ESL SL Finals tonight

image: 160071The ESL Summer Leagues season has reached the finals stage and I'm pretty sure that there are some cool matches to see, even tonight.

First off, we have the ESL Summer Leagues 1on1 Grand final, where the two best players of this season will fight to become the Summer's number 1 player from ESL. Tune in at 19.00 CET to see this legendary battle.

Francekartez vs Germanycrush3r

image: game27699

The next interesting match is at 21.00 CET, and is part of the ESL Summer Leagues 5on5 Premier Division, where the battle is between 3 teams from Netherlands, Poland and Estonia. The winner is not yet decided as these 3 teams are pretty even if you ask me. The Winner Bracket final, tonight, at 21.00 CET.

PolandClan Poland vs NetherlandsMouse Control

image: game27562

But that's not all! Three more matches will be played tonight, all having teams in the Lower Bracket, so the match will surely be intense as the teams that lose, will just have to settle with the 3rd place. Details below:

image: game27785
image: game27810
image: game27786


there was never any EMS at Summer League, moron.
Where EMS????
too old for you

lower than low, sorry
uh, hope we can win ESL premier league, been praccing quite hard for it
nice foa
lol there has been a cup ? :D
lol you so funny
srsly i didnt notice it

no coverage at all
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Was laberst du fürn bullshit selbst kg spielt da die ganze Zeit mit und es gab genug news auf cf.
kruschel ehehehhehe
ESL sux

QuoteYou have € 100 on fr kartez
You won € 209

thanks Hatman
5on5 final unlikely to start as these polaks are fucking retarded
Tesla won 4-0!
nothing even easy bash scrubs
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