New map: Cathedral_TE

image: 2ebhax2

So after having to much free time lately the result was me finishing up my mapping project of cathedral. Cathedral was released in 2004 by Blushing_Bride and later in 2006 a SW version was released where this TE version is further based on. The overall map style can be compared to radar and is suitable for 5on5 and 6on6.

Quote by ObjectiveAxis have captured two experimental radar modules from a top secret listening post and retreated to a nearby cathedral where they await extraction. Allies must get the Radar parts back from the Axis raiding party. The Axis must hold the Radar parts until their extraction team arrives to spirit them to safety.

In general the changes I made are in favour of faster and more intense 5v5/6v6 gameplay.The map is now more compact, some spawnpoints and objectives are relocated, there's more cover throughout the map, ..anyway see for yourself!

image: 25t9p5e
image: 2myzwab
image: 2qi3b0w
image: kcl195
image: vxymo7
image: nh02fk
image: 16hvqer

Mirror 1

Try to find me in #et.mapping or PM on crossfire

Ps. To the ones that already saw the map in a journal I made (which I later deleted); This version has a few minor bug-fixes so please replace the old version with this one.
Ps2. I don't want to take any credit for the map as Blushing_Bride did the whole design, I'm just a modder!
make a little vid :)

pics doesn't work (only for me?).
Doesn't work here either.
need phaloid
Avi for testing ;)
nice pic's
pics doesn't work!
amazing map, hope it'll work out
pics don't work for me either.

thanks, do the screenshots work now?
yep works now, will test the map later but always loved the original on pubs :)
love this map :D
say hi to rl-cathedral
image: cath
nice quality config you have can i have it??
assassin creed fool!
Troll! Fool!
felt free to edit layout
sucked even more :p
if you invest the time to map sth out of an exisiting map atleast invest the time to present it properly: e.g. get a smaller pic and then align it topright/left
yay i made a banner ;D
testserver or it didn't happen
If anyone has a server to test on feel free to let me know then i'll add it to the post!

For now /devmap should do!
/q killerboy
I enjoyed playing that map in the ESL IPS back in 2007 ? was great

you should have released a beta version as every map can be improved after its initial release and some tactics have evolved. Now we'll just again have a TE2 or smth :p
distance from west to truck is so short >.<

capping in gazebo > *
any testserver?
always loved this map
hope it sticks
i never liked this map! shitty map sorry :(
didnt read, BUT FUCK YEA


gJ joofy
Nice to see some effort put into mapping, hope it turns out well.
smells for a lot of backrape and camping spots. but looks cool :)
my fav kind of map :D
the graphics look nice. waiting forward to test it
BiO has the map now.
"new" map... keke... btw: great for public, impossible for competition :)
that map was so much fun back in 2004
on pub yes :p but only on jaymod ;)
no, it was in OC aswell. I loved it :)
lets play erdenberg instead of cathedral or lets play both instead of delivery or smthelse
played it in my jaymodtimes back in 2005/2006

remember it from the sick panzerfaustkill of perfo
are you sure, that you don't confound the maps? or do i confound the maps Oo
nope im pretty sure
That frag even appeared on Fragarea 3 iirc
Not sure if I liked the look of it just running around, first stage looks like a game of hide and seek, and last stage looks manic :D. But at least it looks nice!

Guess will have to wait for it to be in leagues before I can actually play it.
Just played it 8on8 on bio and first stage seemed quite alright, the second seems to be on the large side (larger then I expected) so I wonder how that will work out 5on5.
looks nice, i hope its playable
nice map but a pain in the ass for fps as far as i remember :$
Remember this map especially from jaFo's movie :D
I get a stable 125fps on this version and even on the old version! And my pc was mediocre 4 years ago :d
mm :P guess I remembered it wrong then :$
nice :OOOO
cool !
still laggy at the cathedral part?
hope you cut some looooong corridor,

and where is your truck?

will try it, there is some serv?
looks nice, I doubt it'll make it to any mappool though
remember playing it in OC like 4-5 years ago. whats new in this version
In general the changes I made are in favour of faster and more intense 5v5/6v6 gameplay.The map is now more compact, some spawnpoints and objectives are relocated, there's more cover throughout the map, ..anyway see for yourself!

Next to that the usual stuff broaden the hallways , cutting corners.. Anyhow the map used to be HUGE now its just large. Just played it 8v8 on bio and that seems ok but its quite big so I wonder how it will be 5v5.
cup's map ?
seems nice,would like to test it
looks great good job
laughing on people saying "looks great" "good job" "oho new maps for et, will play for sure!!". no matter what happen, u will stick to your fucking goldrush, supply and braundorf and keep saying that you are med+

force this map for incoming 3-4 seasons of opencup/esl and im 100% sure that people will play it
they should do a cup just with other maps like:
and the others that was changed for comp.
a cup with these maps & every team has to give a statement what they liked/don't liked, so you can try to improve the maps ... good idea
ufo and snatch COULD work, but the current erendrebregered is fucking shit
just an idea, so many maps for comp but they always get lost
loved this map in my pubclan serv days 8D
really new lol...
anyway nice map
this map was in one of winghavens fragmovies right ? well done anyway!
it was in Fragarea 3, perfo made a 4 man pf vs TLR
Cathedral !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this map back in warleagues, even if CIR totally destroyed us on it :'<
i loved play this map on jaymod servers 4 years ago ! good job
avi for testing!
zP vs dignitas played this map aswell right?
was always fun to play :)
I remember playing it few times back in the days, and it was pretty much 1:1 copy of radar structure (layout) wise?

Or am I wrong?
second part yes
I remember CP stage being also 1:1 copy, even with upper team door. :/
Welcome to 2004
Hopefully works out :)
remembers me of jaymod , nice map :)
make a vid of the gameplay ^_^
Do you have some detailed changelog or just some " I edited there some things and there..." ?
Jo0f your a giant fag, you know you want to take credit for this ;))) Nice map tho, ran around on my server, seems good with potential!
Playing it quite regulary on NQ :P weird map.. but isn't it too huge? what's the map time?
what is the underground way that lead to nothing :/ is that a spawn?

no such thing
oops, i didnt see the hole in the floor at 1st allied spawn.
<3 cathedral. should be on the mappool. I dont know what changes u made but even the earlier one was nice.
add to bio and crossfire slac :)
Is on BiO already.
Already seen this map nothing new. Shit map for war, fun map for public.
Pretty huge map imo, but worth to test it.
great map
smaller the whole map, redesing the last stage, maybe the first stages, aswell... parts of it would be nice to hang on with, but most of the map is too big & too much camp
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