Test the new ET maps!

Finally, the first deadline arrived last night at 20:00 (BST)! I can confirm that there has been a total of 5 maps submitted for the competition and there's definitely potential for ET to see at least one new competitive map entering in to the map pool. As this is only the initial deadline, this period will be used for the map makers to receive feedback on their maps in order to improve them for the next and final deadline of June 7th 2011 at 20:00 (BST).

For those of you who aren't up to date on what this is all about can read the original news item here on Crossfire.nu. In short, the winner of this contest will receive €150 prize and have their map featured in the map pool at my LAN event in July.

Update: Testserver rotations are now functional again!

Tounine (Download)

image: tounine_img

Allies must retake control and capture the secret war documents guarded in a bunker. Axis must stop Allies from retaking control and capturing the secret war documents guarded in a bunker.
Axis Objectives
  • Defend the Tank and do not let Allies steal it.
  • Prevent the Allies from escorting the Tank to the Bunker.
  • Stop Allies from stealing and escaping with the Secret Documents.
  • Do not let Allies destroy the Tank Barrier.
  • Bring the Commandpost under your control.
Allied Objectives
  • Steal the Tank.
  • Escort the Tank to the Bunker.
  • Steal and escape with the Seccret Documents.
  • Destroy the Tank Barrier.
  • Bring the Commandpost under your control.

Castle (Download)

image: castle_img

We currently have been able to defend our Northern coast line from Allied bombers from our castle outpost however intelligence has indicated that a small group of Allied saboteurs intend to destroy our Anti-Aircraft measures at the outpost. After several failed attempts of bombing raids on the German north coast high command has ordered an attack force to storm the route of our problems, a castle outpost containing anti-aircraft cannons. The Allies are attempting to take out a strategic Axis outpost on the North German coast that has thus far prevented all bombing raids from the North.
Axis Objectives
  • Defend the forward spawn from invading Allied forces.
  • Prevent the Allies from destroying the main entrance.
  • Defend the side entrance from Allied engineers.
  • Stop Allied engineers from building the command post.
  • Defend the West Anti-Aircraft Gun.
  • Defend the East Anti-Aircraft Gun.
Allied Objectives
  • Capture the forward spawn from the Axis.
  • Dynamite the main entrance.
  • Construct the bridge to gain access to the side entrance.
  • Stop Axis engineers from building the command post.
  • Destroy the West Anti-Aircraft Gun using the explosive charges.
  • Destroy the East Anti-Aircraft Gun using the explosive charges.

Jungle (Download)

image: jungle_img

Allies try to steal the documents from an island defended by Axis.
Axis Objectives
  • Steal the documents
Allied Objectives
  • Protect the documents

Pirates (Download)

image: pirates_img

The Axis are guarding two gold crates inside an old pirate ship. The Allies must gain access to the seaport, steal both crates and secure them at the escape truck.
Axis Objectives
  • Defend our Spawn at the Old City.
  • Defend the Main entrance from being breached.
  • Defend the Side entrance from being breached.
  • Stop the Allies from stealing both Gold Crates from the Pirate Ship.
  • Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post.
  • Establish a Command Post.
Allied Objectives
  • Capture the Old City.
  • Destroy the Main entrance.
  • Destroy the Side entrance.
  • Steal Both Gold Crates from the Pirate Ship and secure them at the Escape Truck.
  • Establish a Command Post.
  • Prevent the Axis from establishing a Command Post.

Frozen (Download)

image: frozen_img

There was no .objdata file for this map, meaning no map description has been provided. However the author submitted a readme.txt file which explains the map stages.
First stage
The allies must capture and hold both of the flags at the same time, which opens a door into an underground passage, where a forward command post lies. Constructing the command post disables the first Axis spawn, forcing them to spawn back. The axis need to hold at least one flag and prevent allied engineers from entering the underground area.

