StarCraft 2 ET Cup

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Date: Sunday 22nd May 2011
Time: 17:30 CET
Format: 1v1

Cup will run if we get atleast 16 players.
All the player must idle in
All players must idle in the blizzard chatchannel
Players which face each other have to arrange their own match withing 15 min after the start of the cup.
If a player doesn't show for 15 minutes, they will be disqualified.
All will be played on the EU-battlenet.
Message score at or at pvt.
Brackets will be up around 17:30 CET.
All matches will be BO3 except Finals (BO5).

- Xel'Naga Caverns
- Metalopolis
- Tal'Darim Altar LE
- The Shattered Temple
- Shakura's Plateau
- Scrap Station
- GSL Terminus RE
- GSL Crevasse

First map for every round will be:

1st round: Xel' Naga Caverns
2nd round: The Shattered Temple
3rd round: Metalopolis (if more than 16 players only)
Semifinals: Tal' Darim Altar
Finals: GSL Terminus RE

Loser of the map chooses the next one.

You must register if you don't have account there, also please add your SC2 Guid.
It's in My Profile - Add Guid : You can put title SC2 Guid and under guid just write your character number since it can shown only 8 characters.

lets hope i dont fall asleep this tieme
LOL, what happened last time?
wanted to take a 1hourpowernap at 4 pm

woke up at 4 am
OMG you went back in time!
Signed up.
Why no ICC Testbug? :/
dno,we can add it next time
would be awesome :)
I like that you added - GSL Terminus RE & - GSL Terminus RE
Why would you want Testbug out of all the other possible maps you could have? :/
like the style of the map. And i dont wanna play normal maps because i play them everyday when im playing ladder :x So i want some different maps and Testbug is a different map!
Even then i rather play other maps like Dual Sight / Crossfire / Xel'Naga Fortress :P
Crossfire is sooo imba for Terran & Xel'Naga Fortress is awesome
Mh - next time i might do a 9-map pool and then both players can eliminate one
what about a crossfire league? With games every sunday and so on :/ would be awesome.
Yea might happen ;)
you are a god! :D But still i need to practise a lot to stand a chance :x
Signed :>
Can scrap station GTFO from the maps ? Shit map
can we start a bit later? i would like to fail, but i am @17:30 on the way to my flat :&
Waiting List :)
butchji gonna rage again


makes sense
i had birthday T_T
shit i had that 2, lets become best friends
News: ET ??
i suck at one on one :< but rule in team modes :o

100-120 apm only :/
100-120 apm is good as long as you use it well
its not good enough... problem is i just dont have the time to look up / learn / develop my own / etc strategies / build orders / techs / etc thus i only play 4on4 mass something and micro those bitches off the map 8]
i rape diamond with 70 - 90 apm, np
:)) i play toss or zerg... either way works ;p but i hate terran... its just walling in massing thors bashing everything...
The only thing that came to my mind when reading massing thors is which league are you in?

And when you have 120 APM you have have like 20-30 APM more than the pros Adelscott or SjoW
Quoteits not good enough... problem is i just dont have the time to look up / learn / develop my own / etc strategies / build orders / techs / etc thus i only play 4on4 mass something and micro those bitches off the map 8]


edit: in 4on4 im top8 in my platinum division but i don't get promoted :<<<
+100-120 APM != 120 const apm :P while microing its sometimes more but when i light a cigarette it goes down to 0 etc :p
When talking about APM it's always average APM. O_o It's really irrelevant how fast you can click at some random moment.
yea i know but its not like i have exactly 120 everygame... there are games i only get to around 90 and there are some i get to 120 but most of the time im around 105+-

as i said depends on the game ... micro in early game is apm intensive (imo) but if we then start teching (in 4on4 that is) the apm drops because mostly enemys have 2 terrans and wall in ... :< so either wait for blink stalkers or tech something different
u mean u rape platin now :-D
ya rofl xD. i was frustrated so i lost like 20-25 games in a row. didnt knew ladder was locked went serious again (10winstreak + 8 winstreak) and just lost to a 6pool and got demoted xD
News: ET
it's about SC2 you dumbass, change the category, I dont wanna see SC2 in news
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