#ET-Cup.com Brackets online!

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Today is the start of the first #ET-Cup.com custom map tournament and with 10 teams participating we have not reached the 16 teams mark but ten is still enough for a good and intense cup. Here is a short repost of the basic facts and below you can find the brackets!

  • 6v6 #ET-Cup.com custom tournament
  • All games on Pirates final and Tounine_b2 - Adlernest as decider!
  • All common rules apply
  • TZAC is mandatory
  • Admins: SPU9, destii and Lazio
  • Config to be used: globalconfigsv1_2
  • Cupstart: Tonight 20.00 CET
  • 1 Merc is allowed (as long as he isn`t playing for another team in the cup!)
  • Atleast the teamcaptain has to join&idle #ET-Cup.com for better communication
  • Most of the games will be broadcasted by GamesTV.org
  • Questions or lineup changes? Feel free to pm me right here on cf or on Quakenet

Round of sixteen - Wednesday, 31st August, 20.00 CET
Quarter final - Wednesday, 31st August, 21.15 CET
Semi final - Thursday, 1st September, 20.00 CET
Final - Thursday, 1st September, 21.15 CET

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Congratulation to b2k - they won the first custom map cup!:

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(if both teams agree the Semi final can be played right after the Quarter final!)
image: s_head

Best of luck to all participants and spectators!


Poland b2k - l4z , Abject , mag , WuT , w1lko , kartez
France sticked - AiR, AnTho, Provok, soma, Skynet, Taichi, MElO, Tomoyo
Germany wnbpro - phazor, moppel, specula, fister, Fendah, olgaa
Sweden Druidz.se - Frauwe, vANQ, Cisy,] znArk, ZeD, sword
Europe zeroskill - samraj, zefir, btw, serano, znajda, robol, bam, topek, shark
Europe teamALBERT - albert-kavinsky-RMY-project-rambo-clarkee
Europe noname - unforgiven,deface,azerty, manieu, TBA

New Public with both maps: - Thanks to YCN for their support!

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#ET-Cup.com Bracktes online! (175 views, 8 comments)
rly strange, can't see them
nice amount of teams :D :D :D :D
ye, seems there need to be money involved to get more teams playing new maps ;((
hey m8, what are you doing? i need you ;)
haha, I'm just checking out the site once in a while :D
This is great, I want to see some official wars on those maps!
new brackets on...colt, bF and TAG dropped..
Meh.. That's gay..
Hi SPU9, nice to see you are still going. ^^
lol I dont think that wnbpro will be complete at 20cet :X
your game can be delayed to 21.15 cet...
too bad TAG,colt left >.<
Really nice

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