Second stage. Or so
The complex consisting of a tower, a bridge and a bigger house is the central part of the second and last stage. The allies must hold it to gain access to the objective, which is a dynamite, and to push the axis back to their spawn area. The axis need to hold the complex to control the map. Setting up a good crossfire is vital for both of the teams.
The allies need to dynamite the door of the main building of the complex. Doing so also unlocks the door to the tower-building, which formerly is only passable by the axis and disguised allied covert operatives. The allies also need to destroy a wooden fence, which blocks the path to the bridge. Everything explosive works, for example it can be destroyed by 3 grenades.
The axis must constantly keep an eye on the frozen river, which can be used by allies to travel across the map quickly.


This is currently the only server running a rotation with all 5 maps on it. More will become available should the demand be high enough. The server is SLAC enabled, so you must have SLAC to join the server. If you haven't got SLAC yet, you will have to register here and then download it here. This server has been provided thanks to YCN Hosting.

You can expect some one day cups with these maps for testing purposes. Remember folks, these maps are here for feedback and playtesting. Please remember to leave constructive criticism on how the maps can be improved. You can leave your feedback in this forum thread.

Download all maps in a .zip file here
lets roll!
this might be the best time to explain WHERE THE HECK you got that map layout from.
Pirates looks awesome, can't wait to try some out :}


@ castle: allies and axis spawn in the exact same spot, also being able to climb on almost every roof might become a bit retarded but probably not
word at pirates looks freaking awesome !
seems nice!

sure gonna watch when im at home
rlly nice maps!
it looks great
Looks good, :)
looks nice
If you need more mirrors, pmme
Awesome :D Great work!
sorry but castle and frozen need more work on the textures.
guess you jugded on pics only?:)
i dont like it when maps look like someone only had 2 textures to choose from.
et is alive new maps fuc yeh
Wooow, awesome ! Respect ;)

///Jungle from the pic looks like weed plants are there :XDDDD
i am not quite sure that what you smoke is actually weed.
hhahah i smiled :D
I like 1st picture.
I think a Castle looks like this: image: Minas_Tirith_2
Hope Jungle feels like a real Jungle not an empty place in the neighbourhood or in the middle of the massive jungle.
Pirate are cool so this map sure superb!
I hate snow so f*ck Frozen.

Quality Comment Done, cuz my judgemant is based on pictures above.

e:from you can save the frozen map and the castle joke only with hidden porno
E: can't download maps:

QuoteThe page cannot be found!

The page you have requested cannot be found on this server.

HTTP 404 - File Not Found

Can some1 check it out ?
Yup, was fixing for redirect so it was down temporarily. All up now!
Thanks man ;)
hope the best manmap wins!

gr8 work!

btw, it wud b nice to include the names of map creators.
gief 2nd server :)
pirates looks pretty neat
Pirates 'looks' by far the best
question is how good the maps play ;)
You just keep dreaming that's true. ;)
What this shit...
pirates and tounine seems to be the only decent ones
spawnkill allowed?
ofc not, noob
jungle and touine looks good. Looking forward to seeing these getting played.
Straight off the bat in Pirates - clip the roofs. It's a massive trickjump fest right now.
the pirates one looks promising
Looking at the stages pirates is quite playable.
pretty hard to get the flag isnt it ? i saw there only one way to go through..
how about the first stage then ? where there is only 1 entrance to the "city" :P
can boost as well
u could boost over supply wall too - but then again there's axis shooting at you if u try so.
u can simply jump over the wall too at the far end.
yet again ud get shot down while trying to jump.

