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After the last details have been cleared with the developers,ESL is announcing the introduction of a new Anti Cheat tool, developed by SPEEDLINK, for all upcoming and
current ladders, tournaments and cups.

Speedlink Anti Cheat (SLAC) will replace Punkbuster as official anti-cheat tool in the Enemy Territory section within the ESL. After some discussions with Speedlink and the announcement of the EULA for SLAC anti cheat software, we will use SLAC as an interim solution to fight against the cheaters.

As already mentioned, we will use SLAC temporarily. The open BETA phase for the very own, ESL Wire Anti Cheat (WAC), is running and we are going to use WAC as soon as it is 100% operational.
  • Only players with entered SLAC ID are allowed to play
  • SLAC ID must be entered before the match date
  • SLAC is mandatory for all official ESL matches
  • MAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match
  • Linux: Allowed to play without SLAC after checking that they really use Linux: checking via the console command "/cheaters" (for now, might be changed during the next updates)
  • For official matches, you still have to use the Global Configs (no pb version)
  • Transition period: 7 days (mandatory from 1st October 2010)
  • We will still ban for any record on a PB based Public Ban lists etc.
  • Cheating during an ESL match: Banned for 2 years.
  • Cheating outside an ESL match: Banned for 6 months starting the date when the cheater was caught.

    Also, check:

    1. Go to your profile

    2. Select Gameaccounts from the left menu

    image: gamej

    3. Press add

    image: addy

    4. Select SLAC ID from the list

    image: slacid

    5. Write down your SLAC ID and press SEND

    image: sendu

    6. You're done! You added your SLAC ID on ESL[/hide]

in da face

edit: oh, mac users :D
nice decision even tho I think that SLAC will always be better than WAC cuz SLAC is coded for ET only while WAC is a "general" anticheat
slacs not coded for et only.
Quote# MAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match
# Linux: Allowed to play without SLAC after checking that they really use Linux: checking via the console command "/cheaters"

image: hurr
they stole ur rules. u mad?
sharing the rules ^^
slac is virus yes? :P
i dont see the difference between mac and linux in that case. why is mac banned and linux isnt?
if anything the mac kids dont even know what a hack is because apple doesnt sell them and any linux user could simply set up "his own hack".
cant check whether someone is using mac or not, unlike with linux
if you have rcon you can :]
some coding would definitely make it visible to everyone else too
just glad we got sourcecode now... oh wait
Don't give out the secret! Shhh... :D
if you have mac, it is written "win32" in console.
if you have linux, it is written "linux" in console.
Not true for Mac.
Not true. It's [???].
true story
bibuy Poland
poor cheaters, cant play anywhere :(
now i rly need to make a 2nd win installation for that tras.. slac i mean <3
<waiting for killerboy's nice combinaison>
oh my god its the electronic sports league anti christ!!!!!!
<waiting for killerboy's nice combinaison>
Cheating outside an ESL match: Banned for 6 months starting the date when the cheater was caught.



thats why your cup is filled with cheaters
Why is do you have a graeter responsibility to take than for example CB?
U.S of A. People tend to drag you to court a little easier over there.
lol, didn't know that:D
serious business!
USA? ESL (Turtle Entertainment) is a German company based in Cologne and everything I was talking about has happened at courts in Cologne :)
rofl. well, Germans are crazy with vidgames ;-)
the likelihood of someone caring enough to sue CB/GGL multiplied by the likelihood of it ever reaching court/settlement = ridiculously low, and even if it were to happen, and in the worst case scenario, while the impact on the general gaming community would be pretty bad, very few people depend on CB/GGL for their jobs

whereas in Germany, the likelihood of someone caring enough to sue us is high (we get letters all the time), the likelihood of having to defend it - in or out of court, lawyers cost money - is also high, therefore we can't get away with stuff like other leagues

if we fsck up, it would have a noticeable impact on esports - ~200 people who depend on the ESL directly for their jobs, and many of those have families, and more indirectly the teams that depend on ESL for their exposure in the EPS/IEM to varying degrees will be affected, etc

and still on top of that, the same like for CB, the communities around ESL would be hurt a lot
what does a banlength have to do with going to court? and if you add "we have the right to terminate your account bla bla" when registering, it won't be a problem?
Its the German law...don't even try to understand it ;)
there are enough problems :)
iirc some CS player e.g. was once banned based on demo/replay where admins saw a wallhack. Case went to court. (e.g.)

