of their players had to say about their latest performance and about their opponents:

Quote by zeroE`vANQDenmarkSleeperz are favorite, we have not been praccing at all so it's gonna be really hard for us with the recent loss of our rifle Jere. Although we have found a nice replacement with Flashy and I think we still played pretty good against United KingdomColt45 and with a bit of luck we could have won that match. It's gonna be a close game with us comming on top 4-2, I hope :D.

The second team involved in this match is DenmarkSleeperz. They had just bad luck by meeting Finlandfintastic 5 in their first match, but they want to get as far as possible so they have to win, tonight! Asking BelgiumLazio about their match from tonight, he said:

Quote by zZz^LazioI believe both teams have been struggling with getting a stable 5th, so it should be a close game. We had some good games before vs fif, and hopefully we can produce another one.

Don't forget to tune in to United KingdomMashed shoutcast, tonight. We need more shoutcasters like him, so tune in and support him. Thank you!
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Europe zeroE. FiF

Belgium siL
Belgium fostrum
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vaNq
Belgium Flashy
image: s_news

Denmark Sleeperz

United Kingdom Griim
Norway Eirik
United Kingdom Tardler
Croatia suVi_
Belgium Lazio
image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game19941
image: s_foot

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I see ESL spam :PP

gl FiF Eirik & Lazio <3
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of omdat ik kenker slecht ben, 1 van de 2 ;xd
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