No mapstage should rely on people doing a certain "trickjump" or boost, to get an opening in a defence. There should be atleast 2 normal attacking points at pirates first stage, like a constructable ramp, dynamite to breach an opening in the wall, or tunnel system.
i totaly agree with you on that point, just sayig htat you dont have to boost to have another way in. But yeah, A constructable ramp/tunnel way would be nice.
theres not going to be a non defend-able point to attack through though is there :P, point is there are 3 points of attack on the first wall, do them at the same time and someone will likely get through.
Frozen looks familiar I'm not sure why :D
Pirates - KRP's new home map
We rly have to play one of those at lan? :|
Damn right, Sir.
don't be so mean:(
it looks awesome :D
the positioning of certain objects, like the Anti-Aircraft cannons, makes no sense if the compass and map descriptions are authentic.
any server NOT FULL and map pirates in it?
pirates need a 2nd way in on first stage. its a fucking massacre there :P
Pirates and Tounine looking good, but there are still some improvements... e.g. boxes to hide/cover. will add a comment later when I played every map
What w0nd3r said.

On the first stage in Pirates, Allies need a constructable ramp or something to get over the wall, it's way too easy for Axis to defend. Haven't gotten to test all the maps properly but Frozen, Jungle and Castle were in my opinion not as good as Tounine and Pirates.
+1 for the ramp part :P
Need more test server :D
pirates best map. But i think it is better when allies can spawn both sides at first stage. Because it would be too easy for axis to do some crossfire.
Pirates is way too hard to attack as allies, need to fix something on it.

*edit* 18:50 <@ENSJQM> impossible is nothing - KRP Finland
pirates is quite good,i would just change the allies respawn to 20 and the axis respawn to 30 because otherwise the first stage is quite hard for allies.

tounine and castle are worth of a chance at least,both have too many ways at some stages but with some little changes could be also playables

frozen is shit and jungle's spawntimes are hilarious and the textures gave me eye cancer
pirates: allies needs 2 maingates or side wdever.. + fix spawntimes
pirates looks like fun and others bad :o

(just talking about pic)
Wouldn't consider any of them playable for competition but if you'd have to pick one it's definitely pirates though it needs some changes (1st stage is very difficult as allies).
nice work there Chris
cba downloading, but they all seem pretty cool after reading obj and looking at pics :p

gl to everyone involved
Castle spawn bug fixed, latest version is castle_b1a.
judging from screenshots only.

1. pirates
2. tounine
3. jungle

looking promising though! will check them out later
I wonder if TLR like to have their logo instead of the nazi marks at the flags :-)
good point there :D
no offence, but i thought u learned from the size mistake u made with missile....
I hope you are not telling me it is a too big map? :DD I guess you did not play it afterall then^^
i did play it, and yes i think its abit big ;o
QuoteAllies try to steal the documents from an island defended by Axis. Show objectives

Axis Objectives

* Steal the documents

Allied Objectives

* Protect the documents

... allies steal? no wait defend? WUT
Taken from this guy's readme. It was highly informative as you can see :P
Me, eiM and seanza spent a while today playing them through. SO far this is what I think.

Castle: Slight bug at the first flag. HUGE second stage (Similar to Radar) Needs a few more obsticles and bushes at back stage.

Tourine: Shit because eiM made it! :D No, good teamplay map. Feel the axis spawn time should be 30 to help on the last stage.

Frozen: By far my Favourite map out of the 5 in it's uniqunesssss. You have to capture 2 flags to open a shaft then build CP. You then have a dyno followed by a doc run! Needs a load of work still though.

Pirates: This map is clearly most people's fav right now. Looks great and plays great. Slight advantage to axis I feel though. Not many improovements needed.

Jungle: What's up with the spawn times? 5 + 10 seconds is just too quick. Maybe 10 + 20? Seems and awfly long way to travel with the docs as well. Nice looking map though.
Only decent one of those imo was Pirates, and it needs clipping. The roofs allow too much trickjumping and camping!
What did you not like about the others then? It's not very helpful if peopel just right off 4 maps in one go like that. This is why ET never progressed.
The idea in Frozen is good, but the execution lacks finesse, so to speak :D (Needs pretty much a complete rework)

Castle seems to be a radar remake with just the docs run into the opposite direction, as well as the ground seemingly just being regular brushes, no terrain elevation at all.

