ESL WL Playoffs

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The last match of the ESL Winter Leagues Group Stage was played several hours ago, and with the end of it, we are now announcing the start of the ESL Winter Leagues Playoffs. For those who haven't seen the match between the estonian team, K1ck, and the germans of teamoxid, you can still watch it by clicking on the image below and requesting a replay.

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At the beginning of the ESL Winter Leagues Group stage we had the following number of teams signed up:
  • 5on5 - 111 teams
  • 3on3 - 92 teams
  • 2on2 - 54 teams
  • 1on1 - 73 players
The remaining teams will have to fight their way up to the top once again. To receive the title Winter League Winner. Which team will win the 5on5 Premier League or who will be the player that will gain the prestigeus title in 1on1? We'll find out pretty soon, stay tuned!

For more details regarding the ESL WL brackets, schedule, mappool and rules, please check the ESL Winter Leagues Playoffs announcement.
nice, not getting into playoffs because opponents were lame enough to not pm me that we have a game :) france to the victory
lowest WL ever
teams always want to win by forfeit easiest way =)
+1 here, france for the victory...
nice nice good work from esl
nice, playoffs everywhere :P france to the victory
get back to home ngr instead of browsing cf @ school.
111 teams.. Not bad
talk about bad brackets :=DDDDD
ez winfakt.
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