ESL ET Winter Season 2011

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The ESL European Enemy Territory section is back again with the Winter Season! We've been out of the market for too much time, but only to improve our system so that players enjoy playing our league. So here's what we have prepared for you:

-> We have decided to switch from 5on5 to 6on6, so you can now join our 6on6 ladder. Also, we have already created a 6on6 Winter League, only for you to enjoy playing again our leagues.
-> The ESL EU ET main page has been changed. We hope you like our new page.
-> Your vote is needed in order to complete the mappool for the Winter Leagues. We need YOU to vote for the 6th map for both 3on3 and 6on6. Check below for more informations on how to vote.

In every seasonal leagues, we ask you to rate yourself/your own team so that confusions can be avoided. However, in the winter leagues, we also ask you to vote for the 6th map in the mappool, as said above.
- You can either rate yourself and vote for the 6th map by sending a private IRC message to the ESL Admins
- Or you can send in a support ticket, telling us which division you'd like to play or what skill you think you are(from 0 to 10) and also your vote for the 6th map(current mappool can be found here).

If you want to help us improving our leagues or just help us with the seasonal leagues, coverage etc, you can always submit a request to become an ESL admin. More information here.

The first part of the schedule for this competition is:
  • NOW - 18th December 2011 - Signups are opened
  • 21st December 2011 - Groups published
  • 21st December 2011 - 28th December 2011 - Division swaps
  • 29th December 2011 - 8th January 2012 - First matchweek
The rest of the schedule will be shown after the signups are closed.

Mappool and further information are available in the original ESL newspost. More links below:
More news for you pretty soon, stay tuned! is the gaming community for Enemy Territory.
Do you already have an admin team(that can use some back up)? or do you need to build a whole new admin team?


We already have an admin team. Click to see it.
I see, thanks for the information :]
go for it m8 ;)
foamea boy :D still same rules of 3 players only in a team?
why hate ? :(
No hate vjto friend. :D
we need some cf admin to sticky this.
you're head? what happened? :D
when will you delete l4z from admin list?
What's your problem with him?
utter retard. flaming/whining/insulting on every possible situation, when hes not needed as admin. its a shame esl picked something like him as admin tho i never seen him puitting any effort as admin either.
know him since around 1,5 year or more, never heard/saw smth like that from him, on irc, ingame, on internet.

ps: its not because you cant see someone doing a job that hes not doing a job.
miss u <3
miss you moar, lets sign up @ 2on2 ladder/league ??
ok, i hope i get my internet working before that :(
when CB is going to announce nations cup?
ESL will do it.
Why write something like this in an ESL news? :)
We could also organize a nationscup, if it's wanted...
last year ESL and CF wanted to host a Country Championship. It was already announced

that split the community which was not that good for ET and the result of that big discussion was that
yea do it. every year we hear that ESL can do it but always we got Clownbase fail.
replied fanatic's statement :X
see my comment above
just do it before ClownBase will announce their shit. I'm sure that most nations will take it seriously...
do it and let turkey play
Do it and let ArmeniaHayastan play.
Do it and let the community decide who'll be their manager not like those retards from CB.
do it, cb will fail anyways
Greaaaaaaat :3
nice! as koop said!
where's the announcement of summer season winners? where are our prizes? :o
2nd match wasnt played right? ( 3on3 div3 final)

we 1st :(
nice work FoaMeA :)
nice to have esl back on track ;) and nice @ including the et pack ;)

gl&hf to all participants!
welke div ga je doen?
k wil hoogste joh
good stuff!
nice to hear ;)

the page looks a bit better i think (havent seen for quite a time) but still to much input ;)
nice! winner of each division getting again 1 month prem accounts?
was 3 months for every one i won =3
we got 1 month last year ^^
got 3 months im sure for the first 3o3 esl tournament i won, 3 months for the 2nd one i won, 1 month for the 3rd i won but i didnt go to the website to "accept" the premium account so lost it ;D
hehe used it, but the benefit from it is rather small... i just wanted to see my awards, and the only ones i got are for how long im member of esl X:D:DD
you can set it not to show the ads(most of them). And yes, the benefits are not much, but atm thats all we got... you can always play for the love of the game and for eternal respect :)
ofc we played for the fun, and before the final we didnt even know that if we win we will get 1 month premium. but since im not using my esl account for more than 2/3 times per year... :-)
I know... wish we could offer more...
i guess its fine for users in more known and coveraged games like cs(s), sc2 and others, but in smaller ones its not that helpfull, tho its still nice that you can win it there :)
good good, get signing up!
Will be playing
sign up and vote for it!
foamea sugi pula <3
signed up for 1on1 :~>
It will show every player soon as they are accepted and rated
here we go!
Nice, good luck, hope this will be a success as we really need everything to help ET!