First stage in Jungle is alright, but then the road to docs goes narrow and the whore doc area seems kind of hastily made, the upper route is just a random circle around the place. Also the doc run is long as hell.

Tounine is not far from being good, but some things need some more thought put into them (like tank, drive to barrier, blow it up and then move tank 2 metres more and then blow up the wall - couldn't the tank just fire from the barrier? :D). Doc run also seemed quite short

In Pirates the doc run is pretty damn short too, did it from the top of the ship in just 8 strafes. Also allows too much trickjumping (And this is why it's important to also have trickjumpers test the maps. The first stage also needs some improving as the allies only have one entry point (unless yet again you trickjump).
So everything you have said there is easily DO-ABLE within the next month. Some of them probably HAD to rush the last few details but to right them off so early on is a bit harsh.
Well, in the case of Pirates and Tounine, sure, but the others need a lot of work before they're anywhere near proper playability.
You'll be surprised what you can make in a month, I made most of the map as it is in one month. (castle)

I think apart from details the first stage is OK, only 2nd stage needs some heavy work, the terrain is a place holder, what's point of making super detailed terrain only for it to change as I have to now? Tounine's terrain is also just block brushes...
I'll be tightening up the last stage soon and the spawn bug was fixed in castle_b1a.
pirates is awesome good job firefly!

Needs some testing, from a quick look I think some distances might be a bit long - first part for allies for example, entrance might be a big chokepoint for allies as well. Anyway will give proper feedback once i've actually played it!
Hugeeee maps + 1st stage of pirates imo is way to easy for axis.
dynamite wall / door to pirate start? :|
too much knickknack
nice kids kicking and voting to their likes at the first server
PIRATES LOOKS AWESOME :D omg pirate ship omg
Best map by far, very interesting.
CP is kinda too near to transmitter/barrier. need to be moved back a touch
Also the tunnel leading to the radar/docs needs to be adjusted so allies can get out quicker

Personally didnt quite get it, might make an interesting public map but was confusing, dark and tight despite being a large map.

A wierd map in terms of ET, reminded me of Team Fortress more
First stage is very hard for allies to attack and could do with another route. The flag also needs to be permanently captured. Final obj is also too hard to take as the axis spawn is so short and it takes allies so long to get there. Nevertheless its nice to see something different.

Another good map imo. Bit hard for allies to take the Gold I think, could maybe move the boat closer. Also its very easy to back rape at the last stage. Nice map though and enjoyed playing it.

Didn't quite understand this map, had an odd layout but maybe if I play it again I'll understand. Needs some eye candy though.
What is exactly confusing about castle? I'll be changing the last stage so isn't so huge, how is the first stage?
maybe needs to bit a lighter and have some more land marks to label things by (i.e. like the statue on goldrush)

good job in making them tho :)
Yeah I was bit worried about darkness but with people using different configs its hard to find the right balance, I wanted to try create a real night time feel. I think when I've added more street lighting to first stage it shouldn't be too much of a problem but the last stage i may proceed with my initial idea of big 'spotlight' coming from the moon to add more light.

Yeah I'm trying to add more unique landmarks now, this version was quite rushed as I thought the deadline was at the end of May till 2 weeks ago...
Pirates is completely impossible to attack against an even team.
pirates and tounine looks promising, my favs so far.
/amsg 10v10 castle, servON, pm me
played tourninest, liked it

map rotation on servers is fucked up btw
tounine.. nice map.
but there should be 2-3 boxes at the hill infront of the tank, when it blows down the radar.
needs something to hide. nice to rifle tbh...
put the axis spawn house @ 1st stage some meters away from the tank.

map rotation is fucked up!
all are pretty much horrible and need huge fixes to get em playable

i enjoyed frozen the best :)
why u hater chmpp bro
Expecting to see some nice lengthy feedback from you then ; )
there's already some good comments about the maps and im not very good at feedbacking...

