ESL Last Man Standing Series

Electronic Sports League is now back in action in the ET scene with a fresh new cup that will replace the well-known Spring Leagues.

This is a brand new ideea with several stages but also with a consistent prize for the 1st place.

Are you curious so far? If not, let me just tell you that I have more for you, and it's all about these Series. Scroll down a little bit and you'll see all the details! image: 154920Only four qualifiers will take place in the next 4 weeks. Their purpose is to gather the best 16 teams for the 5th and last cup from these Series.

The qualifiers will be played as a normal cup, only the final cup will be a little bit different. If the qualifiers have more than 32 teams signed up, we shall have a Single Elimination system. If not, we shall have a Double Elimination system. Only 4 teams from each Qualifier will get in the final cup.

In the final cup, we shall pass through 4 different format:
  • 5on5 - first round
  • 3on3 - second round
  • 2on2 - third round
  • 1on1 - final round
Each round, every winning team will have to drop the player(s) with worst stats. The player(s) that will be dropped every round will be decided by admins. Check our ESL newspost for more details about this matter.

The player that wins the final cup, will get his hands on a Cyborg Glide 7 Surface.

Signups are now opened and will end next Sunday! I only have one more thing to say and that is: SIGN UP NOW!
cheers for the work you ppl put in the game!
make love not flame
looks nice
EMS or gtfo?
phyzic wins
What stats?
i supported esl the whole fucking time im playing but wtf is this shit?

give back spring/summer/winter leagues and gtfo with that.
just for info, this might be the last competition in EU ET section, i would be glad if you could keep your flame for yourself, thanks.
going down with fail? good plan
Maybe the last,cause you got inactive admins are what..i remember last "normal"spring league got like 123 Teams?
teams amount is total bullshit if you compare the amount of NOSHOWS we had.
yeah but this cup insetad of the spring leagues is crap :<
lets apply for admins and change it
yea i really would like to do it, but i think my english skills arent enough for them.
try if u really want to.
worth a try
done, now waiting for response :D
ET going down ?
Interesting, looking forward.
just make a normal 5v5 cup
wtf is this? back to the old format.
so how can you decide what stats are 'bad' ?

XP? Revives? Kills? Deaths? ....
As it is written in the ESL newspost, there are mainly 3 stats that we take in account:
- XP
- K/D ratio
- Damage Given/Received

Even more, every match will be spectated by an ESL admin, in order to prevent other problems that may or may not occur.
person A kills 30 people and get 6000 damage
person B kills 35 people and gets 5500 damage

who goes out? (assuming these are the lowest 2)

so this is a cup to find out the biggest rambo in ET?
+1 ... I had similar idea some months ago, but its just not possible to make. Maybe if he is searching for 'Most accurate' player or something...
Damage/Kills/deaths*xp = skill
more like : (Dmg given + kills) / (Damage recieved + Deaths) * XP = Who got the lowest score will be sorted out.

but i don't think that will work
ems or gtfo
Kill teammates, profit.
So basicly the objective minded players get punished here?
Dave needs to be told, thats true
What kind of stat is good? 60/6 or 14k damage with 300 deaths and around 8k team damage?
I respect your great effort, but just make a normal 5on5 cup -.- :<
great idea!
sounds cool for a funcup, but spring league? okay
will fail...
ET is a teamgame... guys...
your so right mate :(

edit: oh, The Last Rambo Standing??

5vs5 valhalla hs
most stupid fucking crap idea ever :D haha fucking random stuff...
soz but this is idiotic...
brain dead people.
n1 this is totally destroying the teamplay as everyone goes rambo to not have to drop out. brilliant.

srsly, who ever launches a cup like that in a serious kind of way (and esl is the most serious league out there) didnt understand the game at all. if a braindead guy like sereal or wtf he's called would do such a thing, ok. but the esl?