i can imagine the judge "ive seen some demos in my times and i think you hacked, case closed" wtf :D?
I guess it was rather in question if you are allowed to ban and thus exclude someone from the gaming competitions where he makes his money for living based on an opinoin reviewing a demo. Not the demo itself. But I have no idea.

(told you, germany = law = serious business = reliable = ESL ;>)
here are some links to one of one of the things happened in january 2008 (so called "coldgame/xektor case" and quite popular to those who are following the esport scene already for a couple of years since it was the first time somebody went to court in germany for being banned):

coldgame geht gegen Cheatsperre vor
Interview mit coldgame
Interview mit ESL|Affentod
coldgame vs. Turtle Entertainment: Verhandlung vertagt
coldgame strebt außergerichtliche Einigung an
XektoR-Prozess: Keine Einstweilige Verfügung
ESL TV Special

sorry, but all are in german. but it is funny to see at the esl tv special how many people where interested in it (i hope i remember right and it is included there and not in another esl tv docu about this). the hearing at court in cologne was public and so many people where interested in it (online pr, esl tv, normal esport fans) that there was lack space for all and even the judge was "shocked" of this xD
these ppl who go to court for an online game should be given medical care / should have been aborted / should find a real job...

it's pathetic to take someone to court for that :/
Not if you make money for living with it. Makes perfect sense. And there are enough of them.
yea well you dont make your living with eSport in CB ":D"
yea noticed that :p
It finally has an EULA but it may as well not have one since all it says is "use it at your own risk and if your pc crashes and fucks up your harddrive or any other kind of data on your pc gets lost, don't come knocking on our door, even if it's due to the fact that there was a bug in our software that caused it."


other funny part of the EULA is;

The Software is provided "AS IS" and without any warranty of any kind. The Licensee understands that the Software may contain errors, function improperly, negatively affect the operation of the Game or other software, fail in detecting all cheats or mistakenly detect a cheat when no such program is running on the Licensee's computer

So, let me get this straight. In the one hand we have "it could be wrong in telling that someone cheats or not" and in the other hand we have "Proof of someone cheating will not be made public". So in other words, if someone gets banned we will never know whether or not it was legit. That's great.
you have the choice to play it (and risk your pc will die): or to stop playing, right?
+ only Killerboy can bust players, because they can't get kicked out of a server. ;)
And what did you expect in EULA? Seriously...

So fucking paranoid.
This is in every EULA.
image: Paranoid-Parrot-Van-parked-outside-of-house-FBI-IS-WATCHING

I guess you get the point.
afaik you can spoof win32/linux/whatever with some bots
visible via rcon :)
same for mac, why is it forbidden then
nice nice :D
Quote# MAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match

Pretty lame to exclude mac users now that it actually is possible to check it

otherwise a good move
Quote * MAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match

You sir, just killed ET
i personally dont know a single et player who uses MAC tho :D its just a temporary solution anyway so no need to get angreh!
well it's not like I am checking out everyone and what system they are using, but if its possible to install ET with mac you should also think of something to be at least able to play competition with it. Otherwise it's shit
It's not SLACs fault, but ETPros, I think.
that's not my point, it's about ESL not wanting MAC users to play in their leagues cuz they are using MAC
No. They request a working anticheat for all their players instead of having no anticheat and if anticheat doesnt work on mac then its player problem to customize his setup so he can use the same anticheat as everyone else. You are making that look like a bad thing lol. Its not MAC related at all, its AC related.
linux ain't working with SLAC either, but they do allow linux players to play
I hope they deny linux users aswell. (or that lnux client is ready like s00n)
I got an iMac.
trolled hard :D
"Cheating outside an ESL match: Banned for 6 months starting the date when the cheater was caught." Seriously what? Cheat = Cheat, banlength should be the same.