dont get me wrong, there's quite interesting ideas and maps looks good and i wouldnt mind playing them in a test cup or so but at this point the maps are not ready yet for full competitive play. Also i dont dont like another betas in order to make bad map better, it pretty much kills all the excitement there is about new maps. Almost feels like map makers are trying to make unique ideas and stuff instead of making some simple and working. No offence to the makers and their effort but with maps like that there should be a clear winner. Is there? Not for me.
well first of all big thanks to the guys who made this, i like them all
second in my opinion if et should move forward we should remove supply/gold and add the new maps to the maplist in cb/esl ,.... well it is obv teams wont realy play this maps aslong maps like supply and gold are there

we could try to remove gold/supply for 1 ec/oc season then everybody will play radar/adler and ofc the new maps all the time instead of this boring suply/gold ...

cheers eujen
no supply= et is dead.
stupid faggot!
"remove gold rush" are you fucking retarded or what?
he meant goldrush , sorry
are u nuts?
actoooally, I agree with you. Et players are too narrow minded and they only want to play standard maps like sd, gr, adler,...
e.g. when you vote et_beach, et_ice or some other "exotic" map, most of them start to whine and bitch about it.
so yea, replacing sd/gr with some other decent map is a great idea. ofc i expect the majority of players will disagree.
I just fucking agree with you.
3 last look good
I don't think there will be a winner since all are just pub maps and unplayable :/
yea, all of em are too huge, only pirates is ok, but 1st stage is too hard for allies. Many ways to do spawnkill as axis.
there is a ladder missing on Pirates near the TLR logo, there is no way to get up there you need double jump!
maps are tooooooooo big

Pirates is playable because is like the smallest map there, but still... too many details, things, walls, balconys, all that. That first allies stage could be hard for attack.

Way to big I would say.
Do people think good maps just come out of thin air? The whole point of this first release was to get feedback. They are not finished maps, only with feedback can they improve.

Each mapper has a month now to make changes, perhaps instead of whining about the maps post some useful feedback so they can improve...

11 replies thus far in the feedback thread, ET community done good again...
Tounine is only map on both servers, think the map rotation is bugged
indeed, there is one map all the time :)
Astonishing work by our dear map makers, keep it up!
hopefully :)
i like them :),i might put all 5 maps ,in the 3rd campaign on ib server :)
people should start considering playing erdenberg (with a few fixes if needed)

PIRATES : first part bit hard for allies, so many places to camp/hide/lame - 2nd part is actually quite nice imo , map overall is kinda crowded but decent

JUNGLE : sup 5 seconds spawntimes xD, and 2nd part is kinda hard for allies to kill the axis on the balcony bit.. and I would prefer the axis-only door all the way to the right to be something of a fence destroyable by dyno/covert ops cause without that its near to impossible for allies & take away the stupid grass

TOUNINE : BIG but GOOD, on the last part axis spawn a bit too close to the obj though but might be doable with a decent spawnkill.

CASTLE : like it quite a lot, first stage is good, CP spawn is nice, broken wall is good, just a bit too much open space for axis, other than that , nice map. and cool being original with the explosives

FROZEN : not bad .. just not very fond of the icy road and I'm not sure how many nades that little barrier thing needs ?
FinlandSani decided to quit project erdenberg. There was another test version (like beta3?) where it was 200% easier to capture the flag. But that version was never published.
tbh it was the best decision consequently 90% of community don't like it :<
Thanks :)

I'm working on making the last stage more dense and not so open by shifting the boundaries a little and adding some more structures.