massive disappointment.
It's meant to be a fun and active cup.
4 normal cups + final fun cup(with player drops), to attract some viewers on ETTV. This was the ideea, and also a way to give out a Cyborg Glide 7 Surface.
the 4 normal cups ok. but i have an idea:

how about you let the teams decide what player has to drop by decreasing the team size. that way the teams would have to create new tactics for the other formats and dont have to lose their smg eng for example (if he has lowest dmg) what most likely can be the case. that way you dont destroy the team order, class-wise.

but still.. as a fun cup ok. but why dont you host a real cup and do this as a funcup on a weekend. the majority will see this as a replacement to your usual leagues and will be disappointed, as the "last man standing idea" is totally against the teamplay that enemy territory stands for.

if you want this to work out, you have to let the teams decide who has to go. still this will piss off one or another player, but thats the only way. you cannot decide who has to go stats wise, thats bs.
Not a good ideea to let team captains decide what player should be dropped for two reasons:
1. Players might fight between each other, and some might disagree with the decision of the team captain.
2. Teams could get uneven, and other teams could flame because of this.

We are still working at an efficient algorythm that we'll use only in the final cup[/u], that hopefully will be fair for everyone.

We are not trying to kill ET. This cup is meant to get us out of the ordinary Spring Leagues that were hosted on ESL for several years. The amount of noshows that we had in the previous Spring Leagues made us draw a conclusion that what the community needs is something new. This cup will have only one edition, will not be repeated no matter if it's a succes.

So...why not give it a try and see what happens?
teams could get uneven, wat? the idea of a cup is to play with your strongest lineup is it not?
I'll give you an example:
Team A won the match. Team A needs to drop 1 player.
Team A had the following players: X,Y,Z.
Players X,Y were far better than Z. However, Z is usually better than X,Y but in this match he played really really bad. However, the team captain X wants Z insteady of Y, because he knows that he can do better.

We are trying to prevent such things, in order to have a fair and fun cup.
should be up to the captain to decide who he wants to field - not some random admin decision.
The admin decision is not random, is based on facts and stats. Every drop will be decided by the whole team of admins, by votes, not by only one admin. We're taking some measures to prevent unwanted situations.
Yes it is random. A captain should decide what his team's strongest lineup is for the upcoming gametype, not an admin.
sry but this will fail then. if you dont let the team decide who they want to drop, this will most likely be boycotted.

btw: good idea by robaciek -> do 6on6 in final cup! that would be n1
you could also make normal cup and give winning team some silly price in 2014
Drops are just at the "final cup" ?
EMS + prizes = success

this + prizes = wtfm8?
Let's give it a try, some players might really enjoy it. :)
Some players might enjoy it, but I think more players would enjoy another season of EMS ;)
Ok that's bullshit -.-
okay, so i read through all that (which seems like a very bad idea looking back) and i am like
QuoteThe player(s) that will be dropped every round will be decided by admins

gl killing ET.

From the teams ive spoke too, doubt you will get any real interest from top teams - therefore i doubt you will get many ettv viewers, and your prize will go to a complete noob. Maybe host a proper spring league / ems.

Massive disappointment from ESL, massive.
having a new cup in different format sounds great, but maybe you should've thought about the format a little more?

can't imagine how the matches would be interesting for spectators if everyone's just trying to get as good stats as possible
this is what happens when you drink too much tequila..

for all medics:

/unbind 5

for all engis:

stop being engi and just go for the frags.

I like new formats (how about a 10v10 cup? :D) or new gametypes but this is not the way to go..
thanks for the effort but no thanks.
Retarded idea
People, maybe so first write "oh thx, good idea"?
Nice, because Enemy Territory will be in ESL again <3.
Previous format was the best :)
yet another scam cup.
you would have moar success if you added 6on6 than this shit
thanks for the effort but odd format :o
trollcup :[)
sounds very very cool :)
inb4 everyone copying mAus and taking the same positions all the time, walk only and save sprint for teamfights.
Who wants this anyway? Idea is good, but there won't be many players
This will just create rambo medics and no more teamplay...

Bad idea
nice fail
sounds like a fun one day cup but noting more than that
sounds fun, just ignore all those serious gamers above me
nice idea for a one day cup for fun. but esl is serious buisness y0
thanks but no
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