ESL Summer Leagues 2011 Playoffs

image: 160071iWe have just finished the ESL Summer Leagues 2011 Groupstage, and here we are, announcing the Playoffs. So far, we had 64 teams in 3on3, and 72 teams in 5on5. We would like to thank all the teams that participated in the Summer Leagues so far, and wish good luck to those that will participate in the Playoffs.
Also, we have a new schedule for this part of the Summer Leagues:
  • 24th of July - 31th of July - Winner Bracket Round 1
  • 1st of August - 7th of August - WB Round 2 & LB Round 1
  • 28th of August - 14th of August - Loser Bracket Round 2
  • 15th of August - 21th of August - Loser Bracket Round 3
  • 22th of August - 28th of August - WB Round 3 & LB Grand Final
  • 27th of August - 4th of September - Winner Bracket Grand Final
All the players that were in the teams that didn't qualify can now play in the ESL Summer Leagues Playoffs.
As a rule change, we have decided to let teams make certain arrangements(merc rule). Meaning all players can play in the Playoffs if they are not added to the team that they wish to play with. The conditions are:
1. The opponent agree's
2. The opponent do not protest after the match -> if this happens, we shall decide this match as rules say
3. The player has never played in the Playoffs for any other team -> A player cannot play/merc for 2 teams in the playoffs.

Keep in mind that Sunday is an informative date and that the forced date is Tuesday. Also, be sure to play the maps that are in the mappool, not other maps that go through your mind at that moment.
To see the playoffs and any other details, check the ESL newspost.

Corrupted playoffs, hf (1v1 obv)
cu @ final
fucking bullshit.
how can i use player who didnt qualify to playoffs without having opponent's agreement? is it that 5 day period? and is that 5 days for totally new players also?
You can add the player in your team, so in this case, opponent doesn't have to agree. ;)
but 5 days apply for everything? you make mercing easier than adding actual players?
A player can play for a different team in every round from the Playoffs, as long as he is in the team and not playing for other teams in the Playoffs. He cannot play in the same round for 2 teams.

Furthermore, a player that plays for the first time in the Playoffs for a team that he is not part of it, can merc for it as long as opponents agree.

I hope this clears it out.
no word about the barring :/
There was no 5 days rule in the Summer Leagues.
why you include a link to winter10 rules(as complete rules) what include the 5 days for new players from another team then? so messy!
cu @ final
summercup is not summercup without suvi

why bossid vs mousecon anyway? shouldn't that be the final or something..?
Mousecon in Seed #1
Bossid in Seed #2

Randomized Seedings, only thing taken in account was that teams that played in the same Group, won't play between eachother in the next round of WB.
can you tell me how did we get seed 2, if we and tmoe both had 4 wins and we won our match vs them? how is that possible? :D
cuz you lost too many rounds unlike them ?

i didnt lose anything

like a boss
avi for 2vs2 / 3vs3 / 5vs5 teams @ playoffs then :D
gl nerds

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