Also be adding all the fancy details instead of all the Lego buildings.

ahaha I remember you were trying to count the nades needed to destroy it. I think 4 nades are enough.
I think 3 ! and u can also rifle it and panzer it
idd it'd actually be a fun objective to panzer/rifle from long range
edit: I played the map again and it's 4 nades needed 100% sure :)
Is a panzer or a rifle shoot more powerful than a simple nade on the barrier?
its 3 nades :D
pirates is the only good one tbh. that jungle with 5/10 sec spawn is like the most horrible shit i have ever seen in et
Would like to see 5 winners not one :D
nice, good job everyone
pirates needs a some different spawns for the 1st stage, too near imo.
nice to see some new maps :)

1. There are 4 towers/rooms with windows at the start. You could try to remove the 2 middle rooms with windows and leave one tower on the right and one on the left.
Then it would be easier for allies to attack because 4 Axis players can't camp/hide/medpackwhore/lean at four towers.

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: 9q79X

2. Add a ladder or destroyable wall with dynamite
Start is too easy to defend. Arty @ the only way to get in -> Allies start boosting/tjing = fucked up stage.

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: B3Vbg

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: 0EuJg

3. Add second spawn for Allies opposite 1st spawn
Axis can spawnkill/arty Allies 1st spawn too easily.

4. Remove a couple of boxes near pirateship
There will be less camping behind boxes.

5. Remove ammo/health cabinet
ET is about teamplay, we got fieldops not 5 man Axis medic army defending the only entrance to the Old City.

6. Fix the spawntimes (20 Allies 30 Axis)
Current spawntimes (15 Allies 20 Axis) = Too much rambo medics. Besides it's hard to get the flag with those spawnratios.


1. Remove the roof/ladder next to tank barrier
When allies have taken objectives and all axis are unfortunately @ fulls. Objective guy going trough tunnel to the transmitter. If you are an axis there's no way to go through this

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: Tzqbu

This roof is just too dominating.


Nothing can be made to make it playable for competition, good for jaymod server tho.
did u play pirates in a war?
then u should consider ur comments.

allies first part isnt hard to capture.
both sides u can jump trough the window
the only real hard situation is taking the gold with this crappy spawntime from axis.
should be 30 imo.
Quoteboth sides u can jump trough the window

So to capture the flag u need to trickjump or boost people. Just make the dynamite and walls taller.
First of all, the maps look pretty nice. Thx to all mappers :) Almost everything I thought of has already been mentioned above.

One fix.. you should fix the door right to the spawn otherwise axis players can lean and see through the wall to get the spawntimes..
i hope you understand it :P otherwise i'll rewrite it

Jungle: Really long run at the end :/ you have to run through the whole map but would be interesting to see who is the fastest runner.

PS: I'm not rly good in giving feedbacks.
Castle allows Axis to spawn at flag even when it's controlled by Allies.
Erm, this was fixed in castle_b1a, make sure you have this new version.


Are the servers still running the old version or so?
no, new one
I thought...
If you walk in the "tunnel" near the wall you can see the allies spawn ;-[
pirates, when you lean
is it still possible to send in maps for this contest?
rly?? - NICE!

stay tuned... :)
no it is not
lol, dacht's mir schon...
schade :/ jetzt hätt ich wieder zeit zu mappen :<<

naja, dann wirdse hald ohne contest released :)
only good map is Touine
Pls to the Admins , add ATLEAST 1 map .. maybe if it possible 2 ... new maps new fun... who cares if we ALL whine now .. maps has to be accepted like karsiah and delivery...

Didnt played 1 , im just happy that still guys fight for new maps and we all know how hard is it to add a map on maprotation..

Good Job @ ALL !!
castle & frozen needs more work on the textures like pirates has

2nd stage on castle need to be changed.. to huge and maybe planting dynamite instead of dyno run
tbh Pirates is the only map that looks unique, anyway good job mappers :)
quiet cool but i dont like those map types
i like pirates, frozen and tounine!
Fucking morons like outlAw, helices and sandro (thats their slac name) like to kick ppl when they join the server.
can you ban those freaking sons of bitches (outlAw, helices & sandro) kicking people when they try to join & test maps please ?

jungle spawntimes :/
testing now
add creators names to the newspost plz
Castle 9/10
Pirate 8,9/10
Tounine 8,5/10
Frozen 3/10
Jungle 2/10

Castle and Tounine are both really good TP maps, even if I think that Castle should had be more welcame while ET was played 6v6.

