CB EuroCup XXIII and OC 5on5 Groups Announced

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It's the end of the Enemy Territory EuroCup XXIII qualifier week, and time to announce the groups for this season.

As stated previously the group stage will be composed of 4 teams per group, with 4 groups in total, for 16 participating teams combined.

The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs which will be played using the double elimination format. The playoff tree will be announced shortly after the group stage is over.

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The groups have been officially published and consist of six divisions with 4 groups in the Premiere to Third division and 8 groups in the remaining divisions. All groups have 4 teams, thus resulting in 144 teams this OpenCup.

The group format has been dramatically changed from previous seasons by decreasing the size of the top divisions, thus not only increasing the prestige and skill in each division, but also allowing them to use the double elimination format in the playoffs.

The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs which will be played using the double elimination format from the Premiere to Third and the single elimination format for the remaining divisions. The playoff tree will be announced shortly after the group stage is over.

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11.04.2011 - 18.04.2011 : First Matchweek
18.04.2011 - 25.04.2011 : Second Matchweek
25.04.2011 - 02.05.2011 : Third Matchweek
Be sure to challenge your opponents as soon as possible; not doing so will lead to forced matches.

During each matchweek two different maps will be played:
First matchweek: sw_goldrush_te/bremen_b3
Second matchweek: radar/karsiah_te2
Third matchweek: supply/adlernest

ClanBase Enemy Territory wishes the best of luck to all participating teams!


let the flame begin

under this line
is SL and Legendary still playing?

gl to all
L seem to have yet a new lineup but will probably just drop after the first few matches
names plux :P
KRP willing to swap to 2nd div, pm bliNdieRi` @ Qnet
iNm wants first, lets do this
soz, gave our spot to rise&shine
Np, I dont want to play premier anyway, but some do, whats r&s lu? never heard of them

C u in 2nd div then!
number #1 opponent to play against; playing proper maps, tagging up, explaining their pauses, etc! Estonia Sinnu
Netherlands stib
United Kingdom h3lix
Poland Elviss
Belgium Shizzle
i specifically asked you NOT to place us in premier :----E
ensam in oc premier, oh how the mighty have fallen
Germany reVeal looking for switch from 3rd to 2nd
gl olbaa & squall
Looks like it's gonna be one of the best OC premier seasons in a while :)

gl & hf to everyone
if someone wanna late join i know there is atleast 2 teams which wont play
Hey, which leagues are these teams? We didnt get in so if you could pm me contact details thatd be great.
sup bux. get skydeh
Other spot is gone cause i got players to play but im in on other team which wont participate its "Rio" on 5th div group H
delinquentes gonna roll 3rd leauge:DD:D
cua at finals
very even groups :DDDDDDDDDDDD

e: that's what we said
highbot missing in EC
how can we be in the same group as ovr? we "played" them in the seeding quali's

e: Ireland Ultraviolet Gaming vs Netherlands OVERLOAd - 0:4

this should be 0:1 also
why that should matter
nobody else is..
oh thats a valid reason to complain
FAIRNESS, maybe i should have screamed that into your face
listen to this raulio guy too
What's the point in playing each other if they'll both be in the same group anyway :\
they didnt play each other which may very well be the reason for that
i like the premier groups very decent level:P
gl sona!
why is nobrain twice in OC, once in 5th League Group B, and once in League 4 in Group H?

e: and who the fuck put sQz in 4th league? :o
nb got 2 teams (atleast i think so)
yea they have 3-4 squads I think, but afaik only the "best" one with Aggro, waYne, etc. are competing in OC..
yes in 3rd-4th div
We got two 5o5 Squads and the better one is playing a lower div ..sup with admins?
aggro good player deserves better!
h3h3 nah rly 4th div is a joke :(
also spielt creAt!ve auch mit?
one of the best oc prem ever?! gl bro's

lu of sl and legendary?:P
Haha lost for wooden spoon award! :D
whats is SL's lineup? looks like kresti flopjeh blade play for other teams?
wanna switch from 4th div to 3rd or 2nd ! pls pm me if someone is interested.
WuT will take it to b2k!
nice premier groups :) !
Didn't get in, looking for a team in the 6th league that have folded/don't intend to play. PM me if you know anyone please!
Group C is by far the hardest group

Group A: Queens and Rage
Group B: NEVO and Power Gaming
Group C: Winfakt and Overload
Group D: TLR and idk

Obvious is obvious, except Group C
cL got also a chance in group D. im not sure if idk or cL will come in next round'
It's pretty dumb to be honest. Winfakt is the 2nd best team on paper in the 1st seed (after tlr, dignitas didn't sign up and queens is better but in 2nd seed), rockit is by far the best 4th seeded team in there and ovr is maybe the 2nd or 3rd best in the 2nd seed (after Queens)..
whats dumb?
but lion progamer knows everything so in his eyes group C is very balanced :DDDDDDDD
i asked for the third thx for fifth, lol
Too low for this, the league is six six six!
delinquentes clubhouse ready to reach pocals once again :)))
5th league LOL
GL all!
image: unledt

Royalblood and Legendary/Highbot should be in Premier though
tbh Roaylblood sucks big time. Not sure about L/Highbot combination.
I am quite tranquil atm, should I be mad?
even season number is wrong XXIII instead of XXII
Legendary hardly beats 2nd/3rd div teams nowadays...
Razzia can fill in in the lowest league, if a team drops out :)
A: Queens, RG
C: Ri, WinFakt!
D: TLR, Nordic
i think..

e: SL @ 4th? XD
haha mKs and cru with rLby @5th, nice :p
delinq + almighty + devastation + unplugged @ 3rd Oo :D?
seems like a rly good 3rd div
Strong Premier league this time.
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