+ will we soon have 2 AC's running for ET? It's getting fucked up.. Seriously work together.
At first I though the same... but maybe the fact that there are 2 anticheats for ET makes it even more difficult for hackers.. at least I hope they share a common database for busted players or something.
no vivi, no sera asi.
The other one is for multiple games. It works for ET, but SLAC will be the one used, atleast that's how I interpreted it.
the text says they will use SLAC till they can use the other one. They prolly just want to be diff than CB
nothing to do with CB. ESL is a huge organization and using the same AC for most games makes good sense.
except for the fact that ET seemly has SLAC, which only works for ET and is therefore the best choiche instead of an anticheat of creators who probably didn't ever hear about ET?
your reasoning is not right, you can't say that WAC will be catching less cheaters cause it works on many platforms. The product focusing on one game might be better but that's not a 100% rule is it? I have no info on whether they've heard about ET before or not but I honestly think that even if they haven't they investigated it enough.

Best choice for who? ET players? There are many that do not trust SLAC and for now that's it's biggest problem. I personally also think the way it's gonna catch/ban cheaters etc. is too private and I think it might be easly manipulated (not saying it will). Having said that, I'm happy SLAC was created since it shaked our scene a bit and created new options. All I'm saying is that it's not perfect (like any ac really) but people tend to blindly stick to their "love towards SLAC". As I said in one of my previous comments it's also a better choice for ESL overall. It's in their interest to provide the highest quality product and to keep it up to date.

In other news, today WAC Open Beta just added 6 more games, sadly not ET yet but it's just a matter of time right now. Be patient and don't judge before seeing please.
How can they have investigated the game after not having heard about it?

+ I'm not saying I expect UAC to be more bad, it's a fact that SLAC is only for ETPro designed and therefore it will get more attention from the maker. UAC supports more games and if there is a bug only in ET they won't completely look in it because all other games work fine. While SLAC only works for ET and if it bugs for ET it's kinda hard to let it go don't you think?
As soon as ET is gonna be included ina a program like WAC it'll be supported properly. Meaning responsible persons will have taken their time to investigate everything needed and especially proven it being effective.
Maybe, I didn't say it would be bad. But as long as SLAC works why bother changing it, since SLAC will get updates for ET more often than some global anticheat
a) you cant know how effective SLAC will be on long term (you cant for WAC either but the level of trust set into developers from a neutral point of view is higher for WAC)
b) SLAC only lives as long as Speedlink has the interest and money to support it. Obviously their plan is to make it big and it is not just a fast illplanned idea. But if we dumb our personal option to have both, WAC and SLAC, available to ET now we might regret it in a few month or a year (Given the case SLAC drops service or effectivity somewhen). Whereas for WAC we can be sure that it will be in place or atleast once its given up something new by ESL is available.

Pretty good reasons to support both for the time being.
a) No you can't know how effective SLAC is, but as you stated yourself neither for the UAC.

b) Would UAC live longer than they interrest in supporting ET with the other games?

edit: WAC
its WAC not UAC ^^
UAC as in UrAntiCheat
You got the part about SLAC pretty much right. Afer we got the needed insight in just these matters we are able to use SLAC.
Here we go with all the prejudice against Mac users again.
you quit et now? : D
Why does everybody want me to quit? O_O
dont quit azuKI :(
I'm not! I can still play in CB! :D
im on a mac and cant play now:(
loved this part
SLAC - Caught Cheaters
Cheating outside an ESL match: Banned for 6 months starting from the date of capture

implying you can unban someone from SLAC yourself :D
SLAC makes bans itself for at least a year.

