SPEEDLINK Halloween Challenge

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It's been a long time since SPEEDLINK hosted a community event and now the time has come to announce a new one. This time SPEEDLINK is bringing you a small 1-day-cup.

Some teams have already been invited to play and the remaining slots are available for your team to sign up. The cup is going to take place on October 30th, starting at ~ 16 CET. The main prize will be 5 Kudos gaming mice.

All matches will be broadcasted on ETTV and Teamoxid TV with a German shoutcast. Teams to take part are expected to idle in #speedlink.cup.

Invited teams who also confirmed already are:
  • United Kingdom Aero
  • United Kingdom Dignitas
  • Estonia squad.ee
  • Europe TAG
  • Europe Giants Gaming
  • Europe stronger than hate
  • Europe Epsilon
  • Netherlands Team Overload
  • Germany SPEEDLINK
  • Germany e-wave
Signed up teams so far:

11. Finland aikamiehet
12. Finland Al-Qaida Finland
13. Europe Team Decerto
14. Europe Men of Honor
15. United Kingdom :h (mousetek)
16. Europe carnifex
17. France botZ
18. Germany The outcasts
19. Poland Contra
20. Germany nB|Allstars
21. Europe my Revenge
22. Poland vae victis
23. Europe webSPELL
24. Europe Pornoping
25. Germany eypro #r2r
26. Poland HardCore
27. Europe Alberts team
28. Germany Venom.ET
30. Germany KG Attention
31. Finland LHS
32. Finland VieteriMaajoukkue
Waiting list:

34. United Kingdom eRoX eSports

Want to sign up? - Join #speedlink.cup and pm either SL|Evilynn or SL|Gungy.

The cup has been extended to 32 teams, due to the huge amount of signups.

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Update: Brackets are online now.
image: SLHC

SPEEDLINK Halloween Challenge

stronger than hate

Congratz to all, thanks for playing. Drop me a PM if you liked it as well if you have suggestions for the 2nd edition.

Thank you!
1st <reserved>
probably avi for it :p
That is nice :)
trick or pocal
saturday :-/
add Al-Qaida Finland
have u prepared enough vaselin for the game vs speedlink ? 8)

avi2 play on mon \thu @ the ladder? if yes, what time can u play ?
dunno yet.lets see nextweek
bad day wont be avi
1-day eurocup
saturday... what the hell
h3h3 you will paly @week heheh :D
im not playing
then R0SS will deliver :D
only for ugly people? nice I can play too then:)
Nice work again by Speedlink.

Wolfenstein: Speedlink Territory.

Keep up the good work & glhf for all the attending teams.
saturday 16:00 CET :XDDDDDDDD

taking nerding to a new level
I'm aviable for this small 1day cup ,pmme @ #interaction.et
Germanyready2rumble | Evelynn isnt responsing on irc..
you didnt even pmme lol
LOL good that I made some screenshots. You just ihnore me.. PM me for having this shots.
nerd ignored on the Internet, waiting for news about school massacre
Tu uns einfach dazu ;) ready2rumble :x
You should query the right name, in this case, SL|Evilynn.
avi, any class :>!
Germany nB|Allstarz

with little n pls :p
created the query
damn those teams no one would be able to gues the winner :)
wtf why not sunday? :C
saturday :s
Good luck!
nB|Allstarz ;)
saturday xdddd
xdddd Hilarious, isn't it?
31 nerd team so far xdddddd hilarious!
I have nothing against your cup. Just usual spams about saturday cups. So have fun (:
playing on a saturday...
need dukes statement about how cool kudo gaming mouse is
oh its halloween no worries we dont need to dress up. someone ordinary might dress up as nerd but we dont have to :=)
Merc aviiiiii /q
it's JustFIRE not justFIRE ;D
kudos again to win?

reminded me that i wanted to sell mine. still unopened !
SPEEDLINK Halloween challenge - nolifers challenge
gl to all teams, but me and AL1 are going on vacation together.
AL1 is a girl, I hope...
No, AL1 plays for Aero and he's a guy.
wonder how many mix teams show up... nice one with the Saturday part.
Who loves Gungy? ME!
searching team for SL cup pmme on irc #GetHit - gH`tAMjee .. ty ;p
Saturday night fun :)))))))) Best saturday ever coming :)))))))
Wieso sidn wir nerds wenn an Halloween nur Freitag & Sontag party geht? :D
need looserbracket!
will be hard with 32 teams :<
good luck with the cup today - are they going to be added to GTV? :) might catch a few games!
Searching 5th Player, prefer german, against dignitas :P pm me
ah yes, we are against ec team. more time in bar for me, nerds play till midnight anywya.. its saturday..
hf everyone.

gj Eve. ;)
1day cup in main news. Nice xxxxjob.
Was starting to worry but it starts at 16cet. Will be good cup!
great idea of having a 6vs6 cup. fucking epic idea guys!
6on6 cup, awesome!
I think it's 5on5 m8 :S
No, no! 6on6! yes, 6on6! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
BO1 or BO3?
1, finals bo3 i guess
the stream is soooo bad :DD
gratz u won a mouse
tell me how is this amazing mouse when u receive it :DDDDDDD
its pretty nice (i won it in a SL competition few months ago) but i like my mx518 better
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