Fuzion.ET - Time for action

image: fuzionet

With the summer break coming to an end, United KingdomchEWz and a few other players decided to give Enemy Territory another shot, for the Upcoming ESL Major Series, Clanbase EuroCup, and possibly any upcoming LAN events.

The team has only recently been put together for a few weeks, but with only a small amount of time to practice, they have shown clear potential competing VS somewhat top teams. With some old faces, and some new, we have managed to put together a team with a stable mixture of players in which we intend to work and develop into a consistent respectable team.

Without further add, I present you with the Fuzion.ET lineup:

Netherlands vANQ
United Kingdom chEWz
Belgium siL
Belgium lio
Estonia Sinnu
Czech Republic jalo
Belgium PrydZ

They are currently playing in the Current EMS season, and looking forward to play in the Upcoming EuroCup and future LANs.

Quote by chEWz
Fuzion is a fairly new team which has been formed for the Upcoming EMS, EC and future LANs. With only a few practices played, we have already shown great potential against a top level set of teams in which we hope to continue this run of form in our upcoming officials throughout the EMS and EC season. But like all new teams, we have a few key areas we need to concentrate on so we can compete at a top level consistently. As you can see from the Lineup, I am the weakest link, but I intend to show you what I am capable of, and hope I get your support. As a team, we hope to receive your support, and will repay this by impressing you in the upcoming Online and Offline competitions. Thanks for your time, and have a great day! :)

Quote by Sinnu
We have played some games. They were not bad at all. I think our playing style suits to all of us, players, quite nicely. I have only played with chEWz before, all of the other players are new to me. I have seen them play and i really do think they are decent people, online and offline.
We shall keep practicing to get to the top of our skills. Our main goal is to compete in many different high leagues, as EC/ESL etc.

image: s_head
image: s_news
On Monday night, around 21.00 CET, the battle for a place in the ESL Major Series VII Group Stage will start! EuropeFuzion.ET will try to prove what they are capable of in their first official against a decent polish team. Don't forget to tune in to see the outcome of this match!

image: game21152

image: s_head

You can support them at:

Thanks for your time and support, and thanks to Romaniabody for the banner, we hope to surprise in the upcoming season! :)
who the hell is chewz?
coming from you, highly unlikely
reAliZe_, i changed my nick :<
into chEWz? why the fuck do you think that's better? :S
I don't know :<

Don't you like it? :o
no it's very ugly
this guy is right
why ?
the other one is better ...

ill play with both names! :D
Yes sir ! :)
who is reAliZe_?
fu :< we met at lan for christ sake! :(
thought the same
Quote looking forward to play in the Upcoming EuroCup


sry Sungi, but reAliZe_'s definitely some levels above you.
I definitely see that you're ready to play EC, especially since you're trying to compare 2on2 and 3on3 to 5on5. I pity you.
I can hold anyone alone longer than that time. Stupid me thinking guys playing EC should be good.
"sungi only plays 2on2/3on3, he spent everyday since 2009 playing only that. he's useless in 6on6/5on5 :P


cu on EC ETTV? :)
" he spent everyday since 2009 playing only that"
I started playing 2on2 in 2010

"he's useless in 6on6/5on5"
Don't know much people that saw me playing 5on5 recently so you shouldn't judge
So you're still implying there's no difference between 2on2 and 5on5? I still pity you.
I never said or implied that. It was you. Need a reminder? http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=news&mode=item&id=6206#comment337019
I didn't say I am better than him (but I am) or EC skilled, I said I though EC players were supposed to be good. But apparently I was wrong.
Hate to disappoint, but you actually compare skill from a 2on2 on a Friday night when we played without crosshairs for shits and giggles?

Seriously man, It's just a game, stop being such a ego tarded prick.
without crosshairs

shittiest attempt to salvage the situation in the history
What you choose to believe is your decision, but we do it quite alot.
actually, they do do it a lot.. xD
No matter how many screenshots you link here, he is still better than you =)
decent polish team :PP

I think we should convert our flags to Poland? :P
gl rich but u forgot to add Scotlanddemented as backup ^^ jk i'll be speccing ur games =-) i'm so proud! ma wee boys all grown up and playin ec ^^
not sure yet :P
aw well it would be nice anyways give em a chance =D
gl jEWz
what's with these standard unknown englanders being so talented in gathering a group of players many times better than themselves??
ex-cheater united???
chews is just manager ye?
17:51… @SL|Evilynn: reAliZe_ are you a player or their manager
17:52… @reAliZe_: playa

Good luck realize, show them noobs what you're made off

1 week max anyway
gl realize & sil
looks like a bit of a 2 week team bros, sorry :(
seems to be a good team :)
gl realize <3
totw (troll of the week)
I am disappoint realize
lio thought the same, har har
wow you must be lios best friend
just joking :c
thats sad
chEWz doing it Netherlands Twinzz-style :D
remove the brit then you have a decent team.
Good luck!
really nice opponent with some time you will amaze, good luck! :)
gl prydzje! (still need a new pc??)
yeah, I really could use a new one :]
I have one here for 180 euro!
ugly banner
made by a 13 y o
Estonia Sinnu <3 gl :)
gl richie <3
vanq sil <3 hf!
<333333 jo0f èè!
gl prydz <333
dignitas just shat when they seen this awesome team post
jalove u !
gl sil and vanq
Sinnu ! :)) <3
gL Rich, u sexy beast <3
Real Name: reAliZe_ / chEWz
Age: 17 ( 6 November 1992 )
Flag: United Kingdom
Country: UK
Gender: Male
Function: Member
Registered: 28 September 2008
Member For: 1 year, 11 months and 20 days

Status: Online
Viewing: Checking out Ironic[/u]

u so busted!
That has to be the worst banner I've ever seen. Looks like a one-armed toddler printed out a Mac OS Leopard wallpaper and drew a couple of names on it.
haha, held
gl sinnu & prydz :)
gl prydz jalo

so what is the main lineup?
lowest ec ever but if anyone has a problem they can fight me at lan cause im fuckin solid mush. gl babe x
ahahah never gets fucking old xD
hmm wth, realize aka chEwz has a lot of potential to be good, i'd say he will be good, he just need some time ;) <33
No EC or you.
Goodluck Realize! Finally <3
Quote by R0SS Yea but i played Eurocup
mai nou ala gradinita te invata sa faci si bannere? :)))
That is the worst fucking banner I have ever seen.

Holy fucking shit.
gl jalo ;) <3
gl jalo ;) <3
gl vanq and sil!

still wondering what a guy like realize is doing in ur lineup ;x
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