EMS VII: Interview & Newsflash

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Some decisive matches of the ESL Major Series Group Stage took place yesterday. We already know half of the final stage teams and what is more interesting the seeding! What is up in the groups and an interesting interview with Poland Aero Robaciek can be found below!

The Group Stage

Group A

Things are decided here! A loss against Spain Giants could not stop United Kingdom Aero from reaching the Final Stage.
The 4:2 win over Germany e-wave saved the 2nd rank. Final group standing:
1) Spain Giants.et will face Group D 2
2) United Kingdom Aero Gaming will face Group D1
3) Germany e-wave.et
4) Germany Highbot (removed from the tournament)
Group A Rankings

Group B

all still possible here, even though the chances for some teams are quite low
Upcoming matches:
United Kingdom Impact Gaming vs.Poland blurred vision
United Kingdom Impact Gaming vs. Denmark RAGE-Gaming EMS ET
Spain Gamerz Connexion vs. Poland blurred vision
Group B Rankings

Group C

Things are decided here as well!
Just the 3rd place has to be determined in the last match where Europe stronger than hate will face Germany Fourvisions Enemy Territory
1) Netherlands OVERLOAd gaming will face Group B2
2) Europe Most Valuable Pl4yers will face Group B1
Upcoming matches:
Europe stronger than hate vs. Germany Fourvisions Enemy Territory
Group C Rankings

Group D

Similar to Group B, nothing is decided here yet!
Upcoming matches:
Estonia SQUAD.EE vs. United Kingdom Team Dignitas
Europe ESL Winners vs. Poland 1stCav ET
Group D Rankings

We still have no updates regarding the six wild carded matches. All we know is: Six matches will take place this week and they will determine the last four teams joining the play offs!

The Interview

In the meanwhile we present you an interesting interview with United Kingdom Aero Gaming's Enemy Territory team manager
Poland Aero Robaciek:

Due to Germany energy-WAVE ET losing 0:4 vs Spain Giants.et and the removal of Germany HIGHBOT 2k10 your team just qualified for the EMS Final Stage yesterday. Is the minimal aim reached?
Robaciek: Well the minimal aim was...Full answer

You also lost vs Spain Giants.et yesterday. In your statement you predicted a 4:2 in favour of United Kingdom Aero Gaming. What went wrong and lead to that 0:4 loss?

Robaciek: To be honest this 4:2 prediction was made only so I don't sound cocky, game could've been won 4:0. Germany essah admitted that.. Full answer

As 2nd from group A you will face group D's winning team. Theoretical you can face three teams. Who do you think will be that team?
Robaciek: Group D was definitely the strongest one in whole groupstage and ...Full answer

If that will be the match, what can we expect?
Robaciek: We can promise our fans (shoutout to Belgium Goku, our biggest fanboy) that...Full answer

The 2nd group where nearly everything is still possible is Group B. Who will make it into the play offs and why?
Robaciek: My answer won't be surprising: Europe Epsilon aka United Kingdom Impact Gaming and...Full answer

Let's go over to Group C, where the things are decided. Any surprises there?
Robaciek: Two big surprises there: that Netherlands OVERLOAd gaming won against Europe Most Valuable Pl4yers...Full answer

What about your team's performance in general? Satisfying? What can be improved?
Robaciek: In general almost everything can be improved. I'm not fully satisfied as we could have won the group. I think what....Full answer

It might be a little bit early in the ongoing tournament but tell me your top 3 prediction.
Robaciek: 1) United Kingdom Impact Gaming ....Full answer
why noone wants to interview me
For commence would you introduce yourself?
i was manager of belgian fraternity before robaciek :[ and no intervieww :'(((

best of luck to u robert ;) and ofc to al1, sup3r and co
I was manager of bF before you :D
i was twice their manager ;(
I was in phan, bF, bF and now Aero :)
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As long as delivery isnt in the map pool I dont care how bad the website is.
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if I could do that I would not need to visit IT1 in University later today :<
why noone wants to interview me
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managers know the best ":D"
4) Highbot (removed from the tournament)

Le shoutout PolandbF'Robaciek!
lol who's this guy that got interviewed??
u mad ladderloser?
who are u lol why replying me??!
I should be the one asking this question
How can you call winning 4-0 lucky?
u mad ladderloser?
to bad I don't play for overload
hopefully cu @ ec/ems again!
fucked up interview by all the links to this esl page ;(
hb removed because?
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