RCUPSERIES - One Week Cup !


I want to present you the RCUPSERIES - One Week Cup. After the Eurocup will end this Sunday with the Match Europe g2p vs Europe Queens , I want to hopefully offer you some interesting games.



Signups: until the 5.12.2011 15.00 CET
Start: 5.12.2011 20.00 CET with the Groupstage
Teamslots: max. 16 Teams, best two Teams of the Group will go into the Playoffs
Playoffs: Single Bracket
Matchtime: All Matches have to be played at these Dates !!

5.12.2011 20.00 CET | Groupmatch 1: supply/frostbite
5.12.2011 21.15 CET | Groupmatch 2: sw_Goldrush_te/karsiah
5.12.2011 22.30 CET | Groupmatch 3: radar/adlernest

7.12.2011 20.00 CET | last 8: missile/bremen_b3
7.12.2011 21:30 CET | Semi-Final: Supply/sw_goldrush_te

11.12.2011 20.00 CET | 3rd Place Match: Free Choice
11.12.2011 21.30 CET | Final: Free Choicee

Decider: Mappool-Elimination

Each Team can take max. 9 Players into their Lineup. The Lineups have to be sent to rcupseries@gmx.de with Nicks (+ flags),TZAC-Guids & if the team got a ETTV-ready server. All Players can play for only one team! Also the results have to be sent to rcupseries@gmx.de with Screenshots of each Round. All Matches will be played with ETTV.

more Details, more Rules you can find here

I hope we can find some interested Teams!


Interested Teams:[/u]


Germany ramoz (00000969)
Germany Fendah (00000643)
Germany moPPel (00002161)
Germany mztic (00003587)
Germany Specula (00001383)
Switzerland oLGaa (00001388)
Germany TimeN (00000105)
Germany lagg3r (00015983)
Germany Phazor (00002939)


Netherlands Otyg (00001837)
Netherlands Rockskin (00000302)
Netherlands stib (00000785)
Poland Kirej (00000470)
France Tomoyo (00000938)
Norway Domi (00000285)
Norway Zodiac (00000233)
Belgium Boss (00001612)
Netherlands Thunder (00002108)


Netherlands Excite (00000462)
Netherlands abzes (00001241)
Anonymous Tupac (00002039)
Croatia prasko (00000010)
Finland Niki0o (00002362)
Poland mikehh (00000599)
Netherlands Koral (00001717)
Estonia Hennessy (00006079)
France uZEH (00003581)


Europe TBA


Belgium PlAyer (00028870 )
Estonia yEnch (00000762)
Estonia Sinnu (00002021)
Sweden slajdan (00000004)
Canada bN (00001718)
Israel Waffle (00000804)

United Kingdom

Europe TBA


Europe TBA


Iceland deztr0 - 00044894
Slovenia carniee - 00034307
Poland riZla - 00026578
Belgium RedoX - 00000877
Poland aDman - 00001077
Slovenia sovi - 00038984
no prize no win
gl for the cup

can we add players when the cup started??

i mean first i want to add 6 then maybe more while it started.
no. before the Cup starts, i need 9 Names, who could only play for your Team and will play your games :)
nice guid fail, brauner
bei dir? oO? habe ich aus cb entnommen :D
ja genau, ich hab die gleich guid wie du :)
oh. das gut! :D
QuoteCup !
gtfo cup section
might be avi for this one /q Kevji
avi, pmme here
I can play for any team as rifle /q me here if interested.
avi rifle pmme
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