EMS VI: colt45 vs idk

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A match with enough intensity will be played, tonight, in the ESL Major Series Playoffs. Teams that will perform tonight, will fight for a a place in the top3, that will assure them at least 100 euros. We will also know the team that will take the 4th place and win the 50 euros. If you wonder what teams are fighting for the 3rd place spot, just take a look below!

As usual, players from both teams had something to say about this match. Some of them are confident that they will win, some of them think they will lose because they haven't practice lately. Be sure to check them out here.

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United KingdomColt 45
One of the many succesful teams that Kamz has created in the last period of time. They managed to get to the relegation after winning just one match in the Group Stage. After that, they passed in the Playoffs, after beating Finlandfinspastic5.

In the Playoffs, they won against the benelux team but lost against the best Finland team. Now they are in the Semi-Final, and they already have 50 euros. They have a chance to double their money, are they going to do it? Let's see what their captain had to say about this match:

Quote by KamzWe haven't pracced in weeks so I don't think we'll take this one but who knows. Could be that we do better without prac and problem before could have been that we played too much :D Not really sure what the lu is going to be tbh, 4-2 for idk.

Performance so far in the ESL Major Series

image: flag_loss 4-0 loss against team-dignitas - 20th May 2010
image: flag_loss 4-2 loss against Sleeperz - 31th May 2010
image: flag_win 3-1 win against Belgian Fraternity - 6th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against finspastic 5 - 17th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against zeroE FiF - 28th June 2010
image: flag_loss 4-0 loss against fintastic 5 - 4th July 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against vibe - 12th July 2010
Games Played: 7
Games Won: 4
Games Lost: 3
Winning Percentage: 57%

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Europei dont know
The ex-rockit team has performed extraordinary in this edition of the ESL Major Series Playoffs, getting through the Group Stage very easily, beating every team. However, after the e-drama regarding their departure from Rockit, they seemed to be much more ambitious on getting on a higher spot. In the Playoffs, they won their first match but they lost against the titans, with an unlucky 4-2.

Let's not forget that they improved their line-up by getting EstoniafrEeze` and United Kingdomcrumbs, so they are now favourite on getting in the top3 teams. But they still have one more team to beat. Will they be able to do that? LatviaClown had something interesting to say about this match:

Quote by ClownOur goal is to be in top 3 in ems, colt45 are in our way, so we are pretty focused on taking them down. They seemed very good last time we played them, but I think we have a very good chance to win, but it will probably be tight. We should win with 4:2. Who to watch? Me, i played horrible vs impact, should have a bounce back game now!

Performance so far in the ESL Major Series

image: flag_win 4-0 win against energy-wave - 10th May 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against finspastic 5 - 24th May 2010
image: flag_win 4-2 win against logix e.V. - 1st June 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against to Make odds even - 10th June 2010
image: flag_win 1-0 win against vibe - 28th June 2010
image: flag_loss 4-2 loss against team-dignitas - 30th June 2010
image: flag_win 4-0 win against zeroE FiF - 13th July 2010
Games Played: 7
Games Won: 6
Games Lost: 1
Winning Percentage: 85%

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United Kingdom colt 45

United Kingdom Kamz
United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom Jinosta
Poland zMk
France emorej
image: s_news

Europe i dont know

Latvia Clown
Estonia frEeze
Netherlands ZaK-
Slovakia Filus
United Kingdom crumbs
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Date: Tonight
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VI Playoffsimage: game20085
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United KingdomeVo`i: I think idk will win tonight, it should be a close game, however I believe colt45 will be praccing with their lan teams so I doubt they're in much shape for tonights game so 4:0 idk. Player to watch Freeze to see if you can track the lag and player not to watch is Kamz :Ddd:D

BelgiumaClmx`Flashy: Actually this will be a close game. With zeroE we played against both and both teams performed well. So to be honest it's a coin which can fall to both side. 4-2 or 2-4 :) Player to spec: freezethelagger :D

FinlandSample: Kamz & Jinosta have practised against krp so they should roll idk easily and zmk's comeback gets their lineup even better. Lets see if freeze can avoid their bullets with his netlimiter. Final score will be 4-2 colt45.

FrancesMiRZz_: I think it's gonna be a really close match, I can't even choose the winner because I think boths teams can win this. But the score is probably gonna be 4-2. My bets on idk, because they have Clown!

Sloveniadignitas\JaKaZc: I don't know current strenght of the teams since we didn't play them for a while, but i think IDK should take this 4-2.

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GL Colt45 <3 4-0 colt45. idk will flop
nice gl both!
Awesome predictions.
I see a true hater here :(
vibe never lost 4-0 to colt45 z_Z

and smirz @ predictions j'ai lolé
i dont think thats him who wrote this, thats too good english for him
I don't know who'll win.
Kamz is a poophead so i ain't playing :(
think crumbs his team will take it.
could you get someone a little better at english to write the newsposts? it is quite unprofessional to have this quality of english in what are essentially press releases publicising an organisation.
i hope colt45 gets it - big emoneys coming!
faces in the mud
decent 0-4 for idk.
Quoteafter the e-drama regarding their departure from Rockit

there was some?
conclusion: 4-0 for Estonia frEeze
blah, another missed score guess
Was avoiding well enough.
foamea always change the quote of the predictions , that dickhead
Able to spec the game?
always on gtv
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