Castle is really great. I can't wait to pracc it or see a showmatch on it. I agree that it look a bit much like Radar, but the gameplay will surely be different . Objectives are to put on axis side, an that's pretty cool.

Tounine is nice, but I think that some parts have to be revisited : in my opinion, it needs a shortest side way on first defense, and the tank barrier nearest from axis spawn.

Pirate is absolutely beautiful and reserve some nice flag and obj captures.
The only thing (really) I dislike on pirate is the last defense. I can't understand how it is possible to axis to install a proper crossfire to defend objective if all allies goes main side.

Jungle is too linear. I don't think I will like to play on it.
First part could be cool, but well, I dislike that thing over the flag. Second part could be great for TP but it looks ugly.

Frozen's creator got a good idea with this two flag capture thing, but I'm not sure that Enemy Territory needs this type of gameplay. The second part of the map looks sloppy and doesn't deserve to be played.

Overall, nice job and really glad to see new maps.
Thanks to TLR and to mappers.
I originally planned castle ages ago back when ET was 6v6. (just sketches, this shouldn't break the comp rules?) My main aim with the map was to try something different but keep things familiar. Radar is my fave map so for the last stage I tried replicating the general feel of it, perhaps too much some may say but hopefully with the next release it wont be too obvious.

I always thought about having docs runs dropped by air since seeing it in ET:QW although that was aliens dropping them :p I plan to make the drop more interesting in the final version but for now it's just boring plane route that comes out of thin air.

I'm glad some people have managed to look past the lack of details and seen the potential for this map, if you have some more feedback or suggestions I'm all ears.

I'm still quite surprised about the amount of negativity towards the look of the map despite it been the first release and clearly intended for gameplay feedback only.
try to make it feel less big, cause right now when I am walking around I feel so petite, the stairs/path to get on the radar feel so huge, the walls are so big.
two respawns are good idea, paradrop and big dynamites are great!
the only thing is size of last area - it's too large, try make it smaller and closer, including radars, size of cannons is enough so don't change it :)
Yeah, will be having good look the last stage this weekend. I've already got some ideas from people and such just waiting for some more feedback before tackling the problem head on.

Also will be replacing the big dynamites with my own models eventually. :)
good luck with it :)
Pirates would be awesome imo, needs 2nd entrance @ the first stage and maybe few of the tower windows closed. Also increase the spawntimes?
KRP doin their job once again ? Amazing.
Pirate and Jungle look awesome !
whats wrong with some of the fucking ugly textures?

castle?? . . please rename cuz it reminds me of mp_castle from rtcw
which was so awesome that it shud keep the name forever, alone
Congrats on a successful mapping comp, imo 3 worthy competition maps from the experienced mappers to freshen things up. Good outcome.
Mappers did a nice job given the timelines (except Pirates, MUST have started earlier for that ;D).

My thoughts on the maps - whatever they're worth - without having played them, seen them played, or even played ET at all in a few years :D :(

Pirates - Looks pretty good for competition play (5v5, or whatever)

Wins the prettiest map award - FireFly easily makes some of the best looking maps in ET. Also has the 'YAAAAAR PIRATES!' factor.

I think attacking the wall in the first stage would need an alternate option. Defense from inside the wall, just crossfiring the entrance and covering the boost locations would be rather strong. Perhaps tunnels (connect tunnel under east), perhaps dynamite (a drain with the water on the west?), perhaps an assault ramp (east side of wall boost location). I'd probably suggest assault ramp.

Lots of fun places to climb.

I'm not sure how the final area would play. It is maybe missing a route through the middle. The long alley connecting the sides is a pretty long detour to bother with. I realize you can boost into axis spawn, which is cool to breakup defenses, but not quite the same as an attack route. I can't tell though, it could certainly work great as is. There will be some nice crossfire positions to be found.

