ESL Summer Leagues 2011 Groups Announced

image: 160071iGroups are now done and live as all participants were waiting for some time now.
We had some problems regarding the seedings of the teams, as there were 64 teams in 3on3 and 72 teams in 5on5 that needed to be seeded accordingly with the rating that was given by team captains. Hopefully, we'll not have so many swaps requests due to few divisions and precise ratings.
Also, the schedule for this competition has changed a little bit. We now have 5 playweeks for the groupstage. Here's how the schedule looks:
  • 7th of June - 12th of June - Swaps
  • 13th of June - 19th of June - First matchweek
  • 20th of June - 26th of June - Second matchweek
  • 27th of June - 3rd of July - Third matchweek
  • 4th of July - 10th of July - Fourth matchweek
  • 11th of July - 17th of July - Fifth matchweek[/b]
  • 18th of July - 24th of July - Playoffs announcement
We ask all players and teams to play their match before every Sunday or on Sunday, to avoid having the match decided by an admin.Other informations like groups, mappool, how to swap and rules can be found in the original ESL newspost.

- 1) with aToOn-logic(div 2)
- 1) with Teuva Total Dominating(div 2)
- BusinessDistrict - business as usual(div1) with Team-Vortex(div3)
- For the Fun(div 2) with aToOn-logic(div 3)
- PALLOKALAJYTKYVITTU(div 2) with Flying Iris(div 3)[/hide]
1st <---

hf all!
if any teams wanna drop their spot @ 2on2,

wck would like to take it 8)
yes cu in the group B h3h3

refresh group dude 8)
avi for 3o3 team pm
contact if u interested
need backup to 3x3 team , pm
nice! :) wants to swap from 1st div to 2nd div, PM me if you are interested ! (5v5)
vois ça avec les atoon/logic ? :D
je crois qu'un de mes mates leur a déjà demandé :p
merci d’ailleurs :)
np ça nous arrange :P
if any guy wanna drop their spot @ 1on1,

nice1 would like to take it 8)
i remember adding you at 1o1 o0
huh? How is this about me now?
first game against me, hf!
;) no rifle, no win I guess..
+ I think you can play the matches in random order, as some folks already have 2 games or so..
not in random order but you can play games from matchweek 4 as example at the first macthweek too.
So you do have to play match 1 first? :S
Hoped I could start off with a victory :< Do 2 or 3 players go to next round?
du darfst schon das erste als 2tes spielen nur innerhalb der erlaubten spielzeit wenn du verstehst was ich meine.

Beispiel spiel 1 ist am 10.6 kannst du spiel 2 schon am 9.6 spielen musst aber dann das 1ste innerhalb der angegeben zeit trotzdem spielen weisste wie ichs meine ?
oke, läuft.
Brutii 3rd div at 3v3 and 5v5

ngr pls :DD wants to swap from 1st div to 2nd div or 3rd div, /q casek`ch1Le
brutii avi to swap (3rd div)

Well if you guys can handle it..... Let me know so we can contact n Admin
lol casek :(
We're not that active,
such a skill drop
lol rating is so random ...

there are teams in 3rd division, which are better than 1st division teams
rating wasnt random..and its not our fault if teams not rate themself.
Which teams are you talking about?
thought the same :D
If any team drops out we're avi (5o5)
cu @ final testi
Groupe A = easy Groupe :XDDDDDDDDDDDD
The fuck are we doing in 2nd division? :/ we wanted to lowest
it seems that some people wanna swap just ask them & pm me afterwards.
cu in finals
if someone wanna swap with delicious gaming , pm me . We are in div 2 and wanna play div 3 cause we dont have time to prac a lot
avi for 3on3 only,any division is fine,pmme here on cf
Group A
to Make odds even: fanatic - ska - palemki - syriusZ - RiZkKk
EPIC eSports: b3ck - rAffou - pds - Jesse - TBA
Plus-Minus: PHOTOSYNTHESIS - xkl - dharky - rNz - Miluu
noBra!n: Aggro - caTchEr - s1LENT - gr0ss - Striker
Bossid: rAul - bff - Night - GraV - Peeter
Draakjes: L4mpje - Kri - m4rk - Testi - MiTCH

tmoe, bossid. izi bash.. not
dude u forgoth Komarov :S
i have no idea what that is
sorry my friend, i copied this from stibs comment. fuck stib
shit groupe, c was good, but in A we gonna get owned hard XDDDDDDDD
yes indeed :D
kevin lets pracc today tomorow saturday sunday?? 12h/24h ok bro???
hahaha, tomorrownight i cant, going to a house/electro party yes. saturday im with my bitch. tonight and sunday i am avi though :PP
nobrain @ 5v5 premier. I smell admin abuse here
cant see nB at your cf profile :>
Im lazy to update xD!
gungy's team gonna roll the first league izi bash !
avi for 2v2/3v3 league doesnt matter
kpkp gonna pwn every1 !!!!! LOL !!!!!
avi for 5v5 on a decent level, pmme here or :-)
FtF want 3rd div 5o5
Noboby wanna switch from div 3 to div 2 in 3v3 ?
its too late ipod dude :(
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