EMS VI: dignitas vs f5

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It's time for the best match from the ESL Major Series Playoffs. You all know the teams that will perform tonight, that will fight for a place in the Grand Final. Both teams want to win, as they can earn over 200 euro in just a couple of minutes. We all wonder if the domination of the legendary United Kingdomteam-dignitas stops tonight, against Finlandfintastic 5. We shall find out soon!

For this match only, every player from both teams, has given a statement. You can see in these statements how are things going in each team, what is their moral level and how much trust do they have in their team, so be sure to check them out here.
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United KingdomTeam-Dignitas
They had different names throughout history, but this is the one that made them pure legends. No matter under what name they were performing, they were beating everyone. Is their secret in their line-up? Do you remember their first line-up which gave an ET lesson to all the teams at that time?
Oldschool players might remember: Germanysenji, Germanyurtier, Estoniar3vers, EstoniaNight, EstoniaReload, SloveniaJakazc.
These 6 fellows managed to do what no team was able to do till now: dominate the ET scene for a long period of time!

However, they have a new line-up, with only 2 players from the old team, that managed to dominate the scene. With a short math calculation, we realise that they are not, anymore, the core of the team, with 3 new players to complete their line-up. We could have been sure that they will still dominate the ET scene, if their legendary rifle, EstoniaNight, was playing tonight. If all seems lost, let me remind you that they are still dominating this scene, and their latest aditions seemed very good. Here's what one of their new players had to say about this match:

Quote by dignitas\karnajIt's gonna be the hardest match we've ever got, that's the best test before AEF I suppose. I heard F5 didn't played that much, same for us because of jaka and this fucking traitor aka squalli. If we don't do mistakes and play like we are used, I think we should win it by 4-2 but nothing is sure so far ;)

Performance so far in the ESL Major Series

image: flag_win 4-0 win against Belgian Fraternity - 16th May 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against colt45 and 2 zig zags! - 19th May 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against Sleeperz - 6th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against nulli secundus - 27th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against i dont know - 30th June 2010
Games Played: 5
Games Won: 5
Games Lost: 0
Winning Percentage: 100%

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FinlandFintastic 5
They are probably the only ones left that can compete with the ET Titans, that actually has a chance of winning against them. Their line-up is formed by the best players that Finland has. But is that enough?

They are very lucky, some might say, looking at their performance in the ESL Major Series. Lucky or not, they managed to get to this phase of the competition, and now they only want to add a new achievement in their account. However, they will need all the luck in the world to do this, tonight, as they will be face to face with one of the best aimers from Estonia.

Throughout the ET history, I can remember only one team that had a line-up formed by players from only one country that actually had a chance to defeat the legends. And that is the controversial team, BelgiumOVERLOAd, which also had some interesting online performances, but always losing against the legendary United Kingdomteam-dignitas. Will it happen again? Will a team formed only by players from one country fail in front of the titans? Leave your interesting opinion using the comment section below.
In the meanwhile, let's see what one of the best Finland rifle had to say about tonights' match:

Quote by SampleI'm expecting them to roll nerds (us) hard since their performances have been pretty stable and our just horrible. If we have some luck, we can give a good fight.
Final score will be 4-0 dignitas.

Performance so far in the ESL Major Series

image: flag_win 4-0 win against serenity-gaming! - 9th May 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against 1stCav - 6th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against nulli secundus - 13th June 2010
image: flag_win 1-0 win against Sleeperz - 27th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against colt45 and 2 zig zags! - 4th July 2010
Games Played: 5
Games Won: 5
Games Lost: 0
Winning Percentage: 100%

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United Kingdom Team-dignitas

Finland Squall
France karnaj
Germany drago
Slovenia Jakazc
Estonia Anderson
image: s_news

Finland Fintastic 5

Finland ENSAM
Finland olBaa
Finland Matias
Finland Lepari
Finland Sample
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Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game20042
image: s_foot

United KingdomR0SS`i: Dignitas will take it, 4-2, because they have been playing more than f5. f5 will take a map cos reload/anderson/hendick aims like a bf2 player.

Belgiumovr-Jere: Dignitas seems in shape last weeks, while Fintastic5 looks more vurnerable. When the fins perform on their top level I think they would take it, but for now I say 4-2 dignitas.

Finlandtwidi: I would say that dignitas is the favourite to win as they should be more prepared and in a better form than F5 at the moment. Still, I'm predicting a pretty close game with both teams winning their map and dignitas taking a 4-2 victory after decider.

LatviaClown: Dignitas aren't a clear favourite here, I'd even say f5 will take it with relative ease. It just feels like dignitas aren't ready just yet, unless f5 are emo mode because of inactivity etc. Score: 4:0 f5 wins.

SpainWinghaven: Dignitas are in great shape right now, even though they are without Night, they've already showed it against the match they won vs impact pretty easy. So my guess is 4-0 dignitas.

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It's not "Reload".
It's not "fs5"
f5, not fs5 :P
modified, sorry. :)
fs5 gonna roll
Let's dominate scene lol. And btw, ESL is so stupid. Rather make CB and ESL post together but nooo. Let's act like big german retards
they are german, no need to act..
that's why i needed to say german + retard. makes it double
foamea is german?
QuoteYou can see in these statements how are things going in each team

great engrish :P
lol .. you .. here? xD
immer noch :(
wie gehts du alte flachzange.. alles smoothie?
haha :D mir gehts gut joah und dir? fahrste nach antwerpen fur aef?
joah bei mir soweit au alles 'okay' ;)

nee. wäre eigentlich mit SL.ET zur aef aber das et team bzw die meisten davon
haben sich gegen mich gewandt. von daher werd ich nich dort sein.
werde dann sonst wo feiern.. nature one oder so ;)

wirst du dort sein?
nee hab da nichts zu machen kenne mir niemand mehr der dahin fahrt eigentlich :x

wieso haben die affegehirne sich gegen dich gewandt ??!! :O ich dachte du hast ihnen zu sl introduziert oder?
ja ich wuerd ja auch hin fahrn, hab aber das geld nich.

ich war als manager nich so gut. manager war auch nie das was ich machen wollte ;)
ja durch mich sind sie zu SL gekommen. und das ist der dank nun.

sind wohl auf einem hoehenflug.

but who cares .. what goes around comes around, right? :)
always does :-)
exciting match!
nice news!
QuoteThroughout the ET history, I can remember only one team that had a line-up formed by players from only one country

ever heard of Fear Factory? -_-
they never had any chance vs topteams
they always were better than beltards :0
and polagz, tmoe, netrunners
was from czech rep... and they never were that good
Yeah 1 country line-up thats what i mean!
helix and rize
ET Comitee decided whos the winner, already.
=D shit joke is shit =D
Dunno, ESL sucks, the website is even shittier than Clanbase.

I already learned to use one poorly designed gaming website, I'm not going to do that again.
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