Tounine - Looks pretty good for competition play (5v5, or whatever)

Interesting map, quite a different style of layout to other ET maps (unfortunately differences don't always go down well with competitive players, even good ones). I imagine it would play pretty well. Lots of fun hills for strafing, and plenty of cover and stuff. The I think layout offers strategy variety in the first stage for both sides.

I like the hole in the roof when the tank shoots the radar, and cool bunker ceilings.

Castle - Looks pretty good for competition play (5v5, or whatever)

Another map that looks like it would play pretty well. First stage near allies spawn feels a bit weird, it maybe a little cramped when leaving via some exits. Also that long strait one directly west of the spawn could be quite a gauntlet to push up - may want to add some more significant bends or an alternative (i.e. parallel and joining back near the door to the high ruins)... Although the bias between spawns (location & time) would mean that areas closer to allies spawn aren't so active.

Doc run INTO the radars is new and interesting, one consequence is axis would quite often want to avoid returning them to delay attacks. The dynamite on the broken wall at East is well positioned for gameplay. West looks easy to boost to, theres still plenty of open space to shoot a carrier but at long range. Its hard to judge where the stronger defensive positions are - its so open you can pretty much shoot from anywhere.

The plane drop is pretty cool, but sort of amusing having an aircraft flying low right past anti-aircraft guns them deliver bombs to destroy by flying low right past them. :D

The other two maps aren't currently suitable for competition play, but their smaller and simpler layouts would work for 3v3.
These guys have some new ideas, and it takes experience and a lot of free time to get a map looking anywhere near decent in a relatively short period of time. Some advice to them: stick with it, develop your geometry more. You need more complexity (corners, doorways, rooms, walls, boxes and crap).

Jungle - Could work for 3v3, for 5v5; no way.

The whole map is has a very basic layout. Attacking from the that you can't even get out of without stopping for a boost under fire from enemies with the high ground doesn't sound fun. Sure it comes out close(ish) to the flag, but I don't think its a good option. And the run from the beach is so long.

The final objective area doesn't allow much variation in attack. You can steal a uni, or go in the main entrance. I can't imagine axis players giving up uniforms when defending that stage, and it'd be a harsh crossfire at main. That stage may need a dynamite objective to give allies another attack option. The objective run to the boat is also a bit overkill.

Frozen - Ok for 3v3, for 5v5; no (mainly cause of small size of first area).

First stage is way too basic, but a good and new (for ET) objective idea.
The second area has some sneaky jumps to climb into the objective and run to the cap point.
I like the glacier, just don't go exploring upstream ;)

Someone needs to be MUCH more meticulous with their brushes. I guess this mapper smashed it out in a day or two cause thats how it looks. Even when doing a basic layout, I can't bring myself to not align the brushes neatly, caulk faces, etc.
The Plane will make more sense in future releases :)

Will be changing the west gun area quite a bit. Be getting rid of the boosting directly at main.

Will be adding new 'middle' route into the island, more details later with reasons.

First stage, nothing major will be changing just yet apart from eye candy
Sounds good :) make the map a bit smaller also :p feels way too big to be played as 5on5 :) and you should do some changes in 1st stage, its too easy for Allies to just get there and grab the flag :)
Where is ur map?:(
Private alpha
wat is that? O_o
pirates without doubt the best
Force all of these maps to be played in official games, force the community to adapt, ban all the narrow minded whiners

remove the worst maps after one season ( like retardivery ), keep using the good ones instead of going back to maps like the one I just mentioned, like lottonest, like frostbite,

No kevin, just no o/
You dare to disagree with me? ON A PUBLIC SITE?
YES! only map I would like to test after changes are Castle & Pirates
I will remember this moment Olbaa.
1. pirates
2. tounine
3. castle
4. frozen
5. jungle
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