EMS VII: Lower Bracket Round II

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We are coming closer and closer to the matches for cash! Just six teams are left in the Enemy Territory Major Series! The number of matches have reached three! While in the upper bracket the date for the final still is not determined, we have two matches in the lower bracket. Two matches mean there will be two teams which must say good bye to the EMS VII! Let's check what us coming up next! The complete statements can be found here!

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2nd Round Lower Bracket
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Last matches:
Europe oSk Gaming MvP.ET 4:2 United Kingdom Impact Gaming
Europe oSk Gaming MvP.ET 0:4 United Kingdom Team Dignitas
Spain Giants.et 0:4 Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB
Spain Giants.et 4:2 Denmark RAGE-Gaming EMS ET

Statement by PolandSpain Giants seemed to be out of their shape lately, but we know that we can't underestimate them and surely we won't. After all I am expecting a close game. I guess the game might end up with decider which could go either way.
Statement by Latvia Giants Clown
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Europe oSk-Gaming

Poland numeric
Poland Frag'Stealer
Poland zMk
United Kingdom razz
Belgium chry
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Spain Giants

Latvia Clown
Estonia frEeze
Netherlands Zak-
Finland kapaa
United Kingdom crumbs
Slovakia filuS
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Date: Sunday
Time: 20:00CET
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
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2nd Round Lower Bracket
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Last matches:
Netherlands OVERLOAd 4:0 Denmark RAGE-Gaming EMS ET
United Kingdom Impact Gaming 0:4 Europe oSk Gaming MvP.ET
United Kingdom Impact Gaming 4:0 United Kingdom Aero Gaming

Statement by NetherlandsUnited Kingdom Impact gaming is probably the strongest opponent you can have at this moment. I hope we are able to give them a hard game. HF
Statement by United Kingdom impact. Ross
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Netherlands Overload

Netherlands joshua
Netherlands saKen
Iceland phyzic
Germany boNg
Germany s1LENT
image: s_news
United Kingdom Impact

Italy Xylos
United Kingdom sqzz
Belgium mAus
Netherlands m1lk
United Kingdom Ross
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Date: Sunday
Time: 20:00CET
Maps: Free Choice
League: image: et
image: game22964image: s_foot
Poland Roba's prediction corner

The last matchday has been a bad day in Roba's prediction corner...

Last matches' predictions:
1) United Kingdom Dignitas 4:0 Poland 1stCav correct
2) United Kingdom Impact 4:0 Poland Blurred Vision correct
3) United Kingdom Impact 4:0 Denmark Rage correct
4) Poland 1stCav ET 0:4 Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB correct
5) United Kingdom Team Dignitas 4:0 United Kingdom Aero Gaming false (4:2)
6) Europe Old School sKilled MvP 4:2 United Kingdom Impact Gaming false (0:4)
7) Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB 4:0 Spain Giants.et false (4:2)
8) Netherlands OVERLOAd gaming 1:3 Europe ANIMELINUXNERDCLUB false (2:4)
9) United Kingdom Team Dignitas 4:0 Europe oSk Gaming MvP.ET false (4:2)
10) Denmark RAGE-Gaming EMS ET 2:4 Spain Giants.et false (4:0)
11) United Kingdom Aero Gaming 0:4 United Kingdom Impact Gaming corret (0:4)

Poland Roba's new predictions & Match comments
4-0 osk & impact
gj Sn4ke
probably someone instead of s1LENT since he has 2on2 final :x
11) Aero Gaming 0:4 Impact Gaming corret (0:4)
image: impa

? nice logo impact
what happened to epsilon? ;o
lol 6 of 11 wrong... nice!
make it 7 of 12, ovr won round vs impact
Lets hope the best of m1lk
lol milk-y ;D back2pown
wenn do you pwn back again farmie :d
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