EMS VII Qualifiers are ON!

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A new ESL Major Series season has started last night, that is already passing through the qualifiers stage. 32 teams were selected for the qualifiers that were seeded according to several aspects such as recent achievements, activity, stability etc. Only 16 teams will pass in the Group Stage, so the battle will be intense. Don't forget about the unique prize purse for this online competition: 750 euros. Let's see the 32 teams that will fight for a place in the ESL Major Series VII Group Stage.

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Qualifier 1

Europe Team Dignitas
Europe Team Ictus
Europe reprezent
Poland blurred vision
Czech Republic inteRaction
Greece myRevenge e.V.
Turkey Vice Gaming
Germany Lost Soldiers

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Qualifier 2

Europe i dont know
Europe Sleeperz
Poland 1stCav ET
Europe two4two
Europe stronger than hate
Poland high.five
Germany no Teamplay
Germany noBra!n

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Qualifier 3

United Kingdom Impact Gaming
Europe Zero Empathy
Germany Team Speedlink
Europe baserace.et
Germany energy-WAVE
Europe WinFakt!
Poland In7 - eSports ET
Europe Back To Kill

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Qualifier 4

Europe close but no cigar
United Kingdom Aero Gaming
Spain Gamerz Connexion
Estonia SQUAD.EE
Poland Savak
Germany SNOGARD Dragons
Belgium WcK
Poland Frogs of War

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These are the teams that will fight to get in the next stage of the ESL Major Series VII. If you want to see the tournament tree for each qualifier, click here. Also, don't forget that we have a tight schedule so defwins may be granted. Check below for further details, the mappool, the schedule and already played/upcoming matches.

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  • Modus: 5on5 SW, Double Elimination, free map choice
  • Groupstage: Top 4/Cup will join the EMS VII Group Stage (16 teams)
  • There are no wildcards in the cups! Defwins may be granted!
  • Radar
  • Sw_goldrush_te
  • Supply
  • Adlernest
  • Bremen_b3
  • Sp_delivery_te

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  • Round 1: Sunday, 5th September - Sunday 12th September
  • Round 2: Monday, 13th September - Sunday, 19th September
  • Round 3: Monday, 20th September - Wednesday, 22nd September
  • Round 4: Thursday, 23rd September - Sunday, 26th September
  • Round 5: Monday, 27th September - Wednesday, 29th September
  • Round 6: Thursday, 30th September - Sunday, 3rd October

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Played Match - The first match of the Qualifiers was played last night, seeing a brand new zero Empathy team formed only by skilled players holding their grounds against a decent team such as In7 eSports. Nobody expected less from this match than the win of the new Zero Empathy team. Replays are available if you want to see them in action.

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Europe Zero Empathy

United Kingdom Jinosta
United Kingdom razz
Poland numeric
Poland Frag`Stealer
Poland zMk
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Poland In7 eSports

Poland Pius
Poland th0rdis
Poland nORAs
Poland despero
Poland viC
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Played on: Monday
Time: 21:30 CET
Maps: sw_goldrush_te, adlernest
League: image: etESL EMS VII Playoffsimage: game20990
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Upcoming Match - A new key player for Team Dignitas, but is it enough to re-gain their unbeatable status? Their opponents will try for sure to take advantage of their weakness, so tune in to see whether Dignitas is back in action or if it's time for a new team to dominate the ET scene.

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Europe Team Dignitas

Estonia Anderson
Germany drago
France karnaj
Finland olBaa
Slovenia Jakazc
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Germany Lost Soldiers

Germany Lango
Germany caTchEr
Germany snip0
Germany knoche
Germany bomi
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Date: Thursday
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: to be decided
League: image: etESL EMS VII Playoffsimage: game20991
image: s_foot

1st like a wigga bros!
no money for you this time?:)
where my money???????????????
where my money???????????????
where Ensams money?????????????????????
QuoteThere are no wildcards in the cups! Defwins may be granted!

well this will cause all kinds of trouble.
We have no other choice. It's a very tight schedule.
i'm not disagreeing with the rule itself, but the implied trouble it can cause. if it is truly enforced to all teams equally, then it will probably make some people grumble, but overall people will accept it as a rule they have to stick to.

if however, it is overlooked casually to account for the fact one of the top seeds can't get a player, the spectators will be on your side because they get to watch a quality match, but the teams who previously got excluded from the tournament will be after blood.

overall, the field looks strong, with some real surprises (close but no cigar!) and i wish you the best of luck in overseeing it :}
slac forced?
nie jestes moi zaad warrty
why isnt edified in we signed up fucking early rassist'S !
you play for that team?
what gifted said
haha ihr habt gegen noT verkackt und du laberst mich voll von lowskill ?!
1. sind die nicht low

2. karsiah & grush

3. seid ihr med- max& habt da nix verlorn
nur leute mit kraids nennen grush als grund für ne niederlage
also euch ziehen sie ;)

ihr seit halt stable was der PlusPunkt ist^^
können uns ja fordern grad irc mix die gezogen also babbel nicht
eaz for lost soldiers ':D'
what a mess with all these different mappools -.-
I loved discussing with Donex or Homer the last years!
It's a neverending discussion :p
I felt we had the best mappool about a year ago like radar,grush,supply,delivery,bremen,(adlernest). But as always thats just my opinion ;) Homer/KB always tend to push new maps which is a good thing but even if I have been a mapper and benefited from that I didnt like it as a player (looking at karsiah etc in mappool now).
i remember being a cb admin and discussing mappools... we always got the most stupid map opinions ever :D

i just don't get why frostbite isnt in :S
ESL and CB are 2 different competitions.
So, I think each admin have to choose they own map.
If players don't like it, they'll play in the other competition.

[engrish soz, hope you understood]
great news mate, looking forward to this season!
Thanks eiM! Miss you... <3
Gogo bacerace ;)
awesome ;)
are the maps forced or are we allowed to choose on our own?
free map choice, look @ Details.
google bilder ->picasa / photoshop -> fertig :D
h3h3 " gg"
looks nice, gl everyone
I like the banner ;o
Germany rockit`Hellkn1ght made it :)
nie jestes moi zaad warrty
nice mappool !
diff mappool. Lovely
euros there is no plural of euro
PhilippinesBack to Kill will take it
gl ewave :)
any drop outs ? :(
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