Avi as admin :P:p
this website is really taking the piss out of me
I can help you. What is the problem?
i dont have permission for our clan cuz i gave the right to someone but this person quitted ET.
main news!!
survive will be taking part and win this ofc!
nice gl to all the t eams
ESL should start to support et more, starting to do some random cups like in lol.
I mean even if esl is a "shit" league, better than nothing

quite unlikely though since go4lol is sponsored and has a prizepot.. not much incentive for them to do this for ET I guess except if they enjoy getting flamed by idiots
doesnt matter if they get flamed coz esl admins for et are from et scene, so i think they can handle it, and even if, ppl here should be happy for any cup who is going atm, otherwise noone will give a shit about et anymore and there wont be anything anymore
We are planning to do more cups as soon as this one is over. Atm. we are discussing what maps/formats/etc to use
gl with it, but still the same common maps..... since years now.
We did change a little bit the 2on2 mappool -> added et_ufo
Also, made it possible for players to vote the 6th map, and we didn't even give out a list of choices...

Besides, what maps can we add?

Anyway, we're working on improving our mappool, so any suggestions/critics are always welcome.
i am not really into 2on2 or 3on3 formats as i have never played it so i do not know about the maps. if there are some new maps you forced to play, i am happy to hear that.

i was just talking about the 6on6 format. as long as i can think maps like supply & grush are the most played maps, they truly have their reasons why because this are great maps but 1 or 2 new maps wouldn't be that wrong in my opinion.

we had some releases this year like erdenberg b3, pirates, Gela_b1, Third Reich, Kolding... for the last 3 maps i have to say that i have never played that maps simply because they weren't forced in any cups / matches or on any public maps.

anyway it's nice to see esl back but it was just a loud "thinking" from me, no hostility :)
Quote1 or 2 new maps wouldn't be that wrong in my opinion.

Quoteerdenberg b3, pirates, Gela_b1, Third Reich, Kolding

missile! such a good and thrilling map..
Avi for 6o6/3o3.
Active player.
STCK till 18th pls
avi for it !
give me a semi active team!
Avi for 6o6 3o3
we cant signup for some reason, it says someone is already playing that cup from our team but that aint true :(
the same PM was sent to me aswell? :D
I won't get an answer?
I've seen it, working on it. :)
Will respond in a couple of minutes!

You can find me on IRC aswell, if you want step by step info.
nono, it's cool!
check out my link... :D
It's something we are working at.
No details available at this moment.
ckab fmor cblu

banaan and i want to signup in WL 2on2, but the site wont let us.. eventhough we have everything checked, 2 min members (banaan and i) and tzac guids updated..

maybe an ESL admin can sign us up? here is our teamlink

thanks in advance
thanks for the help =)
The error seems to be: one of your players is already signed up with another team in this league.

Are you sure that all of your players are playing with you in this league, and not with other teams?

Give me your teamlink if you are sure...
They arent, for example fostrum is on there who will play with someone else. Just want to get the signup done. Getting our last players tonight.

but l4z is helping already, thanks though!
i get the same player is already signed up with other team bullshit, still cant seem to signup although we wanna play, noone reacting at IRC ....
team link? You're with Loekino?
yes, and now our players cant join the team anymore cause theyre in another team who signed up earlier then us while theyre not even playing with them... says theyre already in a team
"player_already_in_league" is the error.
So this means they have to leave those teams if they are not playing with them, and then they can join yours. ;)
Ein Mitglied deines Teams ist in einem Team, das bereits in der gewählten Liga mitspielt!

i get the same player is already signed up with other team bullshit

And we cant get an Admin for the problem ... we even dno whos the player which is the other team
Talking with Testi now, will solve it, no worries.
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