EMS VII: Play Offs go on

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The first round in the Enemy Territory Major Series Play Offs has been played! Four teams made their way into round 2 while the other four teams have fallen into the lower bracket. Being in the lower bracket means all or nothing! So we can expect two tight matches but also two tight matches in the upper bracket where the teams are fighting for the upper bracket final entry! The complete statements can be found here!
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2nd Round Upper Bracket
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Last matches:
Europe alnc. 4:0 Spain Giants
Netherlands Overlaod Gaming 4:0 Denmark Rage

Statement by NetherlandsEurope ECW is a good team. We are the underdog, but we were that also the last 2 games we played and we both won them. So I am confident that we will play good against them. Not sure who will win. 4-2 for us or 4-2 for them. gl hf!
Statement by Netherlands alnc. perfo
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United Kingdom Overlaod

Netherlands joshua
Netherlands saKen
Iceland phyzic
Germany boNg
Germany s1LENT
image: s_news

Poland dialer
Poland wiaderko
Netherlands perfo
Netherlands teKoa
United Kingdom Baggiez
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Date: Sunday
Time: 22:00CET
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
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2nd Round Upper Bracket
image: digefimage: mvph
Last matches:
Europe osK.mvp 4:2 United Kingdom Impact
United KingdomDignitas 4:0 United Kingdom Aero

Statement by Poland I think if we gonna play this game like we played last time against United Kingdom impact, then it may be a close match.
Statement by Germany dignitas. drago
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Europe oSk.mvp

Poland numeric
Poland Frag'Stealer
Poland zMk
United Kingdom razz
Belgium chry
image: s_news
United KingdomDignitas

Estonia Anderson
Germany drago
Finland Squall
Finland olBaa
Finland Matias
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Date: Monday
Time: 21:00CET
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
image: game22815image: s_footimage: s_head
1st Round Lower Bracket
image: zzztximage: 4947332small
Last matches:
DenmarkRage 0:4 Netherlands overload
SpainGiants 0:4 Europe alnc.

Statement by United KingdomWe've only had one official match since Belgium Lazio left the main lineup forCroatia suVi and that was vs dignitas who were just too good for us. However, our pracs have been going well and we've been beating teams that are ranked above us so things are looking good. Giants have been in bad form lately and will desperately want to win this match but we are going to make sure that doesn't happen. I think we will win 4-2.

Statement by Latvia Giants Clown
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Croatia suVi
United Kingdom griim
Norway Eirik
Estonia hell
United Kingdom Kamz
image: s_news

Latvia Clown
Estonia frEeze
Finland kapaa
United Kingdomcrumbs
image: s_border_short

Date: Sunday
Time: TBA
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
image: game22816image: s_footimage: s_head
1st Round Lower Bracket
image: impaimage: aeroq
Last matches:
United KingdomImpact 2:4 Europe mvp
United KingdomAero 0:4 United Kingdom Dignitas.

Statement by BelgiumWhen you're playing United Kingdom impact you know it's gonna be a tough task to beat them. After the recent loss againstEurope MVP it's proven that they aren't unbeatable so we shouldn't give our hopes up just yet. Our performance hasn't been any good but I'm hoping we can once again get a few pracs going and we'll just see what will happen :) We will give it our best but it's never fun to face a team such as impact in the LB.
Statement by United Kingdom Impact Ross
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image: s_news
United KingdomAero

Belgium AL1
Belgium Jere
Belgium uNDEAd
Netherlands Lun4t1C
Netherlands xPERiA
image: s_news
United KingdomImpact

Italy Xylos
United Kingdom Squirrel
Belgium mAus
Netherlands Jay
United KingdomRoss
image: s_border_short

Date: Sunday
Time: 22:00CET
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
image: game22812image: s_foot
Poland Roba's prediction corner

The last matchday has been a bad day in Roba's prediction corner...

Last matches' predictions:
1) United Kingdom Dignitas 4:0 Poland 1stCav correct
2) United Kingdom Impact 4:0 Poland Blurred Vision correct
3) United Kingdom Impact 4:0 Denmark Rage correct
4) Poland 1stCav ET 0:4 Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB correct
5) United Kingdom Team Dignitas 4:0 United Kingdom Aero Gaming false (4:2)
6) Europe Old School sKilled MvP 4:2 United Kingdom Impact Gaming false (0:4)
7) Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB 4:0 Spain Giants.et false (4:2)
Maybe he will get back on track with the predictions for this matchday!

Poland Roba's new predictions & Match comments
Nice to see lazio finally leaving
rolled nerd first though.
what happened??
We couldn't play in the way I'd like us to play, or maybe 5v5 is just too much about rambo'ing around.
And I just didn't have fun playing in such a way since I'm not rly capable of doing that, so I decided to switch for backup position with suVi.
5on5 involves too much rambo-ing, stupidity generally tends to win, very gay :D
who would be rifling then?
suVi will just take my positions, so that they don't have to switch around too much.
suvi and rifle.... this aint gna go too well
Toxic & eng smg main.. went super!
not my fault u guys have some fucked up tactics and playstyles!
why u hatin bro :(

I guess ET is just too skilled for some people these days
go go Aero!
sad to see Impact out of EMS so early
where trust :(
just commenting because krosan was whining! Allthough I think the fact that I played more EMS games than EC games prove I care!
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