but they're not going to use slac for long (they'll use WAC when its available hehe)
Best anticheat ever i heard

coded my a random. covering over 5 games :D
you must be an insider measured at the amount of comments you tend to make under every ESL news
chosen giving me all the infos :P (in exchange for a redbull) :))
chosen isnt admin enough (not at all in fact) to know what you imply to know with many of your comments
maybe chosen is getting info from a real admin for the price of a beer!11
Where is it stated that his SLAC account is unbanned?

this effects the ESL account, not his SLAC account. Means the player can play other games again within the ESL after these 6 months.

if an ESL account is banned, it cannot be used - simple. After 6 months he can play again and after the introduction of WAC he is even able to play ET in the ESL after that 6 months.
Hey nerd

ill make my point clear for you
GUID Username Banned until Ban reason
00000057 suzi 08.09.2011. Cheating (Heur/Hacked game)

means slac bans for a year, you cant ban someone for 6 months then
that ghost anticheat will never work but gl with it.

even cheatcoders are smart enough to cover a few games, not over 9000
read it again - hopefully u will get the point then

otherwise take that example:

PmBb plays CS and ET in the ESL
PmBb gets banned for 6 months due to cheating while using SLAC
PmBb's SLAC account is banned for 1 year, his ESL account for 6 months

-6 months are over now-

PmBb's ESL account is unbanned!
PmBb is allowed to play ESL matches again, for example: CS! therefore he does not need his 1 year banned SLAC account - oh!

in the meanwhile WAC for ET is ready and becomes mandatory in the ESL
Oh! PmBb can even play ET matches in the ESL again even though his SLAC account is still banned!
Hahah, ofc i got your point, i already did

but tell me, how many players cheat @ et/slac and play other game offis

and btw, WAC wont be able to cover all those games

gl anyway
so its pointless to use SLAC in ESL because either way you're going to be allowed to play while banned.
ah, of course, that makes perfect sense!
I get what you mean and you're kinda right, but please pick your words better because this makes it unclear:D
unexpected :D

hf Germanycrush3r !
image: 010haters

fuuuuu cheaters

QuoteLinux: Allowed to play without SLAC after checking that they really use Linux: checking via the console command "/cheaters"

linux users should be not allowed :f
what's the procedure when /cheaters results in [???] ?
fix virus warning!!!
you should ban for a year instead of 6 months. Slac unbans cheaters after a year, u get it?
Im not talking about being able to play other games, just about ET. Don't ban someone for 6 months if the guy wont be able to play till a year has passed. I know he will be able to play CS or every other game.
check the 2nd link again. if WAC (Wire Anti Cheat) will be mandatory he can play ET after 6 months in the ESL again.
ye that's right, but you can't assure wac will be ready and 100% working in ET in 6 months, can u?
the 6 months rule is not ET only, it is a general ESL rule, that cheaters caught outside of the ESL (e.g. banlists) are barraged for 6 months
u didnt get my point, im talking about slac banning 1 year, so if u unban someone in 6 months, slac still wont allow him to join a slac server(offi).
so lets hope its gonna be working till then, for now there's no problem is it?
the fact that something doesn't affect anyone at the moment, doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about it.
but you also don't need to panic about it. The question should be rather: when WAC is out ESL will have the chance to change something on their own. What will CB do then?
yup, we know, so if we are still using SLAC at the time, a player would still not be able to play ET on ESL, that's fine

however by then, the ET section will hopefully be using WAC
QuoteMAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match

QuoteLinux: Allowed to play without SLAC after checking that they really use Linux: checking via the console command "/cheaters" (for now, might be changed during the next updates)

no more Poland in ESL
apart from 2 admins (for now, maybe more soon who knows?)
2 Poland admins at CB too :PP
told you long time ago that pl will takeover the whole scene. You didnt believe it back then but its on its way!
if that happens i'll rotate my flag by 90 degrees clockwise :)
Evil plan is working :))
lets try it
in b4suVi
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