EMS: The end, a new beginning

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And here it is, the end of season 6 of the ESL Major Series. This season was extraordinary and if you ask me why, I would say mainly because we had so many surprises in the Group Stage, Relegation Phase and again, in the final match. If you want to know about what surprises I'm talking, you can see them here!

The final battle between the best teams from this season of the ESL Major Series was intense. FinlandFintastic5 came from the Lower Bracket after losing against United Kingdomdignitas, in the Winner Bracket Semi-Final. At that point, we all believed that the best all-time team, dignitas, will win this season. But the fins worked hard and got into the Grand Final, after beating Europei dont know.

First match was starting, goldrush was easily won by the fins and there it is, the second and most important map from this match, adlernest. With almost 9 seconds before the end of the time, fins delivered the objective and got themselves back in top, becoming favorites at winning the 2nd match. Luck? I doub that, as in the 2nd match, the same maps were played. What made dignitas play the 2nd maps knowingly that they don't stand a chance against the fins, only they know. However, they grant an easy win to Finlandfintastic5 and thus, letting them become the Champions of the ESL Major Series 6.

Let's see the final standing of season 6:
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Won 400 euros

Finland Fintastic 5

Finland ENSAM
Finland olBaa
Finland Matias
Finland Lepari
Finland Sample

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Won 200 euros

United Kingdom Dignitas

Estonia Anderson
Germany drago
France karnaj
Finland Squall
Slovenia Jakazc

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Won 100 euros

Europe i dont know

Latvia Clown
Estonia frEeze
Netherlands ZaK-
Slovakia Filus
United Kingdom crumbs

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4th Place
Won 50 euros

United Kingdom colt45

United Kingdom KaMzz
United Kingdom razz
Finland twidi
Netherlands Ati_
France emorej

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Congratulations to all of them for comming so far in this season! What a performance! They can get their prize money very fast if they create a support ticket, in which they state the 5 players that played for their team in this season.

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A new beginning

image: 132132You all thought that EMS is over? Oh no! I'm here to announce the new season, number 7, of the ESL Major Series. No time to relax! Everyone can join in the new season of the ESL Major Series. Due to the fact that there will be no other 5on5 tournament during the next weeks you have to be fast to get one of the available slots! So what are you waiting for? Signups will start soon so there's no time to waste. Check here for more details and don't forget about the unique prize purse that EMS has! Only 750 euros for this online competition!

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  • Signups Open: Monday, 23rd of August
  • Signups End: Thursday, 2nd of September
  • Modus: 5on5 SW, Double Elimination, free map choice
  • Slots: 32(4x8 slot Cups, free for all)
  • Seedings: Admin seeded on 3rd / 4th September
  • Groupstage: Top 4/Cup will join the EMS VII Group Stage (16 teams)
  • Prize purse: 750 euros
  • Map list: TBA
  • There are no wildcards in the cups! Defwins may be granted!


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  • Round 1: Sunday, 5th September - Sunday 12th September
  • Round 2: Monday, 13th September - Sunday, 19th September
  • Round 3: Monday, 20th September - Wednesday, 22nd September
  • Round 4: Thursday, 23rd September - Sunday, 26th September
  • Round 5: Monday, 27th September - Wednesday, 29th September
  • Round 6: Thursday, 30th September - Sunday, 3rd October

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Reserved Slots

Yes, we have reserved slots for the EMS teams that didn't drop during the Group Phase. The main rule is that you need to have the same team account that participated in the last season. If you want to get a reserved slot, just write a support ticket. After 5 days, the pending reserved slots will be available for all other teams!

A short notice about the reserved slots. You need to have over 50% of the team that participated in the last EMS Groups Stage in order to request such a slot. So basicly, you need to have 3 out of 5 players from the team that participated in the EMS, season VI, to get a reserved slot.

Don't forget to sign up as fast as possible, time is short! Have fun!

image: s_foot
no € for new EMS ?
Same prize money for EMS VII. :)
nice, might wanna say that somewhere @ ur newspost, since that's the biggest benefit of EMS I assume for most teams :P
Done! Check at details! :)
where is the fall league sign ups
Soon enough.
ggs and gl for the next season
you must quit after this Ec, et is too predictable nowdays
will do it :)

competitive gaming only tho... ET is always in my heart
quit before slac?
looks nice
Awesome :)
kamz will steal!
We waited for about 6 month back in 2006. :O
no night no win
EMS - New beggining
Gratz to the winrars and well done to the EMS admins.
send money for EMS V :F
Congratz Fintastic 5
fintastic 5 gathering up lan money? :)
not quite :)
dont spend it all at once crumbs & Clown
its not that easy not to spend 20e at once :D
extend the signups
4 spots are left and I'm pretty sure teams will signups today. Why should the signups be extended?
this is not possible because the qualifiers must start on monday

so sign ups